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Posted Thursday, May 5, 2005

Today Britain is going to the polls, and that sanctimonious, lying, salon-Socialist pratt, Tony Blair, will be re-elected with most of his Cabinet of freaks.

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May 3, 2005 (Tuesday)
Rochelle (Illinois)

THIS is on the edge of a vast Illinois prairie; beyond the hotel the road just heads off across a flat plain. Shades of North by Northwest: all that is lacking is the sinister crop-duster plane. Across the road is a Truck Stop, with hundreds of hibernating, driverless semis, throbbing all night. Just had a steak there, surrounded by steroidal truck drivers and their molls.

Food there is splendid, real steaks, real eggs, real potatoes (but no real butter, "No sir, we whip our own butter," says the waitress assigned to me; she is so unattractive that I don't even venture a suitably lame comeback.)

That Texas idiot phones with another harrassing call at 9:36 pm. When I mention police to him, he hangs up. Reverse search finds that (972) 841-1016 is a cell phone based in Grandprari, Texas, and the registered carrier is Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Texas. The next time, I will take it a stage further.


May 4, 2005 (Wednesday)
Rochelle - Bement (Illinois)

ONE Judith L Rakowsky reviews the latest Lipstadt book for The Boston Globe today. I write to O., who (among others) has emailed this literary Erguss to me during the morning: "Yes, every reviewer that I have seen so far has been Jewish; what a surprise. But I do not intend to provide Lipstadt with further free publicity. Her book will vanish. Mine won't."

Other emails have reported heaps of her earlier books lying unsold and remaindered and unwanted, around bookstore floors. Judith has dutifully written however that this latest book is "a gripping account of the 10-week trial, a taut page-turner". She is evidently easily gripped and tautened.

"She tightly weaves complex material through a nimble narrative." Even Judith is obliged to admit that by narrating the "story" in strict chronology, Lipstadt's book "carries the potential for bogging down the tale in pretrial tedium." (Remember the first official reviewer who, spitting out the Sahara sand, described the book as "having dry patches in parts"?) Like that famous old Curate's Egg, in other words.

But, as they say on Television, wait -- there is more:. The review adds one more name to Lipstadt's unsightly galère of financial backers -- not just Stephen Spielberg, Edgar Bronfman, et al., but also a Mr Wexner:

But it is that preparation phase that drives home how monumental was the trial team's task. It clearly needed money for expert analysis and raised most of the $1.5 million through businessman Leslie Wexner, head of the Limited clothing chain.

Now, I can't swear to it, but that sounds like another Jew. Talk about networking! As for "the $1.5 million" -- unless she has got the decimal point wrong -- why is she shyly concealing the true amount of money her gang poured into the London courtroom -- around thirteen million dollars all told (perhaps she is not aware of that), none of which they got back. Who lost?

The courtroom drama quenches the American reader's thirst for the idiosyncratic details -- the wigs, robes, and Byzantine procedure. Lipstadt even writes about the luncheon conversations of the trial team, down to the vintage wine from the law-firm cellar and the crustless sandwiches.

But, Wait, there is More! "The epic legal battle," continues a still gripped, tautened Judith Rakowsky, "was truly a lopsided duel of evidence. Irving, in his rambling turns as inquisitor and witness, tried to argue against Nazi documents that showed Hitler had read progress reports of mobile killing squads targeting Jews, and of meticulous building plans and permits for gas chambers and crematoria at Auschwitz."

There are of course no "building plans and permits for gas chambers" at Auschwitz or anywhere else, and I challenged Lipstadt back in 1994 at DeKalb Community College, Atlanta, to produce them: I offered her $1,000 (I waved the wad of cash at her from the back of the auditorium) if she could produce one such blueprint, or tell us Real Historians where one was.

But while the main contest was clear cut, Lipstadt's team had a greater challenge in showing that Irving was not a bumbling scholar prone to sloppy translations and miscalculations but an ideologue intent on obfuscation and distortion. That's how the kitchen sink of evidence came in against Irving, including a ditty he sang to his infant daughter: ''I am a baby Aryan / Not Jewish or Sectarian / I have no plans to marry / An ape or Rastafarian."

