The International Campaign for Real History
Real History USA, Conference in Cincinnati, Labor Day weekend Aug.30-Sept.2, 2002 [New Trend report]

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Emily W. staffs the Real History USA registration desk to welcome delegates arriving from all over the world

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Robert Countess with his fullscale model of the alleged wire-mesh Zyklon B introduction column.

Jon Gentry supervises state-of-the-art equipment producing a complete video record of the conference

Speakers Hal Bastin and Charles Provan

Speaker Don Hopsicker, a Florida based investigative television journalist

Speaker Don Hopsicker

Speaker Don Hopsicker

Speaker Eric Mueller arrives, an expert on Arabic documents

Speaker Eric Mueller takes the podium

David Irving asks a question from the floor

David Irving signs his books

David Irving addresses the large audience

David Irving with Speaker Ken Alford, best-selling author

Bookseller Lance Frickensmith on duty at his stand

Eric Mueller explains the discrepancies in the FBI translations of Arabic documeents

Kenneth Alford signs a book for fellow speaker Charles Provan

Charles Provan (with a picture of his subject, SS Judge Konrad Morgen, giving evidence at the Nuremberg trial)

University professor Thomas Mahl lectures on British covert operations on US soil during World War II

University professor Thomas Mahl and David Irving, who chaired the Real History USA convention

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