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Posted Tuesday, July 14, 2009

She is emotionally in a bad state and I try to calm her in my usual tactless way -- I advise her that when she blubbers she looks awful.

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July 3, 2009 (Friday)
St Louis -- Kansas City (Missouri)

Don B. has written: "Have you seen Albert Speer - Conversations with Hitler's Architect by Joachim Fest (Polity Press, Cambridge 2007)? I received a copy yesterday, and there you are in the index. The subject is an 'argument' about a 1944 Berghof episode which you had with Fest during a dinner at the Breidenbacher Hof. Fest states that [Field-Marshal Erhard] Milch intervened. I thought Fest's description of it rather silly.

With Speer and the erstwhile Field-Marshal Milch at the "Breidenbacher Hof". Nicolaus von Below, Hitler's air force adjutant, the historian David Irving and Johannes Gross also there.....To avoid any problems, Siedler gave a little speech himself as soon as we were seated in the far corner of the restaurant that Speer had reserved for us.....Later, an argument between Irving and myself. Irving claimed something like exclusive rights to an episode related by von Below (Hitler's farewell to the Berghof in mid-July 1944); I was not supposed to use it in my forthcoming biography of Hitler. He was loud and boorish, and then he repeated his well-known thesis. He insisted that he was the only historian of the Hitler period who worked on the basis of the sources; all the rest were just 'copiers'. Speer tried to mediate but did not get far until Mlich called over to Irving in a peremptory tone: 'That's enough now !' Irving immediately fell silent and started to fiddle with the food on his plate.

I reply: "I can only guess what it is about, Don. Joachim Fest and I got on very well with each other, but I guess he flipped after a while. Read chapter 22 of my draft memoirs. Also this draft:

I received a phone call from Maria von Below, the wife of Hitler's Luftwaffe adjutant. Fest's book, she related, described the episode she had related exclusively to me, of Hitler's farewell tour of the Berghof and its paintings on the eve of his flight back to East Prussia on July 15, 1944. Fest had puzzlingly ascribed it to an interview with her. "I never gave him any interview," she exclaimed, baffled. "Gnädige Frau," I replied, "that was Herr Fest sitting opposite us both at that luncheon at the Breidenbacher Hof in Düsseldorf, when you told me the story. He eavesdropped," "I would never have spoken with him," she apologized.

Don agrees: "Well, this doesn't sound like the 1970 luncheon you referred to. Nor can I visualize you "fiddling with the food on your plate". Perhaps Fest was enjoying the wine. The entire thing is microscopic but what can be said of 'true history'?"

I reply: "Very interesting, how Fest has bowdlerised it in his memory. That was the only dinner we ever had. Maria von Below told me the Berghof story as she was very close to me and my then wife; she loathed Fest, and was astonished to find the use he made of the overheard anecdote."

One of my watchers sends me this Internet smear-piece by Rose City Antifa: DAVID IRVING'S HOLOCAUST-DENIAL SPEAKING TOUR: THE SHOW THAT MUST NOT GO ON. This probably explains why there has been rash of fake registrations in the last few days. I identify three possible troublemakers.


WE leave St Louis on the dot of 12:30 after I coach Jae on the importance of strict timekeeping on tours like this, and arrive in Kansas City at five p.m. after a pleasant drive all afternoon across Missouri's rolling green hills and vales. Her driving is safe enough, and she is trying to stop crossing her hands on the wheel, the point which has cost previous assistants their job, at least as far as driving is concerned.

I check my laptop and find to my surprise that nineteen have registered for tonight's function, which is far too many to pack into our little suite as done last year. Jae arranges to hire the Kansas Room, which holds twenty round a boardroom table. After setting up the books she reappears wearing a cute white tennis-style outfit ....

The Jewish newspapers and leftist bodies are stirring against me and what they call my "fundraising" tour.

