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Christopher Turkington writes on Wednesday, April 26, 2000



"Burning bodies with 3.5kg of coke"

I was looking over the trial transcripts again and I noticed that Van Pelt, that highly qualified architect [court witness fee £109,000], stated that the Auschvitz crematoria could perform a cremation with 3.5kg. of coke per body versus the 35kg required by the camp at Gusen because, he said, Auschwitz had exhaust blowers and Gusen did not.That is a whopping lie!

Gusen had an exhaust blower fitted to its Topf double retort oven (the same model as the one of which Auschwitz's Krema I had three), which reduced its first stage of a cremation time to as little as forty minutes under optimum conditions while increasing coke consumption, as exhaust blowers always do.

The only exhaust blower at Auschwitz was in Krema I where it served 6 retorts (so making hardly any difference to cremation time). Krema II had five fitted but they were almost immediately removed after sustaining serious damage.

As for that "3.5kg of coke" nonsense, the most efficient installations for the cremation of organic matter were the Kori aggregate ovens installed in slaughterhouses; these needed under optimum conditions 0.328kg to 0.268kg of coke per kilogram of organic matter (and 43 to 54 seconds per kilogram of organic matter); any less than this is physically impossible -- for any oven.

As for what he said about swapping the recuperator for an exhaust blower in an oven ,these parts are not interchangeable. If you remove the recuperator you will wreck the whole oven.

now see Reinhard Tixel on the same problem

Mr Irving comments: You will recall that I held up in Court the water jug on the table, and challenged the Professor of Architecture, Robert Jan Van Pelt: "What you are saying is that the coke that would fill this jug would be enough to cremate a whole human body?"

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