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William McTernan writes on Monday, April 17, 2000



An editor writes

Some years ago, I panned The War Between the Generals for Newsday [Long Island, New York]. I panned it because I didn't like it. I thought it an unfair and flimsily supported condemnation of great men.

So much for that. Apart from the Generals, I have been a delighted and grateful reader of, among others, The War Path and Hitler's War.

You have been screwed, my friend, although your struggle against Holocaustism was something like Don Quixote and the windmills. Holocaustism is not just an article of faith. It is a profitable article of faith. Witness the credentials of your opponent in the recent legal action. The holocaust is her academic specialty. And witness the enormous settlements recently bestowed by the Swiss banks and now, it seems, German industries.

Discretion might have been the better part of valor this time. In any case, please continue to write and inform. I still haven't gotten to the goebbels bio. But I will, as soon as I can find a reasonably priced (used) copy.

William McTernan

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