From London, K. reports on a vintage car sold to me by a supporter's widow:

I have been to see the Rolls -- it is fine and things are progressing -- the wood cappings for the doors had been sent off for refurbishment and had arrived back today - looking brand new.


July 4, 2009 (Saturday)
Kansas City (Missouri)

UP at 8 a.m. and down to the hotel restaurant for breakfast. Long lines, mediocre food, and many Blacks in the hotel. In the afternoon we buy a Magellan GPS system for the car; we shall return the other, the Garmin, to Avis -- it is not good enough. The Daily Mail has published a really weird story about Hugo H-T, a guest at my most recent garden party in Windsor. H-T has been an invaluable researcher for me, but I had no idea who his brother in law was (the new chief of MI6, the British Secret Service)

Jae throws a tantrum because I will not stand for her sitting in the passenger seat with her iPod earphones leaking tinny music of dubious symphonic value at me for the next ten thousand miles (she bought one of these fiendish instruments of torture today).


WHERE IS DAVID IRVING SPEAKING IN THE USA THIS JULY? Contact us: Apply for details. Register at the door, or cheaper online [link].


July 5, 2009 (Sunday)
Kansas City (Missouri)

David Noonan asks: "I've seen several photos that show fire hydrants at Auschwitz. Are these from the war period or later additions? Apart from a statement from Bischoff relating to proposed installations, I can't find any definite proof that they were present. Do you have any links that could point me in the right direction?"

I reply:

I had the clear impression the hydrants were wartime-built. Why else have a string of hydrants across an otherwise virtually open terrain with just ruins of huts etc? And there were also clearly air raid shelters including one-man shelters for sentries.

Jessica [youngest daughter] reports: "Hi. I cannot text you as I have no credit .... I broke up from school on Friday. The weather here is much too hot. Where are you now? Lots of love xx"

I reply:

I will mail more cash to you tomorrow. We are at Kansas City for three days because yesterday was their Big annual holiday. ...

I speak tomorrow in Oklahoma City, which is 366 miles from here -- we will set out early in the morning if Jae gets up early enough!! Got a lot to do, running these functions. The bookings are up 100 percent on last year ... But these "dead" days cost a lot.

I yesterday bought a GPS satellite navigation system for $270, as Avis was charging us $15 a day for one that was useless and over 30 days that would have cost ... well you can do the math yourself. I took the Avis one back yesterday to the airport.

Jae is a good safe driver and tries very hard to please me. She is learning not to cross her hands on the steering wheel.

K. has spotted the Daily Mail story: "Seen the Mail today?" I reply: "Yes I put the link on my website yesterday. The Mail are very canny now about how they deal with me; they know I have a libel dossier building on them. Of course I never met H's brother in law, and never discussed it with him. He is a rara avis, and I don't mean the car rental company."


July 6, 2009 (Monday)
Kansas City (Missouri) -- Oklahoma City (Oklahoma)

A LONG day's drive ahead. We leave around ten a.m., slightly later than planned.

Poor Germar Rudolf got out of prison in Germany yesterday. I received this from Yvonne Faurisson:

Après trois ans et huit mois d'emprisonnement en Allemagne, l'ingénieur chimiste allemand Germar Rudolf, 44 ans, auteur du célèbre "Rapport Rudolf", a été libéré hier et a dû retrouver à la porte de la prison sa femme américaine et sa petite fille de 4 ans. Reste à savoir s'il lui sera possible de retourner vivre aux Etats-Unis: son premier souci sera donc de se rendre directement au consulat américain le plus proche afin de recevoir son visa d_immigrant... Croisons les doigts pour lui!

At seven pm Oklahoma City. The Red enemy is trying hard to find the locations. A "Jamie Smith" phoned today, but he had come online earlier and given us a false name, address, and email address!


July 7, 2009 (Tuesday)
Oklahoma City (Oklahoma) -- Amarillo (Texas)

Virtually no breakfast, as we find that the LaQuinta hotel here has cleared it all away on the dot of nine a.m.

