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 Data report on Peter Stahl, February 1999

PETER Stahl periodically issues strange mailings designed to smear and inconvenience his busienss and other opponents. One such mailing was of a bogus newspaper clipping about the alleged arrest of a dealer in Belleville NJ for running a prostitution and crack house. The allegation was quite false, but he sent it to her local church in Swanzey, New Hampshire. Another mailing was of a bogus sales list of products and services which the dealer allegedly offered.

The late Jack Meanen (of Globe Militaria, Inc.) compiled a dossier on Peter Stahl and Bender Publishing Inc., which has published the bogus "Mueller" Interrogations volumes. In Meanen's address book, nine of the ten telephone numbers for Peter Stahl (going back to the early 1980s) were of law firms! A dealer, who angered her rival, Stahl, by purchasing the Globe Militaria company, asked: "How would a jailbird like Stahl use law firms as an intermediary to receive his messages?"

Notwithstanding Meanen's death, someone began using Globe Militaria's credit and attempted to reactivate his old Federal Firearms License, which expired in 1968, to obtain merchandise. The only one who could finesse that is Peter Stahl. In consequence, the FBI began making inquiries into Jack, and several credit bureaus started looking for Globe Militaria.

Stahl is known to be on the FBI's witness protection program. His former crony, Bob Strodel [of 7848 Sunset Avenue Fair Oaks, CA 95628 Home (916) 961-5984 Fax (916) 961-0841] compiled a voluminous dossier on him in the 1970s and 1980s after Stahl manipulated his BATF/FBI friends to raid his house. Stahl's antics are well known in the militaria community.

Stahl and Dr. Heinz von Hungen of Modesto were in a long-time relationship. When Dr. von Hungen became ill, Stahl looted his collection. Von Hungen's children made a complaint in the probate court and Stahl had to flee California in the fall of 1996. He ended up in Freeport, IL. (Word is it he originally comes from that area but that cannot be verified.) He uses the name Stahl interchangeably with several other names. Frank Thayer is one, Richard Mundhenk may be another. Stahl is over 70, and his health is not good.

Here is a list of some of Peter Stahl's cronies or associates:

  • Mr. Mike Warren P.O. Box 524 Amityville, NY 11701 Tel (516) 731-0227 Has provided evidence corroborating Stahl to FBI/BATF.
  • Mr. Mike Horetsky Cocoa Curio Historical Militaria 546 West Chocolate Hershey, PA 1733 Business (717) 533-1167, Business (717) 533-5783 Has provided evidence corroborating Stahl to FBI/BATF.
  • Mr. Dave Simpson Central Indiana Auctions 5201 Old Hwy. 37 South Bloomington, IN 47401 Office (812) 824-7209 Associate and mail drop - runs ads in "Military Trader" Bender publications, shotgun news and Der Gauleiter. Also a known homosexual - went to jail with Mike Horetsky. Has provided evidence corroborating Stahl to FBI/BATF.
  • Mr. Harper S. Noehren P.O. Box 69 550 Central Ave #301 Alemeda, CA 94501 Home (510) 865-2875, Home (510) 522-5521 Associate and mail drop - runs ads in Bender publications and Der Gauleiter.
  • Mr. Richard Mundshenk 1053 Windsford Road Towson, MD 21204 Home (410) 337-9752 Associate and mail drop - runs ads in Bender publications and shotgun news.
  • Mr. Michael Fitzimmons 46 Vermillion Estates Pontiac, IL 61764-9186 Home (815) 844-6691, Fax (815) 842-0940 Associate and mail drop - runs ads in Barnes Review, Bender publications.
  • Dr. Frank Thayer, The Desert Group, P.O. Box 3136 Las Cruces, NM 88003 also Masilla Park, NM 88004 Home (505) 525-8485, Fax (505) 523-3948 Former live-in. Writes for Bender and Liberty Lobby. Has provided evidence corroborating Stahl to FBI/BATF.
  • Mr. Harry Cooper, Sharkhunters, P.O. Box 1539 Hernando, FL 34442 Stahl has written articles for his magazine under several aliases lots of stuff that corroborates his Gestapo Mueller Novel. Has provided evidence corroborating Stahl to FBI/BATF.
  • Mr. Hans Dietrich Strudelmeister, Der Bunker, 3805 Park Brookfield, IL 60513 Warned buy several people that this is a Stahl alias.
  • Mr. Henry Milz 1840 Huntington, #103 Hoffman Estates, IL 60195-2744 Home (847) 839-1417



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