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 Posted Thursday, September 5, 2002

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Mike Whinge, defence chief of the Loser WhingeBoard of Deputies of British Jews, gripped the witness box with arms shaking as he was put through a rigorous cross-examination on the vile, anti-Gentile, anti-Christian and pornographic contents of the Talmud.


September 5, 2002 (Thursday),
Little Rock (Arkansas) -- East of Dallas (Texas)

I SET out westwards at 12 midday and pause in Texas, east of Dallas. Mark Weber of the Institute for Historical Review responds to my query about the Fritzjof Meyer article in Osteuropa: "Frey's National-Zeitung dealt with it in a pretty good front-page item."

I reply that I would like to hear Professor Robert Van Pelt's take on it. If he now admits that Krema II and III at Auschwitz were not actually used for mass gassings, then I shall start a worldwide blitz on the media. That is precisely what I said at the Lipstadt Trial, over and over again: Probably no gassings at Kremas II and III (and Krema I is anno 1948, built three years after the war); perhaps some experimental gassings at the "bunkers" offsite. Proved right, but at what a cost!

I ask Weber: "How long have you known of the National-Zeitung article? I only noticed it referred to in Die Welt."

Reminds me of the L'Express triumph in 1995: It took me to wake everybody up to the significance of what the French journalist Conan had printed! I may do the same again now -- 20,000 printed postcards. But first we must learn more about Meyer: how astute is he?


MICHELE Renouf has won her battle against expulsion from the Reform Club in Pall Mall -- London's clubland. They were holding an extraordinary general meeting to adjudicate on demands for her expulsion from the club for "conduct unbecoming" for having invited me to dinner there, and for having written a Letter to the Editor the BBC omitting reference to Lipstadt's own racism in a radio programme on the trial. She reports briefly: "The Evening Standard Diary rang me, but I am obliged to say nothing on my winning the skirmish yesterday, over my expulsion from Occupied Pall Mall. Prof. Bob Worcester [CEO of Mori Opinion Polls] ably defended on free speech, and my submissions were 'forcefully expressed but mercifully minimal.' Helped myself to a Churchill's War and gave it to Bob for re-presenting" -- i.e. to the Club.


A RATHER less moderately worded message comes from British right-winger Martin Webster, announcing a different but substantial legal victory, won this time at the Leeds Crown Court, heartland of one of Britain's most Jewish regions.

I have toned down Webster's message content to make it legible without wincing:

Printer Tony Hancock has scored a marvellous and complete victory over the forces of [etc., etc.]

Tony was due to stand trial on Monday on two counts of "aiding and abetting" (i.e. printing) two items of literature for veteran [etc., etc.] campaigner Colin Jordan -- a leaflet, Jack Straw's Jewish Justice, and a booklet, Merrie England 2000, which were held to be "intended or likely in all the circumstances to incite racial hatred".

Mr. Jordan was not required to attend Court to answer to the substantive charges due to his age and ill-health, on condition that he ceased all political activity -- an outrageous imposition which he is contesting under European Human Rights legislation.

Yesterday (Wednesday) the Judge directed that the charge in respect of Jack Straw's Jewish Justice be dropped since the Crown Prosecution had not produced significant evidence as to distribution (i.e. "publication") of the item.

Today, after the Judge's summing-up, the (all-White) jury retired at lunchtime to consider their verdict in respect of Merrie England 2000. As soon as the lunch break was over they filed back into court to announce their unanimous verdict of "not guilty"!

In a few days time, when I have had an opportunity to interview Tony and his excellent barrister, I will issue a more complete report on this significant victory against an attempt, mobilised by the Loser WhingeBoard of Deputies of British Jews, to bring printers within the ambit of the Race Relation Law even though Parliament declined to amend the law to that effect.

This fuller report will give details of how Mike Whinge (left), defence chief of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, gripped the witness box with arms shaking as he was put through a rigorous cross-examination on the vile, anti-Gentile, anti-Christian and pornographic contents of the Talmud.

Webster believes that it was because the press had anticipated this vigorous defence strategy that not a single reporter was in Court, even though an adverse verdict could have led to a serious curtailment of Free Speech and a Free Press in Britain.

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