We drive over to the Oklahoma City National Memorial erected after Timothy McVeigh's deranged bomb attack on the Alfred P Murrah Federal Building, which killed 168 including a lot of children in April 1995.

I remember the day vividly, watching the horrifying TV images of firemen carrying the bodies of infants out of the building. The memorial monument here is, for once, a fine and tasteful piece of inspired architecture -- two towering slabs of black about fifty feet tall standing at each end of a long, shallow reflecting pond about an inch deep. The site of the former Federal building is now a grassy embankment, a gentle slope dotted with 168 symbolic empty chairs of brass mounted on glass plinths bearing, just visibly, the name of the victim commemorated.

We talk for some time with a Park ranger, Michael Washington, who is pleased to discuss all he knows -- what happened to Terry Nichols, McVeigh's accomplice -- the only one? -- sentenced to life imprisonment and his wife (she divorced Nichols) -- and how the cops caught McVeigh: driving without license tags, wearing a concealed weapon for which he was arrested and still languishing in jail two days later, within an hour of his arraignment and presumably release on bail.

How incredibly stupid -- almost as though he wanted to be caught and have his day in court and the attendant limelight. It reminds me of the Arab who truck-bombed the World Trade Center - and went back to the truck rental depot to claim a refund on his deposit.

Anthony LermanI have never forgotten how Anthony Lerman (right) of the Institute of Jewish Affairs in London issued a press release claiming that I had supplied the trigger mechanism for the McVeigh bomb! It took me weeks to find out that he was behind this sickening smear. By that time it had been repeated by McVeigh's attorney Stephen Jones (left) on Sacramento television and the Associated Press spread the lie worldwide. McVeigh's attorney later apologised to me.


LATE in the afternoon we set out along Interstate 40 on the two-day drive to Albuquerque, pausing at Amarillo, Texas, for the night: A new Holiday Inn Express, with the ghastly new energy-saving lamps everywhere -- deathly white as though in a clinic, and shedding only half of the light of old style bulbs.


July 8, 2009 (Wednesday)
Amarillo (Texas) -- Albuquerque (New Mexico)

AT Albuquerque's Sheraton by 4:50 pm local time. There is an email from one of the self-appointed editors of the Wikipedia online encyclopedia, who appears willing to go the extra mile to establish true facts:

I have heard this claim made in the media and online, and I am interested to know if it is true or not. It appears from my reading of the court transcript that the words "Mein Fuhrer" were part of a list of quotes that Mr. Irving was reporting to have heard at a rally, not an address to the judge. Could Mr. Irving or one of his representatives please confirm whether (accidentally or otherwise) he did call the judge "Mein Fuhrer", or if the court transcript should have indicated (with quotation marks) that Mr. Irving was repeating a statement he heard?

Here is the relevant excerpt from the court transcript (http://www.hdot.org/en/trial/transcripts/day32/pages191-195) :

"When the off-screen chanting of slogans begins at 18:18:59 I am clearly seen to interrupt my speech, shake my head at them and gesticulate with my left hand to them to stop, and I am clearly heard to say, "You must not", because they are shouting the "Siegheil" slogans, Mein Fuhrer, and things like, "you must not always be thinking of the past". I am heard clearly to say: "You must always be thinking of the past. You must not keep coming out with the slogans of the past. We are thinking of the future [voice emphasised] of Germany. We are thinking of the future of the German people. As an Englishman I have to say ...", and so on. So I am quite clearly expressing extreme anger at these people who have come along with their Nazi slogans."

Here is the Guardian UK article in question: http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/2000/apr/12/uk.irving1

I greatly appreciate any factual clarification you could offer on this issue, as I would like to remove this claim from the resources I have access to if it is incorrect.

I reply at 6:19 p.m: "True is that the Judge accidentally addressed me as "Mr Hitler" and apologised halfway through the trial. Before discussing the [other] matter closer I would prefer to know who you are and what your resources referred to are..."

