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Snsenica of USA, writes Sunday, July 29, 2001



Amen to that


I'N NO lawyer, but before reading the incoherent ramblings of the Court of Appeals in thjis case, I had a lot of respect for the British penchant for reason in discourse. It seems rather simple to me. What the hell is a "Holocaust Denier"? The term must have some definite meaning since it is the basis of a goldmine for the accuser. Did the court spend any time defining the term? Not from what I could see.

I have to admit that I don't have a week to read carefully the longwinded wandering discussions. Anyway, if ever visit England I will be very cafefull to obey the laws lest I be brought before a rambling judge.


DAVID IRVING writes: I must admit there are puzzling bits in the judgment of the Court of Appeal. I would have been ashamed to introduce such fuzzy logic into one of my books. See below:

Department of How-Do-They-Figure-That-Out?

Three British Lord Justices of Appeal get their wigs in a twist over the smear-phrase Holocaust Denier:

We are not persuaded that the expression can be given any precise technical meaning or that 'Holocaust denier' defines a class of persons precisely. Having regard to the views expressed by [David Irving] about a range of events in the history of the Third Reich, we agree with the Judge that the applicant may be described as a Holocaust denier.

-- Lord Justices Pill, Mantell, and Buxton, explaining their reason for refusing the Irving Appeal. [Full judgment]

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