Real History, USA: meeting this Labor Day weekend at the Marriott Hotel in Cincinnati.

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Who are our speakers this year?

Michael Wright, Oklahoma researcher:

"Nick Berg's arrest record in Oklahoma, his decapitation in Iraq, George Tenet's resignation, and what lies in between." Highly qualified federal researcher Wright claims credit for the "resignation" of George Tenet; on April 15, 2004 -- the day after Tenet testified to the 9/11 Commission, he exposed Tenet's perjury. Wright has researched extensively into curious Oklahoma University events not mentioned in The 9/11 Commission Report: the ticket for one of the hijackers was purchased from an OU library computer terminal, where none other than Nick Berg worked. Was the purchaser a CIA-surrogate? Was it Berg, and was he then sent to Iraq so that he could be snuffed, and his dirty little secret with him?
George Tenet

What are we really to make of that "beheading" video, and the role of the FBI in its production? KOCO-TV News broadcast a report that the ticket was bought from the university terminal: Wright taped their confirmation of this report -- but the reporter later denied it.

Peter Kirstein
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