Later he explains:

I am an American that makes a hobby of editing Wikipedia (I am not an official Wikipedia or Wikimedia representative), I have never corresponded with you or been involved in any matters related to you before. I noticed that the Wikipedia articles on you and the Irving v Penguin Book and Lipstadt case both included the claim that you had referred to the judge as "Mein Fuhrer," which struck me as questionable. This originally came to my attention because this fact was highlighted in the "Did you know...?" column on the front-page if Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page).

I investigated by checking the cited Guardian article and the court transcript, and in context it seemed likely to me that there was a misunderstanding based on a misreading of the (admittedly unclear) court transcript. I brought these concerns to the attention of Wikipedia administration, and the "fact" was deleted from the Wikipedia front-page. I subsequently deleted the statement from the other two articles I mentioned, located here:



In the interest of factual accuracy, I was hoping that you could confirm whether in the following sentence:

"I am clearly heard to say, "You must not", because they are shouting the "Siegheil" slogans, Mein Fuhrer, and things like, "you must not always be thinking of the past"."

Were the words "Mein Fuhrer" part of a list of statements you were reporting to have heard at the rally, or were they in fact referring to the judge (perhaps as a slip of the tongue?) as reported in the Guardian article?

If you confirm that these words were NOT being used to address the judge, I will add information to that effect to the on-going discussion regarding the editing of these pages. In that case, I also think that this would be an interesting case to examine the way that false information spreads through the Internet without being adequately verified, so I may elect to write something more on that subject.

Thank you once again for your time.

Eventually I decide to send him the whole unedited diary entry which I wrote on that day, warning that it is a copyright document.


A correspondent, Dick Fuerle, writes: "I found this in Wolfgang Junchen's book Truth and Justice Versus Lies and Hatred: "The British historian David Irving found irrefutable proof in the London achieves that the infamous gas chambers of Auschwitz, Treblinka and Majdanek were the brainchild of the British war-time propaganda apparatus."

I reply:

Like many a journalist, he has taken an opinion expressed by me many years ago and multiplied it, and turned up the volume, hue, contrast, and saturation controls until I barely recognise it myself

We are at the Albuquerque Hyatt at 5:50 pm and spend an hour setting up with grand help from the hotel staff, whom we tip heavily. Those who have pre-booked for this little soirée pick eagerly over the books on the table in the private room at McGrath's. One registered guest is missing, a Matthew Foster. He has given us a fake phone number, it turns out. I suspect he has been the Jewish mole in fact and, sure enough, after a while, a black-haired witch is standing outside our room's open door brazenly brandishing a mobile phone with its camera-light on, filming those inside for a few seconds before a waiter puts her out onto the street, like an inadequately house-trained bitch which has piddled on the carpet.

I finish my talk on the breaking of the Nazi codes, and what Real History can learn from the results. We are preparing to leave, when a small delegation of her friends invades the restaurant with a loudhailer screeching 1930s slogans about "Fascists," "Nazis" and the rest. I think they have rather lost the plot. Jae has gone to fetch our gray Expedition from the parking garage. An Albuquerque cop, who tells me afterwards he used to be one of New York's finest, soon puts the trespassers to flight.

The Hyatt management could not have been more decent towards our little seminar. I shall certainly return. Seems they set more store by free debate and research than these juvenile pea-brained morons who march around with banners.

The total Albuquerque Left, as hired by the large local ADL chapter, appears to have mustered five souls, rather fewer than came to hear my discussion; they have also taken it in turns to phone abusive messages to the hotel manager, from what he tells us afterwards. These five pious if disheveled Lefties could do with a bit of a stimulus package -- delivered with a righteous boot up their backsides.


July 9, 2009 (Thursday)
Albuquerque (New Mexico)

PHOENIX tomorrow, and we have a lot of pre-registrations.

