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Among our distinguished speakers: Best-selling author Kenneth Alford reveals the high drama of the last days of World War II - the greed, lust, treachery, and murder committed by US and German officers as they stole millions. Most walked away free men after blackmailing and/or misleading U. S. Army investigators.
Labor Day weekend, Aug 30 - Sept 2, 2002



Kenneth D. Alford has been researching archival material relating to World War II for over thirty years. He previously enjoyed a long career as computer technician and bank vice president. He has amassed an immense library of source documents and other reference material pertaining to that war. Mr. Alford has devoted his past twenty-five years of research exclusively to the looting of Europe. He lives in Richmond, Virginia.

Mr. Alford's successful 1994 book The Spoils of World War II (by Birch Lane Press) received an excellent Kirkus review and was reviewed in The New York Times and London Times. His Great Treasure Stories of World War II (Savas Publishing, 2000) sold out immediately. A new book Nazi Millionaires, co-authored with Ted Savas appeared in July 2002.

He has acted as a consultant and participant for several major network television programs. They include "The Last Days of World War II" a three-hour Greystone documentary, produced by Rob Kirk and viewed on the A&E and History Channels. Impact Media Inc. filmed a BBC/TV documentary and Australian Channel 12 have featured both of Mr. Alford's works. The large German Television conglomerate, ZDF has filmed several hour-long segments highlighting his research and writings.

Alford's research into World War II looting has been written about in major international newspapers, including The New York Times, Toronto Star and the mass circulation German Bild am Sonntag. He has been quoted as an authority in The Washington Post and leading Italian and Hungarian newspapers.

Mr. Alford continues to lend his assistance to museum and government authorities as they continue to search for still missing art treasures on behalf of the German, Hungarian, and Russian governments.

In December 99, Mr. Alford was the guest of the Vice President of the World Federation of Hungarians in Budapest. In addition to hosting a news conference he made a presentation on the subject of the Hungarian Gold Train as it relates to the Holocaust Era Asstets.

ALFORD'S latest book, Nazi Millionaires: The Allied Search for Hidden SS Gold" (360pp., $29.95, Casemate, 2002), with co-author Ted Savas, was released in July.

This very human drama examines how and where dozens of SS men (from Adolf Eichmann to the lowly Captain Franz Konrad) obtained and buried or concealed tons of gold, currency, jewels, and priceless artifacts -- and the Allied postwar search for these treasures.

"Nazi Millionaires" relates remarkable episodes of the Second World War and immediate postwar period that most people have never heard of -- one bombshell concerning Count Folke Bernadotte is already creating quite a stir in Sweden. This study is based upon thousands of pages of previously unpublished documents.

Mr. Alford has been a guest speaker in dozens of event and has a one-hour .35 mm slide presentation regarding his works.

Books by Kenneth Alford on sale at the booktable:

The Spoils of World War II - $19.95
Great Treasure Stories of World War II - $29.95
Nazi Millionaires - $29.95
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