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Posted Saturday, September 11, 2004

Penniless: that has a chilling affect on most relation- ships. I later heard she had come to a very sticky end in the Ayatollah's Iran.

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September 8, 2004 (Wednesday)
Chicago (Illinois) - Denver (Colorado)

TAXI from Denver airport to downtown, $65, as I can't rent a car. Phoned Professor S., he will collect me at 12:15 pm. tomorrow for the first lunchtime talk on Adolf Hitler at the University.

An admirer writes: "You are speaking on the campus of the State University, a public building, you Nazi sack of sh*t. So even though you don't have the balls to post how to get in on here, you can't keep a free, tax paying citizen of Boulder, Colorado, out -- you Nazi bastard. I have first amendment rights too. -- Doug Pearl."

Since I am sure he mean s his views to be broadcast, I post his message with his email and postal addresses. I am sure other admirers will want to write encouraging letters to him.


September 9, 2004 (Thursday)
Denver (Colorado)

I slip into a deep, restful sleep. Alas, Benté phones from London at five-twenty a.m., having got her time zones mixed up.

Up at 7:10 a.m.. The Jewish Hater Douglas Pearl has already got his belly full now, as many have responded to him for his hatred-filled message to me yesterday. He pleads: "As I have received enough hate mail in less than 12 hours, I am asking that you remove my other email from your site." He adds, more menacingly, "I will be there in Boulder, right in front of the building to debate anyone. Unlike your Führer, I'm not hiding."

I reply: "I am always glad to debate anyone who observes the normal decencies, which includes eschewing the use of profanities; hate-mail, alas, begets hate-mail, and eventually" -- at this point I am going to type "begets Holocausts" when, perhaps fortunately, the "SEND" key is inadvertently pressed.

8:09 a.m. a phone call from Douglas Pearl, expressing hollow regrets for his bad language, and asking how he can "get in". I explain it is a public meeting. He then starts haranguing me, and I hang up on him. I now add this new phone number, from Caller-ID, to his details temporarily posted on the website.

At midday, S. comes to drive me over to local campus, University of Colorado at Devner (UCD). The students look very good, though their dress is casual in the extreme; after one young lady in a tight tank-top and skirt teeters past us on high heels, I say jokingly to the professor, "I see that UCD now allows hookers on the campus."

He replies in seriousness that, Yes, there are a few.

I speak until 2:15 to a packed class of his students, around forty-five in all, on problems of writing about Adolf Hitler, and the need to be on guard about sources, and skeptical at all times, and then I chat with a select handful of them until three pm. Irving works for John LaingNobody dies, though a couple of who have evidently had a more liquid than solid lunch look, uh, sleepy. The goodlooking young female sitting straight in front of me, in hot-pants and a tight top, fingers the "Birdie Spoon" attentively when I hand it around, and smiles and winks appreciately as they file out at the end.

I don't remember the young ladies at Imperial College in London being so attractive, or perhaps I was just inert then. Three thousand students of engineering, mining, and physics, and only thirty ladies, most, though by no means all, of them dogs: an exception was Avid Kazemi, from Persia; she was stunningly beautiful, and we went out once -- just once, because she found that I was penniless, and paying my way through university by working in the mornings on its reconstruction in the John Laing concrete-gang (right).

Penniless: That has a chilling affect on most relationships. Poor thing, I later heard she had come to a very sticky end in the Ayatollah's Iran.

Image below: Mr Irving with organiser Joshua McNair

with Joshua McNairSeptember 10, 2004 (Friday)
Denver (Colorado)

AT four pm Joshua McNair (right) comes to collect me, and drives me the twenty-five miles down to Boulder, at the foot of the Rocky Mountains; we carry some books over to the Hellems building at the University of Colorado and upstairs to the lecture theater. Heavy boxes, fifty-five pounds each, and nearly half a mile from car to hall. I am told that a small hostile mob of about two dozen people, mostly Jewish, has gathered outside but they are too late.

The audience trickles in slowly at first, fifteen by six-thirty pm (I joke that this is already three times the number I spoke to in Albuquerque in December), but by the time the talk is due to start at seven the auditorium is packed, with every seat taken and people young and old standing along the side walls too. Others are being turned away at the doors -- they wait outside in the hope that a seat becomes vacant. Spectacular atmosphere, and in my estimate the speech I then deliver is the best for ten years.

David Irving speaks

Doug Pearle, the hate-mail writer, arrives and again pleads for the (abusive and obscene) hate letter which he wrote to be removed from the website; I take pity on him and say I will do it on my return to Denver [and I do so at 10:51 pm].

Several Jews are dotted around the hall, complete with skullcaps and silver stars of David, though heavily outnumbered by the rest of us; and there is a small gaggle of them lining the back wall wearing identical orange (or are they Brown?) shirts; they carry an Israeli flag, I fail to see why.

I defuse their plan, whatever it is, by calling upon them, in front of the audience, at around 6:55 pm, five minutes before we begin, to make whatever demonstration they are planning now, at my invitation, rather than to wait until the rest of the audience is listening to me. This appears to have disconcerted them, and they shut up -- they file quietly out after about half an hour, seeing there is going to be no huntin' and fishin' for them here today.

Two demure Palestinian girls, one with a headscarf, sit in the front row, a couple of seats away from a glowering young Jew dressed in black with a yarmulke and a Star of David at his neck.

David Irving speaking


UNIVERSITIES -- these are the very best of audiences: lively, diverse, and alert. Half the audience have entered clutching the ADL's latest smear backgrounder on me, printed on yellow paper. I advise them twice that they need not take the document home -- they can already find it on my website, complete with hyperlinks to the items referred to in it. Since I have their attention, I then fill them in with a few facts about the ADL and its unsavoury boss Abe "The Grasp" Foxman, and its $65m annual budget to smear literary folks like Noam Chomsky and myself.

David Irving speaksTHE rest of their troublesome community completely fails to heckle, as I have very shortly built the vital "bridge" to the audience, and I am able to walk my Gedankengut across it to them; the listeners are, I venture to say, wholly or largely on my side by the time we finish an hour later; forty-five minutes of questions follow, most of them thoughtful, astute, and positive.

The Nick Berg anomalies particularly fascinate the audience. Afterwards one woman comes over to me and says that she watched the famous "decapitation" video several times on the BBC and other TV programs throughout the day concerned, and then spotted something distinctly odd: One of the five "Muslim" captors standing behind Berg was wearing a wedding ring: Muslims do not wear wedding rings. I tell her that The Sunday Times in London has published an article remarking on fifteen anomalies in the brief video.

Irving with Churchill bookBefore I leave, I give the last Lida Baarova "Goebbels" tape to Erica, a thirty-something teacher at a mixed-race school, who asks me for advice on what to tell her pupils about the Holocaust.

I advise her earnestly to stick to the curriculum, if she values her career. I give away two Churchills as gifts, one to an impoverished female student who shyly approaches with her boyfriend, and one to a rather reluctant police officer (three uniformed police officers have kept order); I guess he is a George W Bush fan.


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