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Posted Sunday, February 15, 2004


One dream helplessly illustrates itself with a black-and-white clip of rats scurrying out of a sewer, and gnawing at bags of wheat. I think the rat analogy is good.

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February 15, 2004 (Sunday)
London (England)

[. . .] I WORK until 1:38 a.m. on CHURCHILL, exploiting the Anthony Eden diary extracts, then stagger into bed.

I take three aspirins for a headache, and bad dreams result. Inevitably the secret thieving of my seized archives by Prof Deborah Lipstadt's "experts" is worrying my brain. One dream helplessly illustrates itself with a black-and-white clip of rats scurrying out of a sewer, and gnawing at bags of wheat.Jud Suess poster in Der Adler I think the rat analogy is good. Waking, I realise the "rats" clip was from Jud Süss, one of Dr Joseph Goebbels's more pervasively evil movie products released in September 1940 (which I hasten to add I have never seen); this particular clip has often been shown in documentaries about Nazi propaganda on TV.

[Postscript: somebody more expert on these things than I tells me the "rat" scene is from Der Ewige Jude (1940), not Jud Süss].

AT six I get up [. . .] and check the emails. There are already over fifty.

I find that Larry M. has emailed to me a story published in The Cumberland News in Northern England, two days ago. It reports that rats have destroyed the livestock of a David Irving in Cumberland. Larry comments, "Not you… but I thought you might appreciate this news story of David Irving's losses due to rats."

"Rats"? - El mundo es un pañuelo. I email him: "How extraordinary. I just woke (6 A.M.) and decided to add a comment about Lipstadt's rats gnawing at my archives tomorrow! And then I find your email."

The story reads:


By Natalie Wilson

TWENTY-SIX dairy cows on a Cumbrian farm were electrocuted after a rat chewed through a power cable.

Farmer David Irving, of Stubb Farm, Kirklinton, lost cattle worth tens of thousands of pounds in the accident, including some pedigree Friesian Holsteins, worth £1,700.

Mr Irving said he initially thought heavy rainfall had caused the accident, but on closer inspection, he found a rat had gnawed through the cable supplying electricity to scrapers used to clean the shed.

Mr Irving said: "The whole lot became live and the place was full of steam. There were nearly 60 cows down on the ground, and 26 didn't get up, basically."

The surviving animals were pulled out of the shed and have largely suffered no ill effects from the traumatic experience, which happened two weeks ago tonight.

"The rest seem to be all right," said Mr Irving. "There were no burn marks on them, just a few bruises."

He said he had a moment of panic when he was unsure whether the cows were insured but was relieved to find they were. He is planning on replacing the cows, to get back up to 140, but not immediately.

"We decided to go all milk last year," he explained. "We were just getting our numbers together and this happens."

He has installed an armoured cable and a circuit breaker to try to prevent a similar accident happening again.

An armoured cable with circuit breaker. Not a bad idea. Dein Wort in Gottes Ohr.


A SECOND email, from, illustrates two aerial photographs of Auschwitz taken on the same date in August 1944. Lo and behold one has clearly been tampered with, as it shows not one but two columns of smoke in the Krema V area (reputed to be where thousands of corpses of Nazi victims were burned in open pits), and one smoke-column is identical in every twist and curl to the single column of smoke visible on the new photo of August 23.

The question is, who has done the tampering. We are told no source for the second picture. If a genuine fake, so to speak, it would be the most dramatic proof of photo-forgery on Auschwitz photos, and would take some explaining away; this assumes of course that it is one of the villains who has done it, and not a "helpful" revisionist. Either way, I wish I had been able to confront Prof Robert Van Pelt with this one in cross-examination: it would have demolished, or at least diminished, the value of the air photo evidence he sought to rely on.


Susi Suess, a rat A THOUSAND-dollar donation has come during the night from a total stranger to help fund the next stage of the fight against Lipstadt's gang. That leaves me with only about eight thousand more to find. My worldwide supporters have been very good over the last few days. We may get her a small but private suite in Holloway yet.

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