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Brian Renk writes from Vancouver, BC, Monday, July 10, 2000



The enemy are publishing books on the trial already; are we?


Re: Books about to be published by Guttenplan and Menasse.

I have a suspicion that either of these works could become bestsellers. Is there a comprehensive full-length book being written by someone on our side? I have not heard of any.

Brian Renk

David Irving responds:

We have to be a bit cautious on our side as we are proceeding to appeal and should not be publishing books; they are at fault. Doesn't help much. I have of course just published my trial diary at

http://www.fpp.co.uk/trial/diary [in PDF format]

and 25,000 copies are being printed at this moment. Tell me if you'd like a bunch and how many (free) to distribute to useful locations (editors, university libraries etc).

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