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Thomas Moore writes from US Army, Nuremberg, Germany, Thursday, April 6, 2000


I FIRST became acquainted with your works not long ago when I picked up a library copy of Destruction of Convoy P.Q. 17 PQ17 bookwhich, incidentally, I thoroughly enjoyed. It was mere chance that my first David Irving selection was one of your first major works. Only after reading P.Q. 17 did I read the account of the libel judgement against you. I was amazed at this injustice.

The P.Q. 17 described in the libel case was apparently not the same book I read. It became apparent to me that a "shirt-sleeves historian" as you call yourself (and it became obvious to me that you were such a historian because of the meticulous detail I found in that book) is bound to make enemies. It is, of course, hardly a profound revelation to observe that truth is destined to be hated.

After completing P.Q. 17, I turned my attention to War Between the Generals, another library issue, and once again struck pay-dirt. I must observe, regretfully, that it is unlikely there will ever be another history of this quality on this subject again-unless you write it. I can't imagine anyone going to the trouble of searching for, and extracting diary material and contemporaneous documents as you did. This may seem excessive flattery, but your labor is due its reward.

Thank you for providing your books free on-line, but I decline to take advantage of your largesse. I haven't made provision in my budget yet, but I will not read your remaining books until I am able to possess them in hard-bound volumes; I want to enjoy them to the fullest. I confess I did take a quick peek at Apocalypse 1945 which I shall have as my first purchase.

Yours, Thomas Moore


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