Posted Monday, June 10, 2002

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Mark Weber issues an alert on Peter Stahl

by Mark Weber

April 15, 2002

THIS is an alert about what appears to be new nuisance activity by Gregory Douglas, who has also used the names "Peter Stahl," "Samuel Prescot Bush," and "Freiherr Von Mollendorf."

In recent weeks I have been in communication by e-mail with someone who calls himself Christopher Crowles ( Although he claimed to be a wealthy man who is very interested in providing generous funding for historical revisionism, "Crowles" provided no specific or confirmable information about himself. He declined to provide a postal address or a telephone number.

Last week "Crowles" wrote to tell me that had received an e-mail message dated April 9 from a "Bob Sonderby," which described me as "a thoroughly unsavory individual who was thrown out of Germany for desecrating a Jewish cemetery." This "Sonderby" message went on to claim that my mother is a "Russian Jewess," and that I was "thrown out of several schools in the United States; in one case for molesting a female student and in the other, for public drunkenness." The content and form of this "Sonderby" message is entirely characteristic of the malicious material that "Douglas" has put out for years.

In his most recent communication, dated April 15, "Crowles" wrote of David Irving:

Irving is a fraud and obviously a man of little importance. His books, aside from the first two or three, are essays in vanity and are considered by reputable historians to be facile, ideological and very shallow. Irving's subsequent shabby descent into poverty and oblivion are pathetic.

"Crowles" also forwarded messages from Gregory Douglas and Willis Carto, which he found persuasive. The current e-mail address of "Gregory Douglas" is given as , and the current e-mail address of Willis Carto is given as

"Crowles" wrote that he is impressed with, and intends financially to support, Willis Carto and "Mr. Henry Martin of Monte Sano Media." I have no further information about "Martin" or "Monte Sano Media."

"Crowles"/"Douglas" also referred to an essay about David Irving, supposedly written by "Dr. Karl Kolchak." This vicious item is posted on a website called "The Crow: Crowley Files of 1996":

I suspect that this site is operated by, or in cooperation with, "Gregory Douglas," and that "Crowles," "Sonderby," and "Douglas" are one and the same person.

For more about "Douglas" and his fraudulent "Gestapo Chief" books, see my review in the March-April 2001 Journal of Historical Review, posted on the IHR web site.


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