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Posted Thursday, November 15, 2007

Even if he wasn't a denier, he gave the deniers leverage, Lipstadt said of [David Irving]. He was the most dangerous of all deniers because he had an outside reputation other than being known as a Holocaust denier.

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November 13, 2007 (Tuesday)
Windsor (England)

UP at 7:30 a.m. Who was Roswitha Baas? I stumbled across this name while brooding during the night, while deliberately trying to recall, with difficulty, the name of Bettina Frühsorger: in stages, bit by bit, and there she was -- Roswitha Baas tripped into my memory, but I have no memory of who she was, other than that she was whatever she was around the late 1950s.

A Midlands university student tells me: "Just a quick note to let you know that a group called 'Unite Against Fascism' will be holding a demonstration on 14th November with regards your talk in Coventry. They are meeting at Coventry Cathedral at 6 pm. I have removed all posters pertaining to this demonstration from the University of Warwick campus as such a 'demonstration' seems rather less than helpful."


ANOTHER American Jew in the Manhattan atom-bomb project (or should that be "Jewish-American"? One is so concerned not to be labelled an anti-Semite) turns out to have been a traitor.

The International Herald Tribune reports: AN AMERICAN 'REGULAR GUY' WAS A RUSSIAN TOP SPY. I email the link to Alan in Warsaw: "Funny, we were talking only Saturday about all those Joos who have dual loyalties, and turned into spies for their fellow Joos around the world. You seemed dubious. Still? -- Hope to see you again soon. You're a regular guy."

Professor Arthur Butz emails me on the shocking case of James Watson, the co-discoverer of DNA, now in purgatory because of his remarks about the perceived intellectual capabilities of Blacks:

The case of Nobel laureate James Watson recently being sacked for thought-crimes is notorious.

Less well known is that in 2003 there was a small controversy over whether or not Jewish researcher Rosalind Franklin, who worked in King's College in London while Crick & Watson worked at Cambridge, should be given some credit for discovery of the double-helix structure of DNA. Examples are the Chicago Tribune, 26 Feb. 2003, and Forward, 18 April 2003.

It happens that Watson published an article, on the persons involved in the discovery, that appeared in the recent Sept.-Oct. issue of Technology Review, published by M.I.T. just before his affair broke.

In Watson's account, the crucial x-ray photos did indeed come from Franklin's lab, but she had missed the crucial points, perhaps because she refused to have a collaborator, notably Maurice Wilkins also of King's, who was forced to work independently of her. Watson remarks:

"Rosalind Franklin would have seen the double helix first had she seen fit to enter the model-building race and been better able to interact with other scientists. If she had accepted rather than rejected Maurice as a collaborator, the two of them could not have failed to realize the significance of the monoclinic space group."

Watson concludes his advice to young scientists with the recommendation "Work with a teammate who is your intellectual equal [but] In general a scientific team of more than two is a crowded affair."

Today Watson is a non-person and I assume that no comparable journal would publish an article by him as it would upset the savages, black and white. The intelligent layman will have to do without Watson henceforth. Despite our amazing technology, we are in an age of intellectual blight.

I reply: "Thank you for that insightful piece about Watson, Arthur; a lesson for us all in there -- keep speaking forthrightly, regardless of the personal consequences. We owe it to humanity."


Hear David Irving speak in British cities. Register interest 
Next city Halifax: buffet and talk, "What did Winston Churchill really know about the devastating air raid on Coventry?", 7-10 pm


November 14, 2007 (Wednesday)
Windsor - Coventry - Windsor (England)

I WORK all morning completing [... and] email the whole caboodle to them at 2 p.m.

Two p.m I drive up to Coventry, via a very crowded and fretful M1 motorway. I read up my papers on the 1940 raid at a service area, then arrive at the rendezvous at 4:30 pm. Bob and Mark come at five pm with the rented transport. Bob shows me a pocket-sized gadget he has imported, essential for an evening such as this: electronic-counter measures -- an Israeli- made device [...for] the evening's location, a Greek restaurant. All very illegal, I presume.

Nearly all the guests who have booked in advance arrive, as anticipated -- we lost only the Mitchells -- including one late booker who made his reservation online only at one pm today.

Mark came via the Cathedral area, where the UAF are staging their feeble protest at my presence: he says there were fifty to sixty milling around there with banners. Must have been a chilly evening for them.

The tables were full to the last seat... In fact I am doing it as a matter of principle: I cannot be silenced; I can't be bought, and I can't be bought-off, as I told them in conclusion. I return via the M40 motorway past Oxford and through Maidenhead -- much faster. Back home at 11:50 p.m.


November 15, 2007 (Thursday)
Windsor (England)

KENT State University newspaper (USA) reports on Deborah Lipstadt's latest talk: she's still dining out on her trial reminiscences, seven years later. A subtle innovation this time:

"Even if he wasn't a denier, he gave the deniers leverage," Lipstadt said of the England native. "He was the most dangerous of all deniers because he had an outside reputation other than being known as a Holocaust denier."

Uh? Run that past us again, would you, Deborah? Even if he wasn't… A rather late admission to bleat, thirteen million dollars of your Hollywood friends' money later, and after you have smeared my name from one end of the world to the other.

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