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Posted Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Jae calls out from her room that Hikind was one of several Jews charged by the New York public prosecutor with embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars from Jewish organisations

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October 19, 2009 (Monday)
Covington (Louisiana)

AWAKE much of the night because of the inexplicable frigidity of the rooms.

An e-mail comes from Arizona jailbird Kevin W.:

If you have any decency left, you'll make a public apology to Brigite Nichols of Sperry, Oklahoma for what you did to her. She trusted you to respect her privacy when she got on your mailing list, and I suspect she probably bought some books from you and helped you earn your living, and you repayed her by snitching to the FBI for no other reason than that she shared a very common last name with someone who may have been part of the Murrah Building bombing and happened to live in Oklahoma at the time. Any sympathy I had for you due to your ordeal in Austria evaporated when I read that letter on your website.

I recall that I wrote a letter to the US authorities many years ago about her. I check the database; Brigite Nichols, sister of Terry Nichols who is serving life for his part in the Oklahoma City bombing, had been put on my mailing list by poor old Tom Norman, who was murdered by some bar-fly bitch in February 1995.

Nichols bought nothing off us to my knowledge; but I did of course pass this fact to the FBI after the OKC atrocity. (Guys in OKC a few days ago left me in no doubt she was an extremist, shall we say, like her brother.) Odd that W. knows the correct spelling of her first name.


October 20, 2009 (Tuesday)
Covington (Louisiana)

A JACKSON Mississippi Radio Show phones, and I agree to do a telephone interview at 7:05 a.m. tomorrow morning.

The unpleasant email exchange with ex-convict Kevin W. about Brigite Nichols continues: I ask him: "Are you saying she is not an extremist and brother of Terry Nichols? She has never bought anything from us."

He retorts: "I have no idea whether she is or not. Certainly snitching for ZOG [Zionist Occupation Government] is never justified."

At 11:53 p.m. I reply: "I am afraid that you and I must beg to differ; the FBI is on the side of the Good Guys and so am I, and always have been."

He presses the matter:

Since you feel that snitching to the FBI for people whose only offense is relation to someone they want to prosecute and holding "extremist" views (of which you have yourself been accused), I will present your views to all those I know who are interested in your work. Presumably you will not be the least bit ashamed to have that known to them. For someone who attacks the "traditional enemies of free speech," the idea of informing for "extremist views" is incongruous indeed. If the FBI ever does to you that which the Austrian authorities did, you will certainly deserve your fate, and as for anyone who continues to support you after knowing your views on the matter, you deserve each other.

I fear that W. has succumbed to the prison ethos of "them" and "us", us being the lawbreakers.

Robert M. writes about last night's New Orleans meeting: "I'm writing to tell you how much I enjoyed hearing you speak last night. The information you've gathered from the decrypts provide a truly unique insight into events of that era, and is "real history" at it's best. I'm available to attend the Jackson MS event, so if you feel the need for some additional physical security just let me know. It never hurts to have an extra pair of eyes watching your back, especially where the Jews are involved."

That will be very useful.


A MILDLY DISTURBING development. Somebody sends me a link to a story in today's Jewish press -- reporting that some of their New York politicians (and we know how incorruptible they are) have begun applying pressure to the mighty American Express corporation to violate the merchant services contract we have with them, to process credit card customers for my books and lecture tickets.

Ira Bleiweiss/Wise used an AmEx card to book himself and his two friends fraudulently into our Houston function. I guess that means he for one knows that yes, we do take American Express. I suspect that the Chairman and CEO of American Express, Chairmansoffice@aexp.com, Kenneth I. Chenault, may not be too keen to jump through the hoop of the New York brethren, as he is a Black.


L. REPORTS on the pallet we shipped from England through Chicago for this tour: "It came today." Better late than never.

Jae persuades me to drive over the causeway into New Orleans itself; the Lake Pontchartrain crossing is a bridge some thirty miles long. I limp downtown with her and we settle into an oyster restaurant in Bourbon Street for a late lunch. There are signs of the Depression everywhere.

Almost at once, at 3:29 pm, Corky Siemaszko from The New York Daily News phones to tell me that the American Express corporation is announcing that it has now cancelled our merchant services contract. AWPOW: Are We Powerful or What? Not sure whether I should publicly fight back, as obviously I cannot afford for this to escalate into an exchange of unpleasantries.

American Express cancels without noticeFoxman ADLI phone the reporter back two minutes later to warn the newspaper not to call me a Holocaust denier.

"But the Anti-Defamation League calls you that!"

"Abe Foxman is a liar," I reply.

That's him at left. Jeez, he's an ugly critter. Yes, and a highly paid liar: he pays himself half a million dollars a year from the funds sluiced over him from Holocaust reparations.

Back at our hotel Jae goes online to check on this nice freedom-loving NY assemblyman, Dov Hikind: she calls out from her room that Hikind was one of several Jews charged by the NY public prosecutor, Robert Morgenthau, with embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars from Jewish organisations and New York taxpayers to fund his private lifestyle and trips to Israel, and indicted by the Grand Jury, but subsequently -- no surprises here -- acquitted.

He is now among the fervent supporters of Roman Polanski, the pedophile who jumped bail in California after sodomising a thirteen-year old girl, drugging and raping her, and forcing oral sex upon her. I suspect -- and this may be an injustice -- he also campaigns for the release of Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard. As said, a really nice guy.

