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David Irving 

"Churchill's War"

vol. iii: The Sundered Dream

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We expect to publish Volume III in 2005, and will start posting finished chapters soon [bookmark this page]

David Irving writes, Saturday, April 17, 2004 .

"Churchill's War", vol. iii: "The Sundered Dream" should appear during 2005. I am working on the piecing together of the vast and complicated mosaic right now. I have to go back to the British arhcives a few more times. The seizure of all my archives and library byn the British official Trustee in May 2002 has not helped: they have admitted (to others) that on the legal advice they have they are wrong to hold these archives back from me, but they have so far refused to return them. Hence the new High Court action I am now taking against them in London. I guess the conformist historians don't have these obstacles.

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