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Posted Tuesday, June 2, 2009

PERHAPS corruption is not a bad thing in the long run: it keep Very Important People's minds occupied with constructing duck-islands, dredging moats, and porn movies, rather than with exterminating populations.

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May 31, 2009 (Sunday)
Windsor (England)

AT three p.m. the guests start arriving for this year's summer garden party.

Irving with Hitler's stickAdolf Hitler's walking stick -- given to him in the 1920s by philanthropist Carl Bechstein (it has a tiny "CB" branded into its handle) -- has arrived here yesterday on its progress to its final owner in New York. Hitler, Goering with walking stickI show it with proper caution to a few of my guests. [This website negotiated a seven thousand dollar deal for its sale.] Many photos show him walking with it on "his" mountainside above Berchtesgaden.

Fifty or sixty friends pack onto the terrace behind the house. An interesting discussion develops, covering much ground in history, before I begin my real talk around 5 p.m. on The Nazi Leaders and Westminster -- "which were the more corrupt?" (It turns out that Heinrich Himmler was the least corrupt financially of all -- so perhaps corruption is not a bad thing in the long run: it keep Very Important People's minds occupied with constructing duck-islands, dredging moats, and watching porn movies, rather than with exterminating populations.)


Hugo H-T, who has helped me with the Himmler research in the archives, tells me he was a British diplomat in Berlin at the time of the mysterious death of Rudolf Hess in August 1987. I did not know that.

He handled many of the incoming and outgoing telegrams covering the matter, and the subsequent cover -up. The "suicide note" was a particularly mysterious document, he says. Most of the traffic between Berlin and the Foreign Office concerned the rapid demolition of the Spandau prison building, for which plans had long been prepared. A big Jewish firm was one of the major demolition contractors standing by. Most of the prison building had been left untouched and untended since the war, with just the rooms actually used by the prisoners and the Four Power jailers being occupied.

It was considered to be a fine example of a 19th century Prussian prison, and there were groups who asked that it should be preserved as such, but the British, in whose sector of Berlin it lay, wanted it torn down immediately.

They allowed two professors of architecture to tour the building under escort before it was demolished, but they were not allowed to take photographs of the actual cell block.

Hugo Hag-ThomasLower down were the death cells in which World War II soldiers sentenced to death by by firing squad had awaited their fate. The walls were covered with sad graffiti pencilled or scratched into the cement - "I went AWOL and now I am to die". H-T (at left) and others tried to have at least these walls preserved, but they too were broken down under heavy guard and the remains carted off to a large hole somewhere in Germany, where the rubble was buried and turfed over (like Himmler's own remains somewhere on the Lüneburg heath).

The unused prison chapel at Spandau was a ghostly relic -- festoons of cobwebs and the dust of decades hanging in the dark space, and the shrivelled carcasses of pigeons lying on the floor and pews where they had toppled through holes in the roof.

As for Hess's death, says Haig Thomas, he stepped out of curiosity into the container in the garden where it was said to have occurred. This was Hess's "hut in the garden". It was difficult to fit the official account of the death into it. The only way that an aged, crippled man could have hanged himself was to hook a flex through a fixture of the fanlight window cut high up into one side. The guard on duty that day was the one American whom Hess could not abide, a Negro.

After the area was cleared, the usual tasteless German supermarket was erected on the site. I talked a bit about the Berlin prosecutor, and how the F.O. had told him to stop investigating the Hess death. That was Detlev Mehlis, but I could not remember his name until later.


June 1, 2009 (Monday)
Windsor (England)

Up at 7:45 a.m. after a night riven with coughs and sneezes and aching limbs. Hey ho.

Nice emails: 'Thanks for the work,' writes Hannu K of Sweden, donating $50. And Jan writes:

Thank you so much for your visit to the PC-asylum called Norway! It was a victory for you, and for the truth, that's for sure. Your visit was as though a window was opened and fresh air was streaming in for the few hours you were here.

The PC-people over here are very frustrated now, I can confirm that. Notably a PC-monster like the 'bishop' for the new 'Holocaust-temple' in Oslo -- the Holocaust Center -- which by the way they have located in Vidkun Quisling's former residence. His name is "professor" Odd-Bjørn Fure (left). He has been slandering you and lying about you for years now.

You have a link about "Norwegian Center for Holocaust Studies chickened out of TV2 debate". That is correct, but you don't reveal who the chicken was. Mr. Fure is the chick who chickened out of TV2 debate.


From Down Under comes this from Mike Newcombe: "Dear Mr Irving,

Just a word of encouragement and congratulations on a well conducted interview with the Norwegian TV station,TV2. Your points were made very well, you were calm and controlled and not fazedd by the predictable questions from a primed and hostile (though not overly-so in this case) media. I pray for the day we have a fair and unbiased media but that may be a long time coming.I think civilisation has reached a critical point of unreason.

"We silent majority." he concludes, "applaud those prepared to speak up."



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