A friend of my London organiser writes: "... We can have several people at the Sacramento and San Francisco events." I reply: "They should not be conspicuous but available if needed." I add: "We had minor problems already here last night at Albuquerque and are stepping up our pre-emptive security."

Daughter Paloma, house-sitting in our big house in Windsor in our absence, reports: "... By the way, Adam and I got struck by lightening! It was pouring with rain two days ago, Adam and I were heading off to Sainsbury's. He dashed into the car (barefoot!) and I asked him to throw open the driver's door for me to avoid getting too wet. No sooner than I ran into the car and shut the door that a bolt of lightening hit the car on my side. It missed me by a nanosecond. Someone was watching out for me that day!"

I reply: "So far the tour is running at a loss, should change tomorrow at Phoenix, but a ten hour drive until then. Not nice to be hit by lightning, we were chatting with a guy a week ago who actually was hit. Says it's like being stung by bees. I guess you both used up one of your nine lives."


FROM 5:23 p.m a twenty-minute phone call with Sidney G. at his workplace in this city. After initial hesitation he warms to the theme, and we have a very friendly conversation lasting half an hour or more. He recalls his late father Robert Gutierrez showing them the Eva Braun things, and their late mother being horrified at the EB dress -- Eva was tall and very flat-chested, and his mother was short -- and he and his siblings and father all regarding the whole thing as evil, and they had searched the attic when those people came, as they did, asking about the papers and (he mentions the writer from The New York Times with the suitcase and a million dollars in cash) making substantial offers for them, and again after his father died, there was just a cedar chest left by his mother and nothing like what Ursula Göhler had described, just the those items, and even if they had found the EB papers, and diaries, they would never have accepted the million dollars that was offered, they would have wanted to be rid of them just like that. They had lived a very impoverished existence in his youth, so there were few places where the EB documents etc., could have been hidden in their modest home.

His father was in the CIC and postwar U.S. Army Intelligence; his father once contacted the Pentagon who just told him never to speak, not for any specific reason of any documents' classification but simply because that was the easiest course all round. His father told them anecdotes of a prisoner whom he personally took off a trainload of prisoners in 1945, while Bill Conner mounted guard on the track outside; Ursula Göhler had accompanied his father along the corridor, until she finally picked out the SS officer he was looking for. I confirmed that she had told me she had a lifelong guilty conscience about such an episode, which had led to the betrayed officer's execution.

Yes, the name Conner does ring a bell, but the last time his father spoke with Bill was in the 1960s or 1970s. Toward the end, his father was aware he was gradually fading away with an illness, and just wanted to live out his days in peace without all this aggravation about the Hitler/Eva Braun papers. Sidney himself had never seen anything of them. He wonders why Ursula told this story, which gave their father such little peace. So -- that's that. A forty-year search comes to an end.

I dictate the names of Willi F Korte, Konrad and Spacil to him, and I give him the URL for my Gutierrez dossier; but I warn him that it will take up much of his time reading it.


July 10, 2009 (Friday)
Albuquerque (New Mexico) -- Phoenix (Arizona)

A JOURNALIST, Stephen Lemons, writes to me:

I'm a reporter for the Phoenix New Times (www.phoenixnewtimes.com), a free, weekly alternative newspaper. I recently read online that you will be in Phoenix this Friday July 10 as part of your tour of the U.S. I would like to interview you while you are in town and cover your appearance, if possible.

Though I do not accept the more controversial elements of your writings, I find the curtailment of your free speech rights to be abhorrent. I assure you that I would quote you accurately in my coverage, as well as link to your Web site.


WE drive all day across the desert from Albuquerque and arrive at Phoenix at the hotel at five pm. There is already a largish number of people waiting for me. The Arizona heat outside is intense, over 110 degrees F. We garage the Expedition several hundred yards away, in case trouble starts. This proves provident.

Two men phone at 6:02 and 6:33 pm, 602 565 8332 ("Steve Coletti") and another, asking tonight's location. One is clearly a mole, as the enemy almost at once begins badgering the management with phone calls, and turns up in some force an hour later. The management are very friendly to us, and call the police as soon as the screaming mob invades the outer restaurant. A very good and attentive audience.

