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Thursday, September 5, 2002


Real History Conference Analyses 9/11 Attacks on America

Holes in US Government Version: Evidence Indicates Incompetence and Disinformation: Was the Fourth Plane Shot down by the U.S. air force? Scholarly Critique of 'Holocaust' and the Role of SS Units: US Looting of German Art

THE annual Real History conference was held in Cincinnati, Ohio on August 30 -- September 2, 2002. Organized by historian David Irving, from England, the conference presented papers on the September 11 attacks on the U.S. and related issues. There were also a number of presentations on issues related to the Second World War.

The conference was extraordinary by American standards and presented a wealth of analytical nuance as well as hard information for authentic journalism as well as real history. Nothing was presented without meticulous documentation. The positive outcomes were as follows:

  1. The audience was encouraged to re-examine the events of 9-11.
  2. The presentation of 9-11 by the media was seen as inadequate and full of holes.
  3. The government's role in response to the attacks was seen as suspicious and full of hidden agendas concealed from the public.

At times it appeared that there were two opposing views of 9-11 reflected in the conference. One was that the Bush administration's response to 9-11 showed incompetence and failure. The opposing view was that there seems to have been a effort by the government to conceal information from the public and to replace facts with disinformation.

Here are some highlights:

  • It appears from the details and minute by minute progress of the 9-11 attacks that the plane which went down in Pennsylvania could have been shot down by a fighter jet of the U.S. air force. If the order was given by the President himself, the government could be hiding information which would make it open to public condemnation.
  • The U.S. east coast is dotted with air bases, many with the world's fastest fighter jets taking off every few minutes. The fact that all these air bases could not tackle the hijacked planes in spite of an hour long (approx.) window of opportunity indicates either total incompetence or lack of orders from the top.
  • The stories about alleged hijacker Mohammed Atta have many holes in them. It appears, for instance, that Atta had a woman in the little Florida town where he took flight training. Amazingly enough, she was never interviewed, and seems to have disappeared; her neighbor has been warned not to talk to the media.
  • President Bush took an inordinately long time talking to school children while the most horrendous attack on America was being reported to him. Was this owing to his being unable to respond to the attack or were there other hidden reasons?
  • The FBI claimed that it had "found" a five page document in Arabic (ostensibly written by Mohammed Atta) preparing the attackers for their last day before the martyrdom mission. Critics pointed out that the Arabic "document" began in a way in which no devout Muslim would begin it. As a result the document was withdrawn and then re-issued by the FBI with the one page missing which had glaring errors in it. The tone and content of the document indicates that it was probably prepared by the Israelis.


THE presentations about World War II were also studded with unusual but well-documented facts not available to the public. [A presenter pointed out that for the first time a request to obtain information on the murder of Count Bernadotte, assassinated by the Israelis, was denied by a judge under instructions from the FBI. Such requests, under the Freedom of Information Act, are already expensive and involve long delays.]

An important presentation was made about the policing of the S.S. organisation by one of its own investigative authorities. The S.S., according the accepted version of history, is supposed to be the murderous organization responsible for the wholesale destruction of the Jews (the notorious 'six million'). Here we have documents showing that the SS was so strict about the behavior of prison wardens towards Jewish and other inmates that it actually investigated, tried and in two high profile cases, executed camp commanders who had committed excesses and crimes against the Jewish prisoners.

[Compare with the mass murder committed by American officer Calley in Viet Nam who got only three years for his killings. Compare with the activities of American pilots in Afghanistan who have been bombing villages. Let alone being brought to trial, their names are unknown.]

One presenter brought a fullscale model of the supposed wire-mesh pillar (column) in Auschwitz through which the Jews claim that deadly cyanide was released on Jewish prisoners packed into the room below. The presenter showed that the supposed process by which deadly gas contents were loaded and lowered through the column would be simply unworkable and could kill those trying to do it.

There was an extensive presentation on the German art and other treasures looted from Germany in violation of international law by the allies, particularly the Americans.

During a long break in the conference, a movie was shown about the Israeli attack on the American ship USS Liberty and the cover-up which followed.

The conference recognized the fact that open discussion of issues which do not benefit the Jewish elites now in control of America is not possible in the major media. In fact Mr. Irving has been hounded by Jewish and far left groups trying to silence him. Some of his meetings were physically attacked by far left groups which use revolutionary terminology but are covers for Jewish hoods.

A free speech advocate from Canada was specially honored and given a plaque by the Real History conference.

Most of the participants were strongly pro-Palestine and opposed to the coming attack on Iraq. These were scholarly people, some of them devout Christians, very concerned about the forces of Zionism which have made American policies anti-national and pro-war against the entire Muslim world.

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