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Posted Saturday, October 27, 2007

I am making plans to print an English edition of the Prison Memoirs. I would call it A Pilgrim's Progress, but that title has already been taken.

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October 26, 2007 (Friday)
Windsor (England)

AT ELEVEN-THIRTY a.m. I phone the Deutsche Bank: Frau Rohrberg is now on the ball and says things will go through smoothly.

I then phone British Telecom, a Scots man checks and says they gave been unable to deliver the Broadband start-up package to us, as the address is "not known." At least he's not in India, and we both laugh. I straighten him out. . . At 12:45 pm the Broadband stuff is delivered. The package was addressed to "Parcelforce" instead of Parforce UK Ltd. For ten days they sat on it and did not bother to tell me.

Alas, the Broadband equipment they have sent fails to connect to Broadband and I spend two hours on BT assistance lines; they test the lines, before they agree to send a replacement. What a wasted day.

At 5:15 pm I have to drive the twenty miles to Hammersmith, Starbucks, therefore, to go on line as usual. Time is getting very tight. I find that Stuart has e-mailed to me a link to the Birmingham Post which prints a report about this evening's meeting, "City date for far right historian." Our intention is not to be deterred from holding the meetings

The article is heavily funded with information from the "far left", who are determined to disrupt. Notably, the newspaper has made no attempt to check up with me on the accuracy of its statements. "CONTROVERSIAL Holocaust denier David Irving is planning to appear in Birmingham city centre this evening," it begins. "The author and historian is hosting the buffet dinner talk entitled Who dug the grave of the British Empire - Hitler or Churchill? between 7pm and 10pm at a secret location -- believed to be a hotel near Broad Street.

IRVING was jailed last February [2006. IN FACT NOVEMBER 11, 2005] in Austria for denying the Holocaust [untrue] and was sentenced to three years for a speech and interview he gave in the country in 1989 [true].
   During the speech he dismissed the Auschwitz gas chambers as a "fairy tale" [untrue] and questioned the existence of extermination camps, which breached Austrian law.
   However, his appeal was upheld by a judge, saying the crimes were a long time ago and that Mr Irving had undergone an "impeccable conversion" [untrue] and he was released from jail in January [untrue. December 21, 2006]
   The Unite Against Fascism group has already arranged a protest against Friday's Birmingham talk and it's calling on Brummies to support the protest.
   They want people to meet up near to the ICC on Friday, from 6pm, in a bid to find the event and to protest outside. The group has already launched a petition, which is attracting support from trade unionists, politicians and religious groups.
   A spokesman for the UAF said: "We are appalled that David Irving, the convicted Holocaust Denier, intends to speak at a secret location in Birmingham. We want people to join us in protesting against the plans and we want the venue, possibly a hotel, to withdraw its support.
   "We believe that his vicious comments are an affront to the memory of the millions who died at the hands of the Nazis and bring shame on a city that allows him a platform.
   "He has been banned from Germany, Australia, Italy, Canada, Austria and New Zealand and was recently jailed for Holocaust denial [untrue] in Austria.

Now, isn't that handy, the way that Leftist journalists smuggle into a news story not only opinions but also details of when and where to meet to Smash Irving? Of course the newspaper's Schmierfink adds this quotation from the thugs: "We fully support freedom of speech, but we cannot support the promotion of ideas that directly led to the death of millions. No business or institution that offers him a venue can reasonably expect the city or the citizens of Birmingham to look favourably on it."

That's a nice little threat isn't it: support Free Speech of which we disapprove, and we'll put you out of business. Money. You won't eat in this town again. Money, money. Those Nice Folks Next Door unwittingly unmask themselves every time -- almost. Money, money, money.

Sarah SalzmannIn Birmingham this evening it is surprisingly chilly, much colder than in Windsor. I hope the Leftist masses have wrapped up well. At 6:40 pm there is a BBC Midlands news crew on Broad Street, complete with the obligatory Black reporter. They are covering a story about memorial plaques, and if I am under their very noses they don't see it -- and if that doesn't get up the noses of the traditional enemy, nothing will.

The hotel -- I never know where I am, as Stuart, who handles our security, always whisks me in and out by car -- has agreed to deny that any function is going on -- just like in Denver, Colorado, where Sarah Salzmann (right) and her thugs waited all evening at the Marriott at the International Airport, their banners furled and fists clenched in anger, disbelieving the hotel staff who told them politely they had never heard of us or our meeting.

Back to Windsor on a fast motorway. At eleven-thirty p.m. S. phones briefly from the Midlands, to report. He remarks that "judging by the amount sold it looks like Irving books are a good gift this Christmas."


TO my surprise the BT router's green "Broadband" signal lamp has stopped winking, so it has established a connection. With difficulty, I stay online until, I realise, five a.m. -- Aaargh! It was a slow connection, up- and download speeds of around 40 - 60 Kbs, nothing near the "up to 8 Megabytes" we are paying for.


Hear David Irving speak in British cities. Register interest 
Next city Coventry November 14, 2007, buffet and talk, "What did Winston Churchill really know about the devastating air raid on Coventry?", 7-10 pm

October 27, 2007 (Saturday)
Windsor (England)

THIS old house (mostly seventeenth century) is getting surprisingly chilly at night. The router 's Broadband signal lamp has started winking again, there is no Broadband again. I am beginning to suspect that the British Telecom system is hugely overloaded and there is just not enough bandwidth for this region, and they don't want to admit it.

I am making plans to print an English edition of the Prison Memoirs, which has been a huge success in Germany and Austria, with some stores ordering 200 copies, says Dmitrij Grieb of ZurZeit. I would call it A Pilgrim's Progress, but that title has already been taken.

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