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Larry Rayko writes from San Diego, Monday, March 27, 2000



The conspiracy

... JUST finished reading about half of your closing statement from the trial and was amazed at the depth and breath of the conspiracy against you.

I had no idea that it has been going on so long and that so many different organizations have been against you and what you stand for. I'm sure that the verdict will be favorable and you will be able to get back to what you do best which is writing history as you see it.

I hope to attend the conference in Cincinnati this year, as a layoff prevented me from attending last year's. I thoroughly enjoyed the two books I purchased from you at the last Great Western Show. Regardless of the outcome of the trial, you will always be my favorite "shirtsleeve historian".

Larry Rayko
San Diego

David IrvingDavid Irving replies:

Yup: who'da thunk it -- that those people would invest so much time and effort in vain attempts to silence little ol' me.

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