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In 1993 it was revealed that the ADL had illegally penetrated US and San Francisco Police Department and made illegal use of their databases. ADL officials were prosecuted for this felony, and subsequently reached an out of court settlement with the District Attorney under which they paid a substantial penalty. Website visitors are encouraged to submit authentic materials, correspondence, press clippings, etc., to this dossier.

Mr Irving wrote this letter to the San Francisco Police.

TELEPHONE 07l-499 9409



London, England, Friday, January 7, 1994
[4:25 am]



Dear Officer Bargioni

I am a British author, born March 24, 1938, and I have reason to believe that the Anti-Defamation League, whose files the SFPD seized in a raid, was illegally monitoring my activities when lawfully visiting the United States.

Please will you provide me at my expense with copies of all seized ADL records relating to my person, or inform me how to go about obtaining these copies, and advise me what avenues of redress arc open to me.

Yours sincerely,




San Francisco Police Department
&emdash; attn. Sandy Bargioni &emdash;
850 Bryant Street Room 558
San Francisco
CA 94103