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Real History, USA


paddle steamer    Some of the photographs taken by participants
paddle steamer

GUESTS came to hear REAL HISTORY 2000 from Australia, France, Poland, Lithuania, England and all over the United States. No sooner had they arrived at the five star hotel than a luxury coaches took them down to the landing stage for an unforgettable dinner cruise up the Ohio River on a picturesque paddle steamer which had been chartered exclusively for them.


AFTER dinner, the guests strolled up onto the deck to view the spectacle of Cincinnati by night; after a while the boat was churning through pitch dark waters of the Ohio, on a balmy, starlit evening.



David Irving AFTER welcoming the delegates to his annual Real History convention, David Irving delivered what he called an "amphibious lecture" entitled "Scratchings-out," -- documents on Field-Marshal Rommel, British assassinations, and Pearl Harbor which have been tampered with to hide vital evidence


Antonacci THE CONVENTION moved back to dry land for the rest of the weekend.

Michigan lawyer Mark Antonacci spoke on The Shroud of Turin, providing a remarkable and in-depth account of the latest scientific investigations into this holy but controversial relic.


Delegates also heard Australian author Kimberley Cornish whose book "The Jew of Linz" on Hitler's Jewish philosopher school-fellow Wittgenstein has unsettled the establishment.

His lecture entitled "The Man Who Was Esther" asked whether Hitler's encounter with Wittgenstein at the Linz Realschule was the occasion of his becoming anti-Semitic? Were Wittgenstein's early philosophical ideas about language the secret of Hitler's oratorical powers?

Wittgenstein, argued Cornish, was founder of the Cambridge spy ring, and passed on to Stalin the secrets of the Enigma decryption technology.

Below: David Irving introduced to the delegates two exclusive movie previews -- Mr Death, the award winning Erroll Morris movie on Fred Leuchter; and The Holocaust on Trial, the British made-for-TV movie of the first stage of his libel action against Deborah Lipstadt. At right is best-selling author John Sack, who delivered the witty after-dinner speech.


Germar Rudolf

Other speakers provided more customary revisionist fare. Scientist Germar Rudolf reported on his persecution by the German government under its laws for the suppression of free speech, Brian Renk (far right) on the flaws in Prof. Robert Van Pelt's evidence in the Lipstadt trial.

David Irving


Photos: Harry Schaffer, Catherine Weeks

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