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George Webster of USA, writes on Friday, December 22, 2000



Evans is squirting again

HAVE you see Richard Evans' mealy-mouthed article in the current (January 2000) issue of BBC 'History' Magazine? To say that the content of the article is economical with the truth would be an understatement. For anyone who has followed the Lipstadt Trial, skunkEvans' version contains distortions and omissions which are so crass as to beggar belief. One example: Evans (right) writes: "As an expert witness, my first duty was to the court, and the defence was not entitled in any way to influence what I wrote, though if it did not like my conclusions it always had the option of refusing to present my report to the court."

Disingenuous is too mild an epithet for these assertions by Evans. The blindingly obvious omissions in this short passage are,

  • Evans makes no mention of the large retaining fee paid to him by the defendants, which
  • invites the obvious conclusion that he clearly WAS under the influence of, and obligation to, the defendants (ie his 'first duty' was not 'to the court', but to his paymasters);
  • of course, is the fact that the defendants were hardly likely to have passed over such monies for a report that had any chance whatsoever of being less than fully partisan to their cause (they clearly assessed their man well before awarding him the 'contract') - therefore the 'option' of their not presenting Evans' report to the court would never been a serious consideration at any point to the defendants.

This would all be very amusing were it not for the fact that many people not au fait with the detail of the trial, and Evans' financial relationship to the defendants, will read his article and come to totally unwarranted conclusions.

Through this scurrilous article, Evans has, once again, bequeathed the high moral ground to you.

George Webster

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EVANS turns up again as an expert witness in the attempted (but failed) deprivation of New Zealand historian Joel Hayward of his well earned academic title (Evans disapproves of Hayward's views). Eventually even the dimmest Cambridge University student will learn to hoot this peabrained pintsized scowling Welshman into oblivion whenever he tries to lecture to them on history. He is the historians' equivalent of a concert pianist who has never bothered to practice his scales.

EvansAs for the BBC: a rival television channel has commissioned a five-part television documentary featuring the trial -- and Lipstadt has refused to participate, as it will include all the people whom she fears and detests. The documentary will consist of five one-hour segments to broadcast all one week next year 2001, from Monday to Friday. Now that is enough to make a skunk (right) scowl. Watch this website for more details.

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