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Posted Tuesday, September 8, 2009

THE Lilliputian enemy are hard at work hacking away at my shins, which some of them can just reach up to.

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September 6, 2009 (Sunday)
Windsor (England)

A QUICK online search indicates that El Mundo has still not posted the interview on their Madrid website. Ho-hum. [Our website has now posted the interview in facsimile and text and English translation].


September 7, 2009 (Monday)
Windsor - London - Windsor (England)

The Xerox document scanner is playing up again. Several people sent me the review by Robert Harris of a book on Somerset Maugham in yesterday 's Sunday Times.

He was reviewing a new Somerset Maugham biography by Selina Hastings and wrote

Hers may be the most favourably disposed biographical approach to a generally acknowledged monster since David Irving wrote Hitler's War. That does not mean it is a bad book: far from it (nor was Irving's, for that matter).

Robert HarrisOne correspondent comments: "Funnily enough I've always found RH to be complimentary about your work (and rightly so). I remember a review that I still have for your Goebbels book in 1996 that was very favourable too."

I reply: "Very considerate. Yes, I have known Robert Harris (right) since he was a Cambridge [England] student in 1977 and think highly of him."

Ghent University cancels plans for a September 30 function . . . Not unexpected. I send a grumpy reply: "You have to appreciate it is very difficult for me to hold a date open, which effectively compromises the whole month for me - I cannot plan for example to go to the USA if I have a date fixed so far ahead. When you have completed your own preparations, contact me again about a future date, but not before then."


A BLOGGER going by the name Morris Herman asks to film an interview with me for YouTube, and we set up a webcam interview at 3:30 pm. He has an American East Coast accent. His very first words are: "Mr Irving, you are renowned as a Holocaust denier and --"

I interrupt mildly to suggest that whatever people may say, I am not a Holocaust denier, as anybody who reads my books or interviews knows. He persists doggedly with the same remark, not once but twice, and in consequence suddenly finds himself with a blank screen in front of him. "This interview is over," are my parting words.

If you expect to get a personality to give you free time for an interview which you will no doubt market in some way, it is a good idea not to start off by insulting him. (The real professionals leave that to the very end, after they have got what they want with honeyed words and overtures.) Why should I waste my time on such twerps. He phones in feigned distraction a few minutes later, and begins again -- he has been misunderstood, etc.: "All I know of you is what I read in the Press, you are a Holocaust denier."

The press. The journaille. Precisely. "The Holocaust is a matter of utter disinterest to me," say I. "It may be of central interest to the Jews but it is not to me. Goodbye."

A millionaire industralist from New York emails to cancel our Windsor luncheon at the end of the month: "I'll fill you in later." I reply: "That's fine, D., and nice of you to keep me informed so swiftly. Hope it was nothing serious."

No doubt the New York press has picked up the clamour about Israel and El Mundo. The interview was unfortunately rather tendentiously, i.e. unhelpfully, edited -- no reference for example to the actual numbers I had said were killed in 1942 and 1943 in the "Reinhardt" camps.


INTO Eton to post the mail, then straight into London to fetch Jessica for supper. She begins with the words: "I have a confession to make…"

I say I can suspect what it is (the crystal candelabra) and she confirms it straight away. It was that July evening out here with the girls, while I was away in the western USA; it toppled onto the floor and smashed into a thousand pieces. I am so proud that she decided on her own to come clean. The two thousand pound bauble is unimportant compared with this fresh proof of her good upbringing. I tingle with quiet pride all evening. . . She is a very well balanced teenager.

I report her confession in a brief glowing text message to B.; the predictive text conveys the tragic object only as the candle bra and I get a puzzled message back; I tell her again how proud we should be of our daughter.

On the way back to Windsor I pause at The Swan, last earthly stop for many a condemned man before the gallows on Tyburn Hill. K. asks what I am going to do about The Mail's fresh libel. I say that three or four newspapers will now face an action in Defamation, though they may not yet know it: The Guardian, The Times, The Mail, and The Daily Telegraph and perhaps even the Jewish Chronicle. They are all throwing the same mindless slur at me. I shall first ask Counsel's advice, and particularly on whether they and their writers can be treated as joint tortfeasors, in one cause, since they are all repeating the same libel, though on different occasions.

Euphoric about Jessica's confession, I drive back to the big house.


September 8, 2009 (Tuesday)
Windsor - London - Windsor (England)

THE Lilliputian enemy are hard at work hacking away at my shins, which some of them can just reach up to. David Frum, left, President George W Bush's fleshy-featured little speechwriter, is one; he reminds me of that disrespectful line by our own beloved comedian Spike Milligan on a chat show about the Jewish interviewee sitting opposite him, "Was your face always like that, or did a tree fall on your head?"

Last night Frum took a swipe at my shins on CNN. Needless to say, I was not there to respond.

One would think that the guy who invented the slogan, "The Axis of Evil," which has so far cost the lives of four thousand US servicemen and not a few of our own, would seek to shrivel into the kind of frozen turd he is and vanish up his own asshole for the next hundred years or so, but he is still swaggering around.

Two minutes into the CNN item he remarked about Van Jones, a Barack Hussein Obama appointee who had raised questions about the September 11 atrocity, "Look, denying the truth about 9/11 is not an intellectual mistake. It is an attempt to shift the blame for one of the worst crimes in history from the people who did it to the people who suffered. It's not unlike Holocaust denial in that way."

Something ponderously goes click in the little turd's brain, and four minutes later he says not once but twice, "He acted as the David Irving of Al Qaeda."

Van Jones, the unfortunate Black target of this Dr Goebbels of the old White House, is also not there to defend himself, but that's the way the media work in a Free Society. (Perhaps I am being unfair to Goebbels in comparing him with Frum.)

As for the phrase "one of the worst crimes in history," Frum is skating very easily over others like Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Dresden, the Ukraine, the whole of World War I, and other episodes too numerous to mention -- but each of them several orders of magnitude worse than September 11: or were the denizens of Wall Street and the Pentagon worth more per head in his eyes than the victims in those other locations?

In the afternoon a good letter comes from the US embassy.


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