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Among our speakers: Dr Robert Countess, formerly a professor of classics at the University of Alabama at Huntsville, is an expert on revising conformist views on the Holocaust. He dissects a vital element of the Auschwitz infrastructure.
Labor Day weekend, Aug 30 - Sept 2, 2002


  Pelt sketch of wire mesh column

Holes in the story   A key issue at the Lipstadt Trial, and in the debate on the integrity of the Auschwitz site, is whether there were Zyklon-introduction holes in the roof of Krema II.

CountessLipstadt's lawyers hired a witness from Canada, Professor of Architure Robert Van Pelt (oddly, he never studied architecture, and cannot legally call himself an architect, but was paid a witness fee of $200,000). He sketched the wire-mesh columns he believed dropped from those roof-holes, if they existed, into the inside of the chamber.

A similar wire mesh column appeared in a sketch by French artist David Olère, who claimed to have been at Auschwitz (but included hills in one sketch of the camp). Dr Robert Countess is bringing to Cincinnati a specially-made scale reconstruction, to examine how feasible the Pelt hypothesis is.


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