47 Re-released by Decca in 1983 as Winston Churchill, a Selection of his Wartime Speeches, 1939--1945. Decca claimed them to be 'historic recordings, taken from radio transcriptions dating from 1939 to 1945.' The BBC asked Decca to drop this claim.

48 Barry Fox, 'We Shall Trick them in the Speeches,' in New Scientist, London, May 18, 1991. -- The Independent, London, May 16, 1991; The Guardian, Jul 4, 1991. Robert Berkovitz of Sensimetrics Ltd. summarised, 'Something very fishy has been going on.'

49 Letter by Sally K Hine in The Guardian, Apr 22, 1991 ('Here in the Archive we have watched this story grow with great interest and some irritation'); she says that other wartime speeches were recorded in 1949 by WSC for the Decca twelve-record set. She told the Melbourne Sun-Herald that in their archives was also an interview with Shelley revealing that he stood in for Churchill's voice in broadcast speeches. The matter was resolved in our favour when a British newspaper reported that Shelley's son Anthony had just found among his father's possessions an original 78 rpm disc of the Jun 4, 1940 speech, stamped, 'BBC, Churchill: Speech. Artist Norman Shelley.' See The Observer, Oct 29, 2000: 'Finest hour for actor who was Churchill's radio voice.'

50 Beaverbrook to Mrs Ince, Mar 3, 1942; and memo, Mar 16, 1942 (House of Lords Records Office, Beaverbrook papers, file D.448); PM's card.