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Posted Friday, July 25, 2008

Never be photographed with a glass in one hand is one well known basic rule for a public figure; to which I must now add another - nor with an enthusiastic re-enactor in SS uniform.

Above: David Irving speaks after dinner near Washington DC

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July 29, 2008 (Tuesday)
Raleigh (North Carolina)

WE set out at four pm in the white Avis truck for the Raleigh talk location, but our GPS leads us on a wild goose chase along the I-70 and eventually we have to ask locals, who send us five miles back into the town. It is not an ideal location -- a Golden Corral restaurant concession. It has what they gaily describe as a meeting room, which is complete with a loudspeaker booming canned music into the room and open internal gables letting all their sounds in and my sounds out.

Four bearded biker types decide in good time not to allow me the pleasure of their presence; one gentleman asks me innocently if he can have a photograph of himself in Waffen SS uniform standing next to me, which apparel he has brought with him in his car outside. He is serious enough, but I with no less gravity point to the disadvantages that such an image may cause in Washington, as it may well encourage fateful misunderstandings.

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Never be photographed with a glass in one hand, is one well known maxim for a public figure; to which I must now add another - nor with an enthusiastic re-enactor in SS uniform.

As I begin to speak, a gentleman whom I do not know plonks a midget tape recorder in front of me on the table -- I dimly recall that a male voice this morning on the phone asked if I will permit recordings, and that I replied that, as stated in our invitation letter, these are not permitted; but that when he pleaded in a pleasant enough voice I relented, "but purely for personal use, and not for further dissemination." I thought no more of it at the time, and I do not do so even now as he seems like a White man and a scholar, as less politically correct Englishmen might still exclaim.

Raleigh group
Above: In Raleigh, North Carolina, a group remains behind for questions: the suspect pair are the couple in the white and yellow shirts, back to the camera, at left.

After my talk a group remains behind for questions -- including a good looking young man, Ben, with his truly fetching fiancée, who proudly displays to me her new ring. They were in my audience when I last spoke at Cary, NC, I recall, which must have been soon after they had just first met.

Ben Elam and fianceeThe usual slow discussion is soon overtaken on the outside lane by some sharp questions posed by the bearded gent who has accompanied The Recorder and who has sat with him behind me throughout the talk.

From his first question it seems he is the son of, or grandson, or at least a beneficiary of, the Holocaust and its industry.

"Do think a Holocaust happened?" he snaps, and follows with other questions of the same ilk. He bristles visibly when I suggest that its victims were in part the architects of their own misfortune, and that something of the same fate may yet, and most regrettably, befall their brethren in the United States, since they seem to be committing much the same errors.

suspects hide from cameraI apologise of course for the bluntness of my replies, but I say that this is not a proper subject for euphemisms and circumlocutions. Their business evidently done, the two men, who have not until this moment seemed to be working in tandem, scoop up their mini-recorder off the table and stalk out together, half an hour before the evening ends. Not much doubt about their credentials, then.

All very interesting. G. confirms that they sneaked in without paying the registration fee; no surprises there; and she adds the interesting detail that the less beady-eyed of the two, in the white shirt, has held up a copy of my new book Banged Up to prevent her photographing his profile (above). Which would appear to put him firmly in the Mossad galère. Nice folks and, as said, in a way the contributing architects of an entire people's poor repute.


 Can any North Carolinians identify these two gentlemen? We will add their names and thereby hope to render them useless for further espionage missions...

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