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Picture report on the 2003 weekend

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A brief preview . . .

N THE LABOR DAY weekend 2004, David Irving's "Real History, USA" will hold its sixth annual convention at Cincinnati. It starts at three p.m. on Friday September 3 and ends on the afternoon of Monday September 6.

"Through cost-cutting, I've held to the same fee this year. There's also a five percent incentive for you to register before August 5."

The weekend is marked by a series of unusual talks by carefully selected speakers known for independent and non conformist views on secret events and controversies in modern history.

We are again hosting the event at a five-star Marriott hotel near to the airport, with a fine pool, health club, and restaurants; the hotel has again given us a special daily rate, of $89 per room instead of $149 (and even the same rate for $259 suites). We also provide free airport transport.

Time is running out for the special discount offer. Registration starts at three p.m. on Friday September 3 and ends at midday on Monday September 6.

You'll meet folks who think the same as you and enjoy a thrilling weekend of Real History. There are friendly get-togethers, including two gala dinners.

guest at talk

For one, we cruise on a warm end-of-summer evening up the Ohio River in a specially chartered sternwheeler, while one of our big-name speakers addresses you. For the other, we dine at a unique gourmet location and listen afterwards to one of our other famous orators, a syndicated columnist.


Dresden Altmarkt 1945

Among the fifteen speakers: Author David Irving, and founder of the international Real History movement, gives two talks including a final assessment of the number actually killed in the horrific wartime British and American air raids on Dresden -- the topic of his first best-selling work of history in 1963.


Two popular academics who are, unusually, also gifted speakers, return this time -- Professor Philip Supina to talk about medical research in the Third Reich, other than the criminal brand which has monopolised the attentions of conformist historians; and Professor Peter N Kirstein, a fearless champion of human rights and free speech, who has chosen as his theme, "Historians v. American Militarism: Resisting Censorship."

His focus will be on the challenges to revisionism and the impact of national security on free-thinking historians, citing recent cases in which American historians were punished or became the objects of public wrath because of their opposition to war and unfettered Zionism.


REVISIONISTS too must come under revisionist scrutiny. We examine the fringe controversy about the Apollo moon landings -- was any, or all, of the visual material, or some of it, faked or fudged? Some say that the pictures were a hoax from start to finish, but others have explanations for the curious photographic anomalies.

SibrelBart Winfield Sibrel, who made the movie "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon," presents this movie on the topic, and invites discussion. Perhaps the truth is, as so often, somewhere in the middle.

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Hitler, Goering

During lunch intervals we show movies, including recently discovered color 16mm movies from Hermann Göring's private collection, retrieved by a GI from his home on the Obersalzberg in 1945: this film footage has many unusual scenes of Adolf Hitler and his staff 1939-1945.

Michael Collins Piper

In keeping with our interest in the history of Revisionist History itself, we have invited Washington DC author Michael Collins Piper to make an appraisal of the life and times of pioneer revisionist (and veteran agitator) Willis Carto, and to reveal some details of the controversial Edison Bequest which threatened to rend asunder the entire revisionist movement.

We keep details of several speakers confidential to the last moment. In addition to World War Two topics, the American attack on Iraq will again be a focus for attention. We examine curious anomalies offered by the visual evidence of the beheading of American Nick Berg.

Tom Stoneburner

THIS YEAR we hold revisionists themselves up to scrutny. Tom Stoneburner (above) has investigated popular conspiracy theories of modern history, including the assassination of John F Kennedy, Waco, Oklahoma City, and Sept. 11, 2001. Illustrating his talk with video clips (which will be available on DVD to members of the audience) he suggests that many of these theories are based on bad logic, and don't hold water (or do they?).

Psephologist James Condit has studied the history of computerized voting frauds for over twenty-five years: his theme is therefore highly topical as well as History, "The Dangers of Fraud in Computerized Election."

Popular speaker Don Bustion chases to ground through archival research an otherwise real revisionist tale: the matter of the $500,000 paid by the Philippines Government to General Douglas MacArthur in the desperate days of February 1942, even as quisling politicians of that American semi-dependency sought a deal with the invading Japanese Empire. The matter is a cautionary example of the dangers of not using archival materials in the writing of Real History. He calls his presentation, "Unravelling Mysteries Using the Archives."

Our resident expert on the Middle East has kept a close eye on the Arabic language newspapers since the war, and found things not reported in the US press. Are the Americans out of Iraq -- or not?


To avoid problems, we keep details of some speakers confidential to the last moment. Ask us for the full list.


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Peter Kirstein
 Sibrel Bustion vspace=5
... and still more

The attendance of speakers at this function must not be taken to imply that they endorse or accept the views of the organisers or of other speakers, whatever they may be. Each speaker attends in his own private capacity, sharing only a common interest in real history.

We are pleased to anounce that we have held the basic registration fee for the four-day weekend to $375 this year; this price includes the evening cruise and two gala dinners. There are special offers for students, families, and groups, which bring the fee even lower.



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