The fat, sweaty, and annoying Lefty journalist Stephen Lemons -- where do "they" get these names! -- has turned up with the mob outside, and members of the audience who know him warn against having any dealings with him, saying that he has been the death of several people he badmouthed. I deny him entry to the room before my talk, even though he offers to pay. I find myself wiping my hand dry after he shakes it. He snatches photos of me as I walk past the open door.

The mob are still hanging round outside, and attack one elderly, crippled member of my audience as he leaves. Car tires have been slashed, and some vehicles vandalized. I slip out of the back kitchen entrance to escape the mob-friendly journalist Lemons and his pernicious camera, and walk across to the hotel with the Bristol-born police commander, who is in plain clothes; he has been over here since he was a nine year old.

A very satisfactory evening, but I shall have to tighten security even further.


July 11, 2009 (Saturday)
Phoenix (Arizona) -- Las Vegas (Nevada)

UP at 7:15 a.m. The odious local journalist has sent this email to Jae:

Stephen Lemons here with the Phoenix New Times. It was lovely speaking with you today. You're a very intelligent and charming representative for Mr. Irving. He's lucky to have you on his team.

I know Mr. Irving was not happy with the presence of the protesters, and so it did not seem likely that he would grant me an interview by the end of the evening. You'll recall that I asked if I could take a photo of you and Mr. Irving together, but you declined based on Mr. Irving's temper at the time. I ended up getting a photo of Mr. Irving taking books to his car. It's not a very flattering photo, I'm afraid.

I'd much rather get that smiling photo of you two together. I know you leave Saturday morning. So I'd like to invite you to breakfast or lunch, my treat. In turn, perhaps I could have a conversation with Mr. Irving about the trials and tribulations of his American tour.

In the parlance of American football, this is called a Hail Mary pass. There will be no other coverage of Mr. Irving's appearance in Phoenix, as I was the only reporter present. I did speak with some of those leaving about Mr. Irving's remarks. But I would rather get my story straight from Mr. Irving, if possible.

If I don't hear from you by noon Saturday, I'll assume that you and Mr. Irving have declined my invitation.

He is right.

One of last night's guests reports on Lemons: "The New Times is an extreme Left-wing alt. newspaper; it is a free throw-away, and is wholly supported by its advertisers. I'm sure he's written something offensive about more than a few people in the room last nite. I really don't like being referred to as a Nazi, neo-nazi, etc., as I am gay, and it makes it impossible to get along in the gay subculture to which I must go for friends and potential partners."

We set out from Phoenix around ten a.m., and reach Las Vegas as the sun ahead is just setting. We have willingly allowed the gigantic spectacle of the Hoover Dam to delay us. I have taken several photos of cactuses and Jae, to aid my investigation into which is the more prickly.

I invite Jim Mc. to dinner at the Paris, our treat. He picks us up at eight pm at the Wynn Tower Suites where we have tomorrow's function -- thanks to a friend's generosity. The suite is huge, cavernous, and impractical -- no coffee equipment, only one queen-sized bed (they eventually bring a rollaway bed for me) and eye-watering charges for the Internet. I far prefer the little wayside motel where the trunk of the car is ten feet from the head on one's pillow.


July 12, 2009 (Sunday)
Las Vegas (Nevada)

A POOR night on the rollaway.

John Boyle emails: "To David Irving: Seems to me the terrorists were there in advance of your meeting [in Phoenix]! What security do you have for your [California] attendees?"

I reply: "The gangsters [in Phoenix] attacked a crippled old man who left my meeting early, a really nice supporter I have seen many times, before police could protect him, and they also damaged car tyres. But this evening in Las Vegas we had a good meeting with no problems at all."