Federal investigation into Dov Hikind

HIKIND was investigated, and ultimately charged, by federal authorities after multiple Jewish organizations were charged with embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars in government funds which were supposed to be used for children's services.[ New York Times, Tuesday, August 5, 1997: U.S. Attorney Is Considering Indictment Of Dov Hikind.]
   Some of this money, investigators maintained, was used to pay for Hikind's personal expenses. According to documents, the organizations' funds were diverted to pay for Hikind's trip to Israel, and the school tuition for Hikind's daughter and niece.
   The United States Attorney in Brooklyn charged Hikind and several other defendants with various felonies and misdemeanors in connection with the investigation, but Hikind was subsequently acquitted of all charges by a jury.[Ibid., Jury Acquits Assemblyman Hikind of Corruption Charges]

Source: Wikipedia

I ponder the subtle hypocrisy, or is it moral cowardice, of the American Express Corporation, assuming that their spokeswoman is telling the truth. Their AmEx cards are notoriously accepted by every sleazy porno website and erotic bookstore and by not a few hookers too. As Internet commentators immediately begin asking, are they going to pull the contracts with gas stations where I buy gas? With every McDonalds where I stop for coffee and go online? With the bookstores that sell my books? With the Viking Press, Simon & Schuster, and every famous publisher that has ever published them? The Hiltons, Embassy Suites, Marriotts and every other hotel where we stay and meet our friends?

Belatedly the Internet confirms the AmEx cancellation: "5:00PM EST: Assemblyman Hikind has just released the following statement:


HIKIND: "We applaud American Express for doing the right thing. Let this be a lesson to all of us to remain vigilant against hate-mongers like Irving."

Um, hate-mongers. Yes. Hikind postures as the son of a Holocaust survivor -- his mother "survived Auschwitz", i.e. not much untoward happened to her compared with those unfortunate enough to live in Dresden, Coventry, or Hiroshima. (So much incidentally for Hitler's "genocide" plans: how sloppy of his henchmen, to let 100,000 survive in Auschwitz in 1945!) As Hikind was born in 1950 he appears not to have suffered much himself from Himmler's devilry.

I check with our bank for the statistics of the last twelve months. I wonder what customers in Fiji, Europe, Australia, Asia, etc., will feel about "the Jews" when they find that a New York Jew who has never read my books or heard a lecture by me has inconvenienced them like this.


October 21, 2009 (Thursday)
Covington (Louisiana) -- Jackson (Mississippi)

UP at seven a.m. for a live radio interview with a Jackson station. Their man finds me difficult to pin down.

The Daily News has respected my responses, and given fair coverage to the American Express story. I thank their journalist: "Thanks for a very fair article. You caught me on the hop with your call, I was in a nice restaurant in Bourbon Street, New Orleans, when you called. You got most of your facts right. In fact only 12.6 percent of our last year's business came through AmEx, and most folks with an AmEx card have one of the others. It's their loss, not mine."


The Times in London publishes a review of Ion Trewin's new book on my late friend the politician and writer Alan Clark (right):

This is a politician who, early on, considered standing for the National Front, who loved the musical Cabaret for the wrong reasons, who quoted Mein Kampf with approval, and whose wife's rottweilers were named after Hitler's mistress, Hitler's pilot and Leni Riefenstahl, Hitler's favourite film-maker. Two of his books were about Nazi military prowess, in Crete and Russia. At a 1981 dinner Clark informed the German woman beside him that Hitler was ahead of his time as a vegetarian, "as in so many other things"; the poor lady protested in tears. On July 20, 1989, on a ministerial visit to Poland, he skived off to the "Wolf's Lair" at Rastenburg to celebrate the Führer's escape from the July Plot. He believed that Churchill should have made peace with Germany in 1940; he kept a signed photograph of Hitler in the Saltwood safe and would consult it in moments of stress.

But then William Lyon Mackenzie-King, prime minister of Canada for twenty years, followed much the same beliefs, consulting in his dreams Adolf Hitler and even his own dead dog, according to his diaries. For all we know Barack Hussein Obama keeps Voodoo in the same way that no doubt Dov Hikind keeps kosher -- that is if the Jewish community still welcomes him, after the way he stole their money: according to the Grand Jury, that is, if not the jury which unaccountably acquitted him.

As for Alan Clark, last year the author Ion Trewin wrote me: "It is often said he was pro-Hitler, but what I have yet to find is evidence to back up that view. In BARBAROSSA, for instance, he is admiring of the Third Reich s military capabilities, while critical of the way individuals behaved against the Russians. Can you help?"

Perhaps I can. On May 2 2008 I replied:

On the evening of that December 1991 reception [at my home in Mayfair], he arrived half an hour before any other guests, to my surprise - I had forgotten we had sent him the invitation - took me by the elbow and steered me into my own study where he closed the door behind us. He sat in my chair, affably (I think) lit a cigarette, pointed at the framed 1938 Völkischer Beobachter front page on my wall, and said, "That's what this country needs now. A man like him," meaning Hitler.

He added that he had said as much to the prime minister too (Margaret Thatcher), but did not tell me what reply this earned from her. He chatted for a few more minutes in this vein, most positively, about Hitler - the reception was of course in honour of the reissue of my Hitler's War in our own edition, then left as furtively as he had come, having first helped himself with a chuckle to more than one cocktail sausage (the morsel was impaled on a cocktail stick, which sported a miniature of Hitler's personal standard: most eye-catching.) I was not much impressed with his BARBAROSSA [Barbarossa: The Russian German Conflict 1941 1945]; a bit of a pot boiler from what I saw of it.


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How they do it. (Dossier: Why us?) New York Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn), corrupt son of Holocaust survivors, denounces American Express' "involvement with notorious Holocaust denier David Irving" - relish the dissenting comments! | N Y Daily News: Hikind "hits David Irving where it really hurts - in the wallet" - again, relish the comments. Hikind seems rather, uh, unpopular 
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