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Posted Thursday, February 10, 2005

He might not have got so many pieces of Gold in return. 'People lie when money is involved' -- yes, I may just possibly have said that.

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February 8, 2005 (Tuesday)
London (England)

BILL J. phones, has lost his cell phone, perhaps when he came to dinner; did it fall down the back of one of our sofas? I say it is not here. Wants to talk to me about making a Channel Four documentary on me [. . .] -- Okay by me, say I; you, I trust. He is one of the finest television documentary producers of the day.


February 9, 2005 (Wednesday)
London (England)

After taking Jessica to school, I vacuum the kitchen thoroughly (I spilt some sugar last night, or rather the washing machine did, when its spin-cycle vibrated the work surface), until There Comes a Great Tumult from Below.

Steve F. contacts me about Mike Liebermann's hate mail, posted last week on the website. I reply: "I had to explain to him that I have been subjected to an unceasing torrent of abuse and persecution from his people for thirty years; his letter will gradually disappear down the list, and people will stop emailing their views to him. I agree, he does seem to be learning that it is not a one-way street."

Grabert Verlag tell me they are publicising the new German edition of Dresden well. I reply:

Ich habe absolut und auch buchstäblich kein Interesse an dem Verkaufen dieses Dresden-Werkes bei Arndt Verlag, da Herr Munier den dazugehörenden Vertrag im August letzten Jahres mit einem Scheck bezahlt, den er sofort stornierte, sobald er Bilddatei und sonstige Materialien von uns dazu erhalten hatte. Wir haben einen Kieler Rechtsanwalt gegen ihn bzw seinen Verlag wegen dieses Betrugs jetzt eingesetzt. Schlimmer als damals bei Herrn Fleissner! Munier bringt ja nur den alten Schinken, wie es sich herausstellt, und nicht die neueste Fassung des Werkes, wollte aber sogar den neuen Titel dazu anheften! Was wir durch Androhung einer e V haben verhindern können. Vorn und hinten ein Betrug.

5:30 pm: It seems that Biddles, our old printers in King's Lynn, have now found the production-film for my book "Goebbels. Mastermind of the Third Reich" after all. That is good news. For three months they did not even answer our letters, and it took a letter from our lawyers to get this admission. We could not have replicated the film for the colour photos very easily. But I may still choose to reset the text of the book, as there are substantial new matters to put in. It has already run through two editions and been out of print for four years.

To conclude a generally pleasant day, the IHR forwards this unexpected message for me from C-Span Television, one of the major serious American and global networks: they are considering covering Deborah Lipstadt's book, "History on Trial," and "we'd prefer to balance our coverage by giving Mr. Irving some airtime as well."

That would really [tick] off the traditional enemy of free speech. "Balance their coverage?" Give me airtime, as well as the world's greatest expert on the Jewish Holocaust?

I reply at 9:26 pm: "Dear A.,

that is very civil of you to want to balance your coverage. More on that in a minute. But: How come you never covered such items as Lipstadt's pressurising St Martin's Press in April 1996 to violate their contract to publish my Goebbels biography, the result of eight years' work by me in the Moscow KGB and other archives? (Prof Gordon Craig subsequently described that book in the most glowing terms in a six page review in the New York Review of Books -- a book you could not, and still cannot, buy anywhere in the USA!) It had already been selected by Doubleday Inc.'s History Book Club as their Book of the Month for May 1996.

That is just one reason why I loath Deborah. Her calling me a "Holocaust denier" is another (if you read the Goebbels book, "Goebbels. Mastermind of the Third Reich", you will find I go into previously unknown detail about the mass shootings of Jews on the eastern front, but I am still "a Holocaust denier".)

Interesting for you perhaps, I have put all my books on the Internet as free downloads, and will eventually put all the foreign translations up there free too: I am not sure it makes sense, but my gut instinct is that it does! By the way Deborah L will do all she can to dissuade you from giving me a fair hearing, even if it means losing publicity for her book. Just to warn you of what you will let yourself in for.

2. You already covered from start to finish a talk I gave in Washington DC about three years back. You (C-Span) also filmed a lengthy interview with me at our stand at the BookExpo in New York's Jacob Javits Center in about 2002. You were kind enough to broadcast that interview several times.

