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Posted Tuesday, August 17, 2004

I shall also toss free copies of that book over to New Zealand's foreign minister, the prime minister, and other parliamentarians, to leaf through in the corner into which they have deftly painted themselves.

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August 16, 2004 (Monday)
Key West, Florida

A SMALL German publisher is offering us more cash for two or three books. Based in Dresden. Next year is the sixtieth anniversary.

At 8:50 AM I send this to the New Zealand media. "I yesterday increased the size of the reward I am offering in the cemeteries desecration case to five thousand US dollars, as nobody has yet been charged. It will be money well spent."

At 5:40 PM Lindsay Perigo of Global News Radio in New Zealand phones, and does a five minute radio interview on my increased reward offer.

I say that I am encouraged by the fact that every New Zealand newspaper has now stated in editorials that while they do not necessarily agree with my views, they feel that free speech is too important a principal to destroy. He says that he has spoken yesterday with the associate minister of immigration, who has declared that nonetheless they do not intend to let me in. Peter Isaac of the National Press Club, whom he met this morning, says they are equally determined to invite me.

I remark that from emails I am receiving, the New Zealand public are baffled to find that a tiny community, amounting to less than one tenth of one percent of the population, is able to blackmail the government into acting against its own interests and instincts, not to mention its own Bill of Rights. Turning to the increased reward, he asks who I suspect are the culprits behind the two Wellington graveyard outrages.

I reply that I am not going to prejudice inquiries by expressing my opinions, but that people may well suspect by now who I feel was behind them. I have increased the reward, as it is plain that the desecration was not the handiwork of some spotty-faced twenty-year old skinhead; he would have had acquaintances who would by now have collected the reward. The culprits are evidently far more sophisticated than that, hence the heftier reward.

Will I be coming to the country in mid September, he finally asks. I say that I shall honour the invitation issued to me. I also have long-standing plans to work in the archives. The Government has five weeks now to decide whether they intend to bar my way, and face the consequent legal battle with its effect on the electorate.

I end by quoting Macaulay's Lays of Ancient Rome, on How Horatio Held the Bridge:

Those behind shout "forward"
While those in front shout "back!"

That is rather how it is with New Zealand Immigration. I intend to cross that bridge in mid-September, I conclude -- and thank him for giving me a hearing.

Another Kiwi MP, Marc Alexander, has now declared that I should not be banned. Tomorrow I shall send him a copy of my recent Churchill biography, so he can see what bigots David Zwartz, Dov Bing and all the others of that greasy ilk really are. I shall also toss free copies of that book over to New Zealand's foreign minister, the prime minister, and other parliamentarians, to leaf through in the corner into which they have deftly painted themselves.


August 17, 2004 (Tuesday)
Key West, Florida

I wrote to Michael Hoffmann two days ago: "Michael, we can provide a slot for you to speak at Cincinnati if you would like to, this Labor Day." He is a good speaker, if he limits his themes. His reply is unnecessarily brief: "Thank you, David, but this is not sufficient notice. Sincerely, Michael A. Hoffman II." Sniff. I reply, "Doesn't take me three weeks to prepare a speech."

I have received a lot of messages the last two or three days, with information on the intriguing question: Do cell phones work in airplanes (as per the official version of 9/11). It is more complicated than I thought: "cascading" come into it, and the speed at which the plane is traveling -- which makes it difficult if not impossible for stable contact to be established with the ground cells -- and the altitude too.

The informed consensus appears to be that while freak connections are not impossible, they would not last longer than one or two seconds at most before the call was dropped. A meaningful conversation would be impossible. How odd. I wonder why The 9/11 Commission Report does not mention this.

I have also received several messages supporting my dim view of the decline of the American motel system as their management falls into the hands of Asian families. Larry M. sends me a super BBC-Asia report which has found that sixty percent of the motels in the US are now owned by one Indian "family." That is a staggering figure. What a blight on the US tourist picture.


DURING the morning, Gary Redish [], a New Jersey lawyer who has written really offensive emails in the past, indicates that he is following what is going on in far-off New Zealand with a closer than usual interest. (Why?) He is evidently irritated by my having increased the reward to five thousand US dollars, and his email is headed, "Where are you getting the Five Grand from?" He comments grudgingly: "Pretty safe bet anyway -- why not offer 50k? Makes you look better, and you will never have to pay anyway."

I tease him: "That's the way the Jewish mind works, I guess. Let's see what shakes out of this; my guess, nothing: Mossad leaves few footprints."

Redish is outraged: "Jewish mind???," he echoes, adding more question-marks than I normally allow. "Here is your error in life. The fact that I am Jewish does not dominate my life -- most Jews I know feel the way I do -- I think of myself as a third generation American who happens to be Jewish --

"I thought of it purely from a business standpoint. Seriously, do you think New Zealand will let you in. I am a Liberal and frankly don't care if you speak to a few misguided souls in New Zealand. What's your thought? If they are not letting you in, am I right you won't be able to fly to New Zealand or will they stop you at the border [sic] and kick you out on next plane?"

Das liegt in der Zukunft dunklem Schoss, I would say gently to him in German; but I am not certain the Yiddish is similar enough.


FROM friends in Scandinavia comes a private email with a good suggestion: "I read that you have put up a reward for $5,000 US for the criminals responsible in New Zealand." Identifying himself, he reminds me that we lunched together in Copenhagen a year ago, and asks me to publish this item on my website (which I do herewith).

My friends and I have seen your reward offer for the criminals responsible in New Zealand. We would like to help there too, as the Jewish community in New Zealand seems to be too short of cash to offer a reward themselves.

From now on you can add $1,000 US to your reward.

We here all condemn such behaviour, regardless of religion or race, it was a disgraceful act. Let the dead rest in peace. -- Your supporters in Sweden

I respond: "That is very generous of you; I will add a notice to the website tonight." So, a six thousand dollar reward. Shortly, the Scandinavian adds a word of caution: "If too many people follow our initiative you must set a limit, of say $10,000. If the reward is too high, a lot of nuts will go to the police and confess that they did it."

True. That is why I limited the reward I offered in 1977, for wartime documentary evidence that Adolf Hitler was aware of the Holocaust, to one thousand dollars.

It has remained at that figure ever since -- and never been claimed. Historian A J P Taylor once called it "undignified", but it has really smoked out the scholars -- all those lazy experts who stated as fact that Hitler had been personally involved, and then found to their embarrassment that there is not a single contemporary archive document to support that view.

Had I offered ten thousand, then it would have become a viable commercial proposition to fake a document.

I have not forgotten how an Irish-Israeli gun-dealer named "Michael O'Hara" (his real name was Ze'ev Gideon Korwan) managed to fake a Heinrich Himmler document "identifying" a pistol that he owned as the gun Hitler shot himself with; the Irishman actually managed to plant the document in Himmler's files in the German federal archives, to "authenticate" the serial number of the gun he owned and was hoping to sell.

A CORRESPONDENT who monitors the New Zealand newspapers (I have no time to study them) informs me: "No word has been published of your increase of the reward to $5,000. You need to remedy that." Alas, I no longer sit at the levers of my Universal Global Press Control Panel, so there's not much that I can constructively do. He has however confirmed that the tiny new Zealand Jewish community is still only "considering" whether to offer a reward. "Where is the reward from New Zealand Jewry?," he mocks. "Do they not want the culprit caught?"

Evidently, ahem, not.

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