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Dean R. Darrough Palmer, of Alaska, finds that nobody wants to buy Richard Evans's books



The Skunk's books have been remaindered again


Re Your "Radical's Diary" entry of July 31, 2003

I have some information to offer regarding the recent market value of Richard J. Evan's book Lying About Hitler.

I have written to you perhaps three or four times in the past two years, and yes, you do always write back. There is nothing more satisfying (well almost nothing!), than writing to one's favorite author, and knowing that he actually reads and responds to the comments of his followers.

I am a full time bibliophile and a part time bookseller. In a past submission to you, I included an image of a clipping from a large remainder book dealer's catalog that detailed an offer to sell the Deborah Lipstadt book for a ridiciously low price. This information is even better.

It is my goal to accumulate one copy of each and every English language edition of all of your works. I think that such a collection would be an interesting exhibit at a future "Real History convention". I regularily buy and sell books on eBay. While conducting a regular search for your works, I came across Evans.

A dealer had listed a copy of the Evan's book for a minimum opening bid of $2.99. His auction lasted a week, and in that time Evan's book failed to garner a single bid for $2.99 plus shipping. The fact that Evan's book failed to sell for next to nothing in the world's largest marketplace for less than $3.00 speaks volumes regarding the "Real" market value of his book.

Dean R. Darrough Palmer


Dossier on Richard Evans

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David Irving, July 2003

David Irving replies:

YES, it would be unChristian to gloat -- and I am told that Evans has made much of the fact that he is a Gentile, in his book -- but I do rather like Clive James's poem titled, "The Book of My Enemy Has been Remaindered." Of course in this case I should add, to be fair, that the low price also indicates a total lack of interest in anything about David Irving too!

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