3. Now to timetable: Yes. I shall be visiting the USA [...] and doing a lengthy road tour lasting two months, speaking in many cities. Topic: The Real Adolf Hitler of History.

Later, I add a postscript: "Early in March I shall be speaking at a location in Atlanta, which is of course on Lipstadt's doorstep." She replies that the timetable sounds perfect.


SIMULTANEOUSLY with completing work on the reprint of Apocalypse 1945: the Destruction of Dresden, I have burrowed further back into time, scanning our surviving negative albums to disc. The Nikon SC9000 makes a soft snoring sound in one corner of the room, taking five or ten minutes to scan each frame: in a piece of digital wizardry, it makes an extra "pass" in infra-red, deleting every speck of dust and scratch on these old films.

So in effect I am traveling back through the early 1990s -- when I first met B.. She is so beautiful in those photographs, travelling with me in South Africa and the United States. One hostile Leftist magazine later published a photograph of her and little Jessica, both gloriously blonde, and added a sneering caption about "Aryans." I responded silently with the little Edward-Lear-type rhyme about Rastafarians which provided such glee to the enemy when they found it in my private diary.

Here we are now, thirteen years on, and her beauty is undimmed. One benefit of spending most of the last eight in a darkened room.


February 10, 2005 (Thursday)
London (England)

TODAY a Canadian sends me a link to an item published yesterday in The Times, London. I had missed it. I can seldom be bothered nowadays to read newspapers, they are so passé, so last-century.

The Times diaryHimmler is Irving's next choice of hero

DAVID IRVING, the Holocaust denier, is planning a new book to try to restore his reputation -- on SS chief Heinrich Himmler.

Irving, speaking in a Mayfair coffee shop a week after the moving ceremonies to mark the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, said: "I am not interested in survivors -- survivors lie. People lie when money is involved."

The disgraced historian, who was bankrupted after being branded a Holocaust denier by a judge in a failed libel action, is now planning the biography of Himmler, who was an architect of the Final Solution.

Irving, who is also writing another book on Winston Churchill, said: "Because of my reputation, a lot of private collectors, particularly in the United States, came forward and gave me access to material which no one else has seen.

"I have read 200 letters written by Himmler to his mistress between 1938 and 1944 which are very revealing.

"I am deliberately holding them back until I am released from my bankruptcy on March 5. Otherwise it would be seized (by the receivers)...they will be a fitting climax of my career."

Will the Himmler book be positive about the SS leader? "It asks the same interesting questions that I got into trouble for asking about Adolf Hitler," said Irving.

Irving lost his 2002 libel action against Deborah Lipstadt, an American academic who said in her 1994 book that he had misinterpreted historical evidence to minimise Hitler's culpability in the Holocaust. Mr Justice Gray ruled that Irving was "an active Holocaust denier, anti-Semitic and racist" who had "distorted historical data to suit his own ideological agenda".

I send it to Alan H. in Warsaw -- my preferred expert on the Reinhardt camps and Auschwitz:

"You'll enjoy this, it is the product of that smooth young a++hole who came and sat next to us at Starbucks a few days ago. Lesson: Avoid the Press like the plague."

They squandered over Six Million pounds (of mostly Jewish money, as they admitted) in the High Court to get that fancy label of Holocaust denier pinned on my tail; and now they're getting value for money. Schoolboy name-calling is the best they've got, and I am not afear'd of them.

One would have thought that if the evidence was as pikestaff-plain as they maintain, they would not have needed to spend Six Million pence, let alone pounds. And is this Lipstadt female the best champion they can produce? Ho! She sat throughout the whole court proceedings for three months, too frightened to open her mouth even once.

As for the article, I recall mentioning to the young gentleman-journalist in Starbucks one sentence in a letter Himmler wrote to his mistress in July 1942 -- he was just about to set off on a three-day tour of Auschwitz, Lublin, etc.; he added without explanation that there were some ugly things he was required to do, but he did them for Germany's sake. click to donateNow, if our coffeehouse visitor had put that bit in, it might have skewed the picture that his editor wanted. He might not have got so many pieces of Gold in return. "People lie when money is involved?" -- yes, I may just possibly have said that. 

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