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Some of the fifteen speakers

David Irving, July 2003

David Irving welcomes the delegates ...

David Irving, organiser of this annual Cincinnati event, is a high profile British writer and biographer (of Hitler, Churchill, Rommel, Goebbels, and others). He will speak twice, including the popular riverboat evening, and deliver a revealing preview of his major works on Heinrich Himmler and Winston Churchill.

Joe Sobran

Joe Sobran, speaker on the dinner-cruise

Joe Sobran, well known witty and controversial conservative syndicated columnist. His ironic theme this time -- after dinner on the Ohio Riverboat, August 30, 2003, is The Strange Death of the United States Constitution.


Eric Mueller: When Arabic newspapers reveal what the American conceal

Eric Mueller speaks
Eric Mueller is a Texas expert on the Arabic language who has kept a close eye on the Arabic language newspapers since the Iraq war, and has strange things to reveal that have not so far been reported in the US and British press. Is the Iraq war "over" - or isn't it [More] [His own report]


Leni Riefenstahl
Everybody knows Hitler's cinematographer's famous documentary / propaganda film Triumph of the Will (she is still going strong at over 100: and she sent greetings to last year's Real History convention). Less well-known is her film Victory of Faith (Sieg des Glaubens), the record of the 1933 Nuremberg Rally, the first after the Nazis came to power. For years it was suppressed, but now it it has been restored and subtitled for English audiences, and WW2 book and film expert Lance Frickensmith, the exclusive distributor for North America, will introduce it its first showing in this country -- in fact the first public showing in 70 years. [More] Also on sale at the bookstand: DVD- $ 40 VHS- $ 35

Richard EarleyRichard Earley

authored a well documented book on the service record of American Jews and others in conflicts ranging from the American Civil war to the Persian Gulf war. The title is War, Money, and American Memory: Myths of Virtue, Valor and Patriotism. Among his unexpected findings: More Jews fought and died for Germany's Kaiser than ever did for America, including those fighting in World War Two. [His own report]

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Tom Catherall

Tom Catherall, Asst. Prof. at Brigham Young University, introduces a lighter note, talking about the train sets owned by the great men in history (think Hermann Göring!) and bringing samples.

Update: Prof Catherall has today (Thursday, August 21, 2003) withdrawn on his medical adviser's orders. A replacement speaker will be annouced.

Folke BernadotteDonald Bustion, senior counsel of history publishing company Bolchazy and a much admired speaker at earlier Real History functions, titles his talk: Scouts' Honor in Palestine: The Death of Bernadotte. He investigates the mysteries surrounding the post-war "targeted killing" of Swedish peacemaker and international leader of the Boy Scouts, Count Folke Bernadotte (left). Why him? He is credited with beginning the modern humanitarian movement through his rescue work in Germany during the last days of World War II. While acting as United Nations mediator in Palestine, he was gunned down by the terror group which became the nucleus of the ruling elite in Israel. Who planned the killing and who pulled the trigger? Why do the US Patriot Act and anti-terrorism laws not apply to this murder of a real hero?

During the lunch breaks we show rare movies

the film which has caused the controversy at this year's UNDERGRUND FILM FESTIVAL, in Melbourne, Australia, David Irving's Search for Truth in History, and the confidential 66-minute video now being issued to airliner crews instructing them how to deal with terrorists like the Paris-Miami "shoe-bomber"; it features disturbing interviews with the crew of that plane. (The film was supposed to be shown at last year's conference, but it was detained and released to us only after the conference had passed.)

ships burning at Bari

Curtis Maynard  

Curtis B Maynard, graduate historian, has studied in depth the episode in December 1943, when the German air force bombed Bari harbor, in Northern Italy.

An American Liberty ship, the USS John Harvey, laden with over five hundred tons of poison gas blew up, leading to a massacre and nightmare problems in every Adriatic port to which the surviving polluted ships fled.


Adolf Eichmann


David Irving speaks after dinner

The real history of Adolf Eichmann's "A million Jews for ten thousand trucks" deal of 1944, and why it failed, based on British secret service and code-intercept archives.


AlfordKenneth Alford on The Hungarian Gold train and other mysteries -- by popular demand, a two hour feature on Sunday (fully illustrated by a PowerPoint presentation). Best-selling author Alford has been poring over secret Second World War documents for over thirty years. He has devoted the past twenty-five to researching the World War Two looting of Europe. He reveals the high drama of the last days of the war - the greed, lust, treachery, and murder committed by US and German officers as they stole millions. Most walked away free men after blackmailing or misleading U.S. Army investigators. [More]

Paul Fromm, awarded our special plaque last year, is speaker this year on the questionable arrest and deportation from the United States of Canadian-German, Ernst Zündel, and its implications for the reputation of the United States as champion of the free world. Fromm is chairman of the Canadian Association for Free Expression, CAFE. Refusing to be intimidated by the traditional enemies, he has fought a tireless campaign for decades to preserve the values of Free Speech and learning in Canada. [More]

Charles ProvanCharles Provan of Pennsylvania has been a regular and popular speaker since the first Real History weekend, and is an expert on the closing stages of World War II.

For this year's conference, he has researched the notorious book Germany must Perish by American citizen Theodore N Kaufmann, which Dr Goebbels issued in a million copies to German troops in the east, and which he used to justify his harsh anti-Jewish measures to Hitler. Chuck Provan documents the book's role in goading the Nazis toward the Final Solution. . . . [Last time he spoke]


... and much more
Main theme for Real History 2004: More lies and Legends about the Second World War and the Third Reich

Bookselling services at this event are provided by World War II Books of Illinois. We urge all our guests to buy the signed books and videos offered by most of our speakers. Personal checks and credit cards are accepted.

Labor Day weekend, Aug 29 - Sept 1, 2003

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