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Posted Thursday, June 4, 2009

Needless to say, Kisiel's editor had to pay up when confronted with his journalist's lies and forgery. His employers will have to pay up even more if The Daily Mail's legal department does not shortly respond.

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June 4, 2009 (Thursday)
Windsor (England)

THE Daily Mail has evidently once again been furtively looking at my website for inspiration.

Hugo H-T sends me a heads-up. The newspaper's same unprincipled reporter who wrote libellously about me two months ago is raking around for muck once again. "Just had the Daily Mail on the telephone. They tried to get me to confirm things I'd not said, or to say things I did not believe, mostly in connection with your talk on Sunday. I am afraid I did not get the man's name but he said he was of Polish origin."

"Kisiel?" I ask. Yes, he replies, after inquiring further, Ryan Kisiel.

That was the gentleman who boasted that no Fleet Street newspaper would ever pay me for anything; which was rather late in the day for him to say, given the sums they have paid me in past years.

Daily Mail pirated imageHaving uttered which boast, Kisiel stole a photograph (above) off our copyrighted website, of Heinrich Himmler's 1938 christening gift to Hermann Göring's daughter Edda, and published it in the Daily Mail a few days later -- falsely labelled with a "Getty Images" watermark (right: Daily Mail), in a cheap attempt to avoid paying for this violation of our copyright. The Getty archives of course confirmed to us that they did not own the photo and had not supplied it to the Mail.

Needless to say, Kisiel's editor had to pay up when confronted with his journalist's lies and forgery.

His employers will have to pay up even more if The Daily Mail's legal department does not shortly respond, as required under the Pre-Action Protocol on Defamation, for the libels contained in Kisiel's article, which implied inter alia that I knowingly "authenticate" fake Nazi memorabilia as genuine. I shall allow his newspaper a proper time to respond, after which they (and Kisiel) will get what they deserve.

H-T, as I recalled in my last Radical's Diary, was one of the few men to have poked around inside the "hut" in Spandau Prison, Berlin, in which Adolf Hitler's deputy Rudolf Hess was found strangled to death in 1987. The Daily Mail of course dutifully called it suicide.

Hugo tells me:

He [Kisiel] asked about the research I did for you on Himmler (because, I said, I was interested in the subject and familiar with Foreign Office files) and why I "associated with" the sort of people who went to your talk (I said I hadn't the faintest idea who the other people were, nor did I care; I had gone to listen to your talk).

He also tried to get me to confirm you were loopy (something to do with Hitler's walking stick).

I said that, if anyone disagreed with your arguments, they should counteract with facts, not by character assassination.

I asked where he got his information (and misinformation) about your talk. He said he had spoken to someone who had been there but, of course, wouldn't say who that was.

All this will be familiar to you. I look forward to hearing you talk on the 13th.

When the Mail reporter pressed H-T again to say that he thought I was "loopy" -- what a delightfully old-fashioned word that is -- the former dipomat replied, "I know nothing about David Irving except what I read in the newspapers. And you can't believe them, can you?"


Below, Spandau jail and a British sentry.

LATER today I get another e-mail about the Rudolf Hess case, from "John". That is one of the benefits of being "notorious" and so easily accessible via the Internet.

Only a week ago somebody sent me, out of the blue, a complete copy of Heinrich Himmler's missing 1940 diary. When I was in solitary, in that Vienna jail in October 2006, I watched powerlessly as the hitherto unknown diary passed across a Munich auction block for 25,000 euros; the auctioneers told me, with a sigh, that they were not permitted to copy it for me.

My friend now writes: "I was wondering if you were still researching Hess? The reason I asked was that I was in Berlin at that time and was in Spandau Prison when it was being knocked down. I was under the impression that Hess had committed suicide until I saw the garden hut and the scene. It was obvious that something was not right, and the story did not add up. I took some photos and put them away for twenty years until I heard about your book. I never knew that someone else had suspected murder until recently.

"Did you know that the sentry box was right next to the summer house, which was glass from top to bottom across the whole of the front. The sentry always took a close interest in Hess, as it was not that many who actually saw him.

"The sentry was locked in by the guard commander and had no way of leaving. Military orders are very precise and the prison wardens orders would not have allowed him to let Hess out of his sight, and his peers would not have asked him to return -- as he claimed -- to take a phone phone call.

"The flex was too stiff to tie a slip knot in and too long to hang from. To die hanging from that windowsill with that flex someone must have pulled his feet.

"If you ever want to write a book on his murder please get in touch."

I certainly shall. I doubt that journalist Ryan Kisiel will. His relationship to Real History is a distant one, akin perhaps to that of the vampire and the Holy Cross.


 Photo by David Irving: From the archives of the Royal Army Medical Corps.

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