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Wednesday, Wednesday, June 20, 2007

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Scott Smith asks, Wednesday, June 20, 2007, who Paid Deborah Lipstadt's trial costs, and gets a very full answer


Who paid Lipstadt's trial costs?

A QUICK question that perhaps you have already been asked many times...

Who paid for Lipstadt's "Dream Team" during the trial and what was the amount?

I've said it was Billionaires like Spielberg and Bronfman and Zionist fundraisers. Others say it was Penguin Books. Can you clarify?

Scott Smith

David Irving

David Irving replies:

PENGUIN Books (right) and Lipstadt were joint defendants in the libel action I brought against them. Penguin did not pay a penny themselves, their insurers Commercial Union paid their costs; but despite this, Penguin (and not the insurers) petitioned me for bankruptcy, to recover the costs -- which they had never suffered. Go figure.

In law: they suffered no "damnification." It was a very clear legal point. When we appealed against the Court's therefore unjustified payment Order, on these grounds -- before necessarily the same Judge as had found against me in the Libel Action -- to our fury Penguin Books Ltd quite simply lied, and claimed that they, and not the insurers, had indeed paid the legal bills.

We demanded to see the evidence. Ignoring our protests (because millions were at stake) Mr Justice Gray accepted the spoken assurance of Penguin's counsel, Heather Rogers, who had been his Junior in the Nicholas Tolstoy Libel Trial, that Penguin had themselves paid.

Penguin Books failed to produce any evidence of this -- e.g. cancelled cheques -- and they also signally failed to comply with an Order by the Court of Appeal that they have their costs properly taxed within twelve months, which would of course have revealed their lie (and caused Miss Rogers not a little difficulty with the Bar). The Courts were very lenient and turned a blind eye on all these shortcomings of my opponents.

Lipstadt was bankrolled by very many Jewish billionaires and bodies; every time she speaks she blurts out further names of these philanthropists.

Where did the money go? A million dollars went into the pockets of the Marxist "expert witnesses" whom her defence lawyers hired to give their opinion about my work, including Professor Richard "Skunky" Evans, right, to whom incidentally Penguin Books Ltd after the trial additionally awarded a two-million dollar contract to write a history of the war. This has proved virtually unreadable and unsaleable - not that Penguin mind, because they got what they paid for.


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