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Posted Saturday, May 16, 2009

A real British Parliament must now cleanse its green-leather benches of the fraudsters, phoney Britons, embezzlers, shysters, and freaks, wipe all its surfaces with anti-bacterial disinfectant, and toss the bulk of its Members into Wandsworth prison where they belong.

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May 15, 2009 (Friday)
Windsor (England)

PRESIDENT Barack Hussein Obama has announced that he will be keeping the unfortunate prisoners at his illegal Guantánamo Bay camp, and they will be subjected to "military tribunals" after all. No criminal charges will be brought against the torturers or their advisers. So much for "change."

A German once commented about General Walter Warlimont, "er spricht wie gedruckt" -- he speaks like printed text. Obama speaks coherently, but seems unable to do so in public without the invisible teleprompter screens to right and left; seeing him is like watching the crowd's heads at Wimbledon: left, right, left, right.

None of the top Nazis at their Nuremberg rallies needed scripts: if you doubt that, watch Riefenstahl's Triumph of the Will or Victory of Faith. With Obama, the craven television cameras go close in, so that home viewers cannot see the tilted teleprompter screens. Shahid MalikBut they are there -- as unseen as the men who write the words, and make the decisions, for him.


IN the evening, the television news announces that a Mr Shahid Malik, Britain's previously unnoticed and unheard-of "Justice Minister," who turns out to be a Black with a Midlands accent, has announced his resignation for fraudulently claiming from the taxpayers tens of thousands of pounds rent repayments for a property. He tours the TV studios at mid-day professing his honesty. As my Mother used to say, "The more they talk of their honesty, the more we count the spoons." By evening, the prime minister has been forced to suspend him.

I did not even know we had a justice minister, let alone a Black. I had thought that Jack Straw (far right, with friend) is Justice Secretary, and it turns out he still is, although he too has been exposed for fraudulently claiming from taxpayers a 100-percent council tax refund. All these crooks claim it was an oversight, like the waiters caught short-changing you in restaurants. Odd however that the errors always work against you, never against them.

Jack StrawThere Straw was yesterday at Question Time, still smugly seated on the Front Bench of the House, right next to Gordon Brown. Straw was chomping and mashing away with his jaw and picking at his teeth as he seemed to have an abscess or bad tooth, blissfully unaware that the television camera had zeroed-in on Brown and therefore on him too: Oh, joy! The camera twice changed its position to spare us the awkward spectacle, but twice it drifted back on to him; finally somebody mercifully removed Straw, and Harriet Harman had taken his place. What freaks we have to rule us.

Reminds me of the glorious moment when President George W Bush addressed his troops at a military base, with a be-medalled wall of officers and soldiers seated behind him; as his speech droned on, the lieutenant directly behind his left shoulder fell firmly and very visibly asleep, but Bush was in such tight view that the sleeping soldier could not be removed from the picture.


THE British Parliamentary cash scandal rumbles on, unstoppable and hilarious; it fills all our days and nights with that special kind of joy that Germans know as Schadenfreude. As The Times columnist said yesterday, the two thousand pounds it has cost us to dredge Mr Hogg's moat amount to only a fraction of a penny for each of us, and have surely been well worth the pure enjoyment we derived.

In the 1950s there was an anti-Labour slogan of "Jobs for the Boys". Nothing has changed now, except that the Conservatives are no less proficient at it themselves. They have all created jobs for the boys like the unfortunate Mr Malik; and the job holders have created the rules, which have "allowed" them, within the rules ("so how can yer say I was doin' sumfink' wrong?"), to stuff their hand into the Parliamentary cookie jar: until it swells so much they can't get it out, and they run around like Winnie the Pooh, whimpering and hollering when caught.

As the BBC's Newsnight this evening points out, none of the three (only three so far) who have been disciplined has suffered actual permanent dismissal, merely "suspension": so it will be a case of, "See you again next term, Hazel!"

odious Tony McNulty British Home Office ministerWhat I have enjoyed most about this glee-filled week has been to see the Curse of Irving strike. One minister, one Member, after another who has taken a public and privileged swipe at me over years now falls flat on his face. Chris Hühne, the Liberal spokesman on Home Affairs, who turns out to be a multi-millionaire; Hazel Blears, who turns out to be a Blear with Very Little Brain; and the odious Tony McNulty, right, the former Home Office minister who spouted that he had given instructions for a "very close watch to be kept" on Mr Irving, have all turned out to be committing acts that in the real world would see them hauled off in handcuffs and imprisoned for embezzlement, fraud, and grand theft.

A real British Parliament must now cleanse its green-leather benches of the fraudsters, phoney Britons, embezzlers, shysters, and freaks, wipe all its surfaces with anti-bacterial disinfectant, and toss the bulk of its Members into Wandsworth prison where they belong. Here at least they will be safe from the revolutionary hordes and the lamp-posts that beckon outside.

The new administration must then turns its glare on the quangos -- where is Dan Quayle when you need him? -- city councils, municipal authorities, boards, bodies, commissions, and the rest, where there will surely also prove to exist such Green Books of lucrative "special rules" allowing their members to help themselves with impunity, like our country's High Street banks, to the funds entrusted to them.

There are one or two interesting sidelights: I am curious about the very gentle, indeed kid-glove, treatment accorded so far to our smooth-browed Conservative leader David Cameron, who has profited handsomely from the Westminster allowances scheme, And as a Court-nominated "anti-semite," I am puzzled, given the disproportionately high representation by our beloved Jewish politicians in both Houses of Parliament, that The Daily Telegraph and the rest of our newspapers have so far failed to "keep a very close watch" on them, to use McNulty's Orwellian phrase -- although their activities in the cash-for-peerages and Abrahams scandals show that they are not above pig-trough snouting at Westminster.

Perhaps I have missed it, or the Telegraph is reserving them for a special issue next week: and perhaps pigs may yet fly. 



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