July 13, 2009 (Monday)
Las Vegas (Nevada) -- Salt Lake City (Utah)

I GO online briefly before the Internet's 24 hours runs out at 9:30 a.m. I am puzzled to notice that my "USA applicants" file has been "modified" at 2:40 a.m., local i.e. Pacific Time, an hour or more after I went to bed. I left the laptop open all night. Hmmm. Food for thought.

We set out from Las Vegas at 10 a.m. and arrive at the hotel in Salt Lake City at six pm local time, after an all-day drive over 500 miles. Beautiful, magnificent, breathtaking scenery. Wonderful mountain passes, of which Jae takes a lot of photos.

Jae has gone online and found that the slimy reporter Stephen Lemons in Phoenix has published a horrid article -- and that the Internet blogs are carrying photos of her and obscene, threatening, and literally murderous remarks about her. That alas is how the Jewish Left behaves.


WE HAVE several confirmed reservations for this evening's talk . . . They are all Mormons, quiet, decent, and respectable; how unlike some Jews this clean-living sect is. I deliver a quiet lecture on the Enigma codebreaking topic for an hour; DD gives us a donation, and we just about break even. That is the way it goes some days on a countrywide tour like this.


July 14, 2009 (Tuesday)
Salt Lake City (Utah)

A. REPORTS on Simon Sheppard et al., the Heretical Two: "This afternoon the Court of Appeal (Richards LJ, Jack J and HHJ Baker QC) gave leave to appeal against conviction on all the Internet counts, but refused leave to appeal with respect to the hard copy counts. The full appeal hearing will take place later this year, and take a day."

At midday, a few minutes after she leaves on various errands here in Salt Lake City, including an oil change for the car, Jae phones in a panic, shouting "something terrible has happened," and I fear the worst. It turns out that as she accelerated away from the first intersection the Expedition's rear door mysteriously opened and a dozen packages fell out across the highway. Many decent people stopped to help her pick up, she says, shocked and distraught, but a Negro drove right over the top of the packages, seemingly deliberately.

I run over there and find there is damage to some of our cargo, none of it irreplaceable. She is emotionally in a bad state and I try to calm her in my usual tactless way -- I advise her that when she blubbers she looks awful.

Then we take stock. The mystery is that I myself loaded and shut the rear door last night and she stood back as I slammed it hard: it was really locked shut. The only possible conclusion is that somebody has tampered with it during the night and opened it. If it was the Good Guys, that's one thing, but . . .

I begin to join the various dots: a black Kia SUV car with a single male driver which deliberately followed us, keeping exactly in step with us along the empty tollway out of Kansas City for fifty miles, before Jae shook it off by diverting into a service area at the last moment; the fact that Avis twice in two days phoned us most diffidently to ask where we were with their car, e.g. in Oklahoma City and in Albuquerque; and was the car okay, etc. (No doubt in order to confirm that I am indeed with the car, which may well now be carrying a clandestine tracking device: on the second occasion I actually phoned their number back to check that the caller was genuinely from Avis). And now this mysterious invasion of my open laptop at 2:40 a.m. yesterday; and last night's clumsy, police-style snooping into our vehicle.


The IHR sends me this link to an Israeli site: The Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism (Israel): David Irving's Holocaust-Denial Speaking Tour -- The Show That Must Be Stopped

This July, David Irving, a British neo-fascist and fraudulent historian, goes on the road in the United States, planning to hold approximately one and a half dozen speaking engagements over the course of a month. Irving's current tour focuses on "Re-writing history, using the decoded Nazi messages" ... The exact location of Irving's talk in each city has not been made public, due to Irving's fear of encountering the opposition he so richly deserves.

A Bob Armstrong emails: "Dear Mr Irving, Thanks for standing up and speaking the truth." Don't know who that is.


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Kansas City Jewish Chronicle: Holocaust denier finds few fans here: The Chronicle has learned that Irving, or a representative, arranged for a meeting room at the hotel just minutes before the talk was to begin last Friday evening 
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