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Orest Slepokuo of Otario, Canada, writes on Sunday, December 24, 2000



A note re the Anti-Nazi League:

IN March 1993, the Anti-Nazi League, the Jewish-aligned anti-fascist group, staged a 300-strong demonstration in London.

Reason: To protest a Jewish cemetery vandalism-desecration -- that had never occurred (a cold fact that seems to have been restricted to the private Jewish-community media).

The scam came to light after a watchman at the Brighton and Hove Hebrew Congregation's Florence Road Cemetery grew suspicious at the march staged by the Anti-Nazi League to protest an alleged desecration in which it was claimed that many tombstones had been daubed with swastikas.

To account for the lack of such vandalized tombstones at the graveyard it had been explained that "the gardener" had removed them.

The security officer, however, revealed to the Jewish Chronicle that there was no gardener at the cemetery, and that the records showed no gravestone markings and daubings there for at least 30 years.

Orest Slepokuo

[Source: Cecily Woolf, "ANL Daubing Protest," Jewish Chronicle (London), March 13, 1993.]


WE suspect that Lord Justice Sedley would hold that the fact of the ANL demonstration proved that the daubings had been there, even though they weren't.

It was Sedley who found, refusing Mr Irving's application for permission to appeal in the Lipstadt case, that the fact that there are no Zyklon-introduction holes in the concrete roof slab of the Auschwitz "gas chamber" does not outweigh the evidence of half a dozen "eye witnesses" who told post-war investigators of their existence.

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