Posted Monday, June 10, 2002

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[From David Irving's Telephone Log]


July 3, 1980

11:10 pm Telephoned Peter Stahl, in California, no reply.


July 4, 1980

00:22 am Telephoned Peter Stahl again. He still has not had time to look out the Himmler/Pohl letter of October 20, 1943. I urge him as politely as I can to do so and mail me a copy as soon as possible, as I am keeping very quiet about it until I have seen it and had a chance to make comparisons. I have so far discussed it only with the publisher of Hitler's War over here, who is of course as interested as I am. Stahl: "What are you going to do with it? Are you going to publish it?" I: "Once I am sure it is authentic, yes. But I have to be very careful that it is not an ancient fake." Stahl: "That is unlikely, if it was a fake somebody would have made some use of it. And it would not have been sold together with a pile of other junk."
    I asked if he still wanted the address of Robert E. Gutierrez in Albuquerque. He said now one of his men, an expert document collector who knew his stuff, had visited Gutierrez, had spent several hours with him, and had come to the conclusion that Gutierrez did not or does not have the papers. (I.e., the Hitler/Eva Braun correspondence and her diaries.) Not even when the man offered big money would Gutierrez budge. I said: "He certainly had them in 1945." Stahl: "He told four or five different stories he said he had had them, then he said he hadn't, then he said he now only had some letterheads." Stahl is sure the letters are still in possession of the Braun family. I disagree.
   Stahl asked: "Are you interested in the original document on Fall Gelb?" I said not really, as unlike autograph collectors I am less interested in the original paper than in its content, and that is known.
   Stahl then asked if I am interested in the papers of Karl Wolff. He is in contact with a document collector in Oregon who claims to possess what Karl Wolff "gave" the Americans in 1945. It includes things like Ritterkreuz documents, but also other materials. I said that does sound interesting, as in a 1946/1947 interrogation (Fall II, Erhard Milch) Wolff asked the interrogators why they did not check his diaries which were handed over to the Americans in 1945. Stahl says these papers well may be in the Oregon man's hands. "They contain a lot of handwritten stuff that he can't read, but with no swastikas, and if there are no swastikas collectors aren't interested in them."
   On Oppenheim (Hoover Institution) he said that he is still trying to get out the Mohnke diaries for me, and hopes his name will be mentioned on any publication of them. I said I would telephone him in a week's time about the Himmler letter, to remind him. He said: "By that time it should be in the post. I'll airmail it to you."

9:12 am Ion Trewin (Hodder & Stoughton) telephoned. I told him [...] of the Himmler/Pohl letter, but add that I am keeping quiet about it until I am sure it is genuine as it might just be a clever set up by the Jews to humiliate me. He agrees with that course. [...]

8:50 pm R. telephoned at length from Munich. Discussed [...] the Himmler/Pohl letter, which she is interested by, but suspicious of (as am I.)

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