Posted Friday, June 28, 2002

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If memory serves, they were captured and forcibly spoon-fed large quantities of cod-liver oil. If nothing else, this will only have contributed to the longevity of the lunatic Left, as recent medical studies show. -- David Irving, on the methods that Benito Mussolini used to pacify his opponents.





June 28, 2002 (Friday)
Key West (Florida)

David Irving at Seattle

David Irving speaking in Seattle:

The "Adolf Hitler" portrait the protestor saw was actually a lifesized painting of Winston Churchill, the jacket of Mr Irving's book (below)

Churchill's War, vol.ii


Picture left: The huge crowd of protestors (three, in figures: 3) outside the meeting.

A FRIEND in British Columbia, and they are legion, tells me he found his car smeared with human excrement yesterday. That rings a bell, but I probably had other things on my mind. I should have mentioned earlier that on May 21, The Guardian ("Deathwish News", as I call it) reported in London as follows, after I spoke in Seattle on May 19:

Protesters dog Hitler historian's tour
Duncan Campbell in Los Angeles: Protesters met the rightwing historian and Hitler biographer David Irving in Washington state while on an American tour entitled The Problems of Writing About Hitler. Irving, 64, who lectures regularly in the US where he has a small but loyal following, is due to speak in San Francisco tomorrow and later in Sacramento and Salt Lake City. The locations of the meetings are kept secret until the last moment and people attending must show identification.
   On Sunday, in Maltby, Washington, protesters held 'No Nazis' and 'Not in our town' signs outside the building where he was speaking. Anti-Irving activists also
took photos of the cars and number plates [license tags] of those attending the gathering. Supporters of Irving were told to meet at a community centre via his website, Action Report online, which describes itself as a "human rights website", after the original venue declined to host the meeting.
   Kinuko Noborikawa, the co-chairwoman of Snohomish county's Human Rights Coalition, is reported as saying that she had photographed a poster of Adolf Hitler hanging over the centre's sign when she arrived. It was quickly removed. Irving is best known for challenging the extent of the holocaust. After losing a controversial libel action in London which he had brought against an American academic who criticised him, he was declared bankrupt in March.

protest demo at Seattle


Nice folks we are up against, Duncan Campbell's friends in the Pacific North-West, an' all. It is only two or three years ago that the accolytes of the Board of Deputies of British Jews dumped a quantity of horse manure on our front doorstep in Duke Street half an hour before we held a reception there; previously, they had confined the use of such substances to the pages of their "history" books.

And of course the famous photo of me outside the High Court in London on April 11, 20002, arriving to hear Sir Charles Gray's Judgment -- sealed until then -- shows me ducking under a hail of garbage being thrown by Lipstadt's supporters, mysteriously unhindered by the police officers on duty; the garbage they threw -- which hit the Washington Post's reporter whom I had thoughtfully positioned to my left -- echoed the Judgment's contents, of which they somehow appeared to have heard.

LipstadtThe excrement-dealers in Oregon and Washington went by the rather incongruous name of The Campaign for Human Dignity. When I spoke in Portland, Oregon before, they organised a gauntlet of mob-spitters to greet my audience as they arrived at the church hall where I lectured.

Impressed by their human dignity, London attorney Anthony Julius (clients: Princess Diana and the equally lovely Deborah Lipstadt, right) actually obtained an affidavit from their Führer, one Jonathan Mozzochi, for use in defence of Lipstadt; with more haste than dignity, Julius hurriedly withdrew the document when I pointed out to the Court that M. hid his address behind a post office box number (not permitted on affidavits) and, ahem, had something of a criminal record (which the Oregon police authorities were kind enough to supply to us).


NOW comes this report from a Canadian couple who actually drove me away from the Seattle hall in their car afterward, as no doubt several dignified camera shutters clicked):

As you know, my computer was mysteriously stolen from my home two weeks ago. At the time, I felt that it was probably a random act of thievery. Last Thursday morning, my wife was shocked to find that the windshield of our Volvo, parked in front of our home, had been covered in human excrement. An emptied plastic margarine container and paper towels were left on the boulevard beside it.

I now realize that both of these acts resulted from our attendance at the May 19 Seattle function. We suspect that our license plate number was recorded by the mob of protesters. I recall a young Chinese-American protester [probably Kinuko Noborikawa ] taking photos of us there.

There is evidently somebody in the British Columbia motor vehicles department willing to sell personal data on license tag owners to the extreme Left. HimmlerThe next time, of course, they may sell it to somebody brandishing something even more lethal than his own turd in his hand.

This episode gives a new meaning to the phrase "smear tactics". They remind any qualified historian of the methods allegedly used by Benito Mussolini to pacify his Leftist opponents; if memory serves, they were captured and forcibly spoon-fed large quantities of cod-liver oil. If nothing else, this will only have contributed to the longevity of the lunatic Left, as recent medical studies show. Heinrich Himmler's men were evidently more pragmatic, choosing Zyklon B and phenol in preference to other nutritional aids.


 [Postscript: Fabio Rossetti of Florenz, Italy, points out on Monday, July 1, 2002: "Unfortunately, it was not cod-liver oil, but castor oil, a bad tasting liquid used to ease constipation and induce vomit. It's toxic in high quantities, and reportedly some of Mussolini's opponents died as a result."


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