I am still not sure what the legal relevance of this nonsense-rhyme was to these proceedings, as she did not accuse me of racism in the book for which I sued her, and it was accordingly not pleaded. The poem was a restrained and private response, confined to my private diary, to a sneering caption beneath a photo published by a London smearsheet a few days before, of B. with myself and Jessica - THE PERFECT ARYAN FAMILY".

family in Florida

I phone B. at length in London. Has been up today, sounds better. Needs to pay another cheque to cover school fees. Getting tight again already!

I send this request to my lawyer in Kiel, Germany, to get a move on:

Ich möchte nicht zu sehr drücken, aber kann ich davon ausgehen, dass Sie die von mir verlangten Schritte wegen zeitiger Rückgabe sämtlicher Rechte an den vergriffenen Werken schon eingeleitet haben? Die Zeit vergeht, und es ist ja eine Zeitfrage, eine Fristfrage.

I find my cell phone in the car, its screen bleating about "missed calls". Over lunch at the Truck Stop I read the Chicago Sun-Times. It buries on page 80 a muted story about Hollinger International (its publisher), settling a lawsuit against its former directors for having thieved $50m of the company's money. The names seem familiar, including the Sun Times' own publisher David Radler.

The thieving gang's all here -- Henry Kissinger, Shmuel Meitar, Robert Strauss, Alfred Taubman, George Weidenfeld (Lord Weidenfeld, who published several of my own books). There is also a Leslie Wexner among those obliged to pay back the stolen funds. Now where have I just read that name before?

Oh yes, he was one of the gang of crooks who financed Lipstadt's defence, pouring funds into the English ancient High Court until the courtroom was heavy with banknotes -- stolen banknotes, as it now turns out. "Neutral" witnesses, paid off with half-million dollar "fees"!

The donors we know about include the American Jewish Congress -- now agonizing over the mysterious sluicing of millions of dollars of Holocaust money by its own boss to a secret Swiss bank account -- Stephen Spielberg (above reproach), Edgar Bronfman (not), Anthony Julius (who acted "pro bono" for Lipstadt after billing the Princess Diana Memorial Fund $2million for his first year's work setting it up), Marc Rich, a billion-dollar American tax fraudster now forced to live out of reach of extradition, and Trevor Chinn, a British tax fraudster also forced into exile to avoid imprisonment; and now Leslie Wexner too.

Now that Professor Deborah Lipstadt -- whose personal integrity is naturally above and beyond reproach -- must realize that she financed her defence with money stolen from US and UK taxpayers and Hollinger shareholders, I wonder if she will do the decent thing, and insist on paying it back?


I SET out at two, and drive quietly for hours across a dead flat Illinois prairie; the satellite navigation takes me through some idyllic little farming communities which I would not otherwise have seen. What a magnificent country this is.


May 5, 2005 (Thursday)
Bement (Illinois)

ONE more day of this little 15,000 mile highway journey left. I wake up, swaying slightly. Today Britain is going to the polls, and that sanctimonious, lying, salon-Socialist pratt, Tony Blair, will be re-elected with most of his Cabinet of freaks, according to the media.

The ineluctable decline of Great Britain, which began invisibly on May 10, 1940 and has proceeded for sixty-five years, will now continue: unemployment, mass Black or colored immigration and mass White emigration -- both of them denied or downplayed by Whitehall; the pollution of all that England's culture once had to offer, the ruination of the inner cities, the rise of gang and gun law, the proliferation of "recreational" narcotics, the despoliation of the country's wealth by foreign oligarchs, and the dispatch of our sons and grandsons into financially ruinous overseas wars fought at the behest of foreign warmongers who have somehow (Bribery? Threats? Blackmail?) entrapped the leaders of both our main political parties.

The Rake's Progress, personified by an entire nation. Will nobody save us, and put it all back together again? 

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