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Adrian Tan of Singapore has been poring over the oeuvre of Prof. Evans...



Prof. Richard Evans has boobs


I GLANCED rapidily through his critique of you wanting to see if he had anything to say on your books on Milch and Rommel. If he can make the following whopper, how can anyone think that he is credible:

"The War Between the Generals, devoted to exposing differences of opinion between the commanders of Hitler's army during the Second World."

"Hitler's?" If he can make such an elementary balls-up in one book, what about being charitable to you since you were researching foreign language archives and writing that many books.

Can I find his email address on your site?

Adrian Tan

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Irving David Irving replies:

THANKS; Evans the Skunk of course spent twenty man-years with his team raking my books for errors and came up with --- twelve! Of which most are not errors at all. His email is (or was) rje36@cam.ac.uk

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