Posted Thursday, February 5, 2004

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Tom Stoneburner asks Thursday, February 5, 2004 where to start in finding material to refute the flood of publications attacking David Irving




How to balance a flood of tripe?

I'M a former Marine Corporal who first heard about you in a videotape produced by Pastor Rick Strawcutter of Proclaim Liberty Ministries.

I was assigned Deborah Lipstadt's "Denying the Holocaust" in the Blair Reader (4th edition) as a reading assignment. It was thirteen pages of garbage. She spent the entire article rambling about the First Amendment only applying to the Federal Government of the United States. She attacked Bradley Smith. I was not impressed with her writing.

I was also assigned "Revising Our Prejudices: The Holocaust and Freedom of Speech" by François Tremblay. It was apparently included as an attempt to balance Lipstadt's article.

You are proclaimed as having neo-Nazi political aspirations. Tremblay states, "I have no doubt that all revisionists are sorely misguided or lying." Also, it was stated that your books, "Hitler's War" and "Goebbels," were shown to be "tapestries of lies and deception" during your libel trial against Lipstadt.

We're discussing the two articles in class. Is there a certain area of your website I should concentrate on?

Tom Stoneburner


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David Irving suggests:

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YOU might like to read the index on Professor Richard "Skunky" Evans, the hired gun in the Lipstadt trial:- Articles by him and on him, and especially my comments, where they are included.

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