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N THE LABOR DAY weekend, August 30 to September 2, 2002, David Irving's Real History USA will again hold its annual convention at Cincinnati. It starts at 3 p.m. on Friday August 30 and ends on the afternoon of Monday September 2, 2002 (that is the Labor Day weekend).

In recognition of the events of September 11, 2001 and of the immeasurable interest in them, we shall make the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, and the subsequent war in the Middle East, a central theme of the conference.

There will be a number of seminars on other topics as well, sometimes running parallel to these talks.

In newspapers, magazines, and on the World Wide Web, experts have analyzed the events in detail, focusing on matters of obvious controversy: the content of the voice recordings, the intercepted phone messages, the backgrounds of the alleged hijackers, the roles of the F.B.I. and Government, the protection of free speech in the face of war preparations - these are just some of the matters that have exercised brilliant brains.

Our three earlier events were hugely successful. We are again holding this, the fourth convention, at the fabulous Cincinnati Marriott hotel conveniently next to the airport, which also has a fine pool and restaurants. We provide free transport to the airport and city sights.

You will again enjoy a thrilling weekend of Real History. This year we are holding more friendly get-togethers, including a buffet welcoming reception, and two gala dinners.

For one, we cruise up the Ohio River in a specially chartered sternwheeler, while one of our big-name speakers addresses you. For the other, we spend a second warm end-of-summer evening down on the riverfront, dining on a moored boat-deck which provides ringside seats for the mid-West's most lavish fireworks display - and we listen afterwards to one of our other famous orators, a forthright syndicated columnist.

Our central theme this year, which has attracted important speakers from all over the United States, is the horrific attack of September 11: Ten fanatical and suicidal warriors wreck all seven buildings of the New York's World Trade Center in the space of one hour, and inflict trillions of dollars of damage on the US economic skyline.

Who was really behind them? Why did they do it? Come to that, why did the Twin Towers collapse so swiftly? And what about those Arabic letters that were found? Has the FBI withheld the first page, and if so why? We hear an expert on the Arabic language tells us what is really to be learned of the attacks from those pages, and of Osama bin Laden's concerns as revealed in those videos.

Once again we shall feature unique speakers and private showings of unusual film - including the confidential 66-minute video now being issued to airliner crews instructing them how to deal with terrorists like the Paris-Miami "shoe-bomber"; it features disturbing interviews with the crew of that plane. We also scrutinize other mysteries: Were the five men in United Airlines Flight 93 really overcome by brave passengers in the skies over Pennsylvania that morning - or was the airliner shot down on the president's orders? Experts will discuss this intriguing mystery.

Topping the bill, we hear Michael Ruppert give a penetrating assessment of the whole crisis and its origins, backed by state of the art visual presentations and displays. He is a brilliant speaker. On November 28 one thousand people came from all over the Pacific North-West to hear him speak at Portland State University.

Other speakers discuss familiar unresolved controversies in Real History, like the role of Britain's wartime arch-propagandist Sefton Delmer. The author of a remarkable book on the Kennedy assassination dissects the Abraham Zapruder video, frame by frame; and speculates on the real role of Jack Rubinstein ("Jack Ruby"). See our separate program for full details.

We are pleased to confirm that we shall hold the basic registration fee for the four-day weekend to $410 including the evening cruise and two gala dinners.

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