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A brief sneak preview . . .

N THE LABOR DAY weekend 2003, David Irving's Real History USA will hold its fifth annual convention at Cincinnati. It starts at 3 p.m. on Friday August 29 and ends on the afternoon of Monday September 1 (that is the Labor Day weekend).

The weekend is marked by a series of unusual talks by carefully selected speakers known for their independent and non conformist views on secret events and controversies in modern history.

Our four earlier events were hugely successful. We are again holding this, the fifth convention, at the fabulous five-star Cincinnati Marriott hotel conveniently near to the airport, which also has a fine pool, health club, and restaurants; the hotel has again given us a special flat room-rate, $89 per room instead of $149 to $259 for suites. We provide free transport to the airport and city sights.

You will again enjoy a thrilling weekend of Real History. This year we are holding more friendly get-togethers, including a buffet welcoming reception, and two gala dinners.

For one, we cruise up on a warm evening up the Ohio River in a specially chartered sternwheeler, while one of our big-name speakers addresses you. For the other, we spend a second warm end-of-summer evening at a unique Kentucky location, dining and afterwards listening to one of our other famous orators, a forthright syndicated columnist.

Among the fifteen speakers: Best-selling author Ken Alford delivers Part II of his talk on the US Army's looting of Nazi Gold. David Irving gives two talks including a revealing preview of his work on Heinrich Himmler and Winston Churchill: the real history of the notorious Joel Brand "Jews for trucks" deal of 1944, and why it failed, based on British secret service archives.

Who ever heard of the episode in December 1943, when the Luftwaffe bombed a US Liberty ship laden with over five hundred tons of poison gas, leading to a massacre in Bari harbor and nightmare problems in every Adriatic port to which the surviving polluted ships fled? Graduate historian Curtis B Maynard has studied it in depth, and talks about it here.

On a lighter note Tom Catherall, Asst. Prof. at Brigham Young University, brings samples of the train sets owned by the great men in history (think Hermann Göring!). Chuck Provan digs into Kaufmann's infamous 1941 book Germany must Perish, and documents its role in goading the Nazis toward the Final Solution.

A lesser theme is the British-American attack on Iraq, and the interpretation of the CIA and SIS data by Washington and London.

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Apart from important World War Two topics, we have a lesser theme this year, which has attracted important speakers from all over the United States, and that is the British-American attack on Iraq.

Our resident expert on the Middle East has kept a close eye on the Arabic language newspapers since the war, and has strange things to tell our audience that have not so far been reported in the US and British press. Is the Iraq war "over" - or isn't it?

Once again we shall feature unique speakers and private showings of unusual films - including the confidential 66-minute video now being issued to airliner crews instructing them how to deal with terrorists like the Paris-Miami "shoe-bomber"; it features disturbing interviews with the crew of that plane. (The film was supposed to be shown last year, but it was detained and released to us only after the conference had passed.)

Over the next weeks we shall post at this location fuller details of the speakers, experts from both from university campus and private research, who have already signed up to speak at this year's event.

To protect our main speakers from harassment, we keep details of some to the last moment. Ask us for the full list of speakers.

[The speakers]

We are pleased to anounce that we have reduced the basic registration fee for the four-day weekend to $375 this year; this price includes the evening cruise and two gala dinners. There are special offers for students, families, and groups, which bring the fee even lower.

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