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What do the diaries of Dr Joseph Goebbels tell us about the jewish assassin Herschel Grynszpan




threats of retribution once Hitler was overthrown. 'But that cannot be,' dictated Goebbels. 'That must not be, and that shall not be.'[86]

Fears for his own safety were never far from his mind. He saw every living Jew as a potential assassin. Nine-tenths of the assassinations in Paris were being committed by Jews, which was, he conceded, hardly surprising under the circumstances. 'It would be best either to deport the remaining yids from Paris, or to liquidate the lot.'[87] He was planning an elaborate public trial of Herschel Grynszpan, who had fallen into Nazi hands in 1940, but the assassin's crafty lawyers had now floated the theory that he and his victim Rath had been homosexual lovers.[88] This was potential dynamite for the enemy propaganda. Before Goebbels could stop it, the minister of justice included this infamous allegation in the court papers and, worse, ruled that the trial should allow public discussion of the deportation of the Jews -- a development which Goebbels found 'incredibly inept.'[89] Thus the Grynszpan affair turned to ashes in his hands, Leopold Gutterer reviewed the dossier and advised Goebbels to drop the prosecution entirely.[90]

Grynszpan's trial was put on ice; indeed, he survived the war. Gutterer was told he had sat at the back of a Hamburg court-room in the fifties when he himself was on trial. This was one of the ultimate ironies of the Final Solution which the young Jew's pistol shots in 1938 had helped to unleash.

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