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  Who is "Gregory Douglas"?

Another Stahl Alias - The famous (or infamous) George Stephen MacAlister!

Alias used 1996 - 1997 (from a Shotgun News advertisement, Vol. 51, Issue 4, 1997)

George Stephen MacAlister, 1820 S. West Avenue, #115 Freeport, IL 61032
Phone/Fax. 815-232-4168 (The phone is set up as remote-forwarding)

Note: a possible documented connection between this alias and Peter Stahl is made on page 6 of "Gregory Douglas's" book Gestapo Chief (see below), in which "George McAlister"(sic) is credited in the author's acknowledgements. A Stephen MacAlster is also credited as a photographer in a Monograph published and copyrighted by "Peter Stahl" in 1977. The monograph also credits Dr. Heinz von Hungen as having provided the specimen depicted from his personal collection.

[Note: The above address is a Mail Box rental and mail forwarding facility called: Pack "N" Post, Tel. (815) 232-7878 Fax. (815) 232-7888, managed by Mr. Jim Beggin, Jr.]

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