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Posted Friday, May 29, 2009

MY policy throughout the Norway episode has been to lay a trail of cow-poos for journalists, TV, and demonstrators to step into. Usually after the first two or three they manage to avoid the rest, but in Norway this Tuesday everything went perfectly.

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May 29, 2009 (Friday)
Windsor (England)

I contact journalist Kari Sperstad in Lillehammer, Norway: "Rather Odd," say I. "We protested mildly to the Rica Victoria yesterday at their releasing our confidential settlement to NRK [Norwegian Broadcasting]. Late yesterday they replied to us that they had not released it. We certainly did not, as the legal penalties would be severe. It seems the enemy has a spy working in the Rica Victoria office, or even that they hacked into our emails and computers, which has happened to me clearly in the last two weeks (and for the first time)."


MY policy throughout the Norway episode has been to lay a trail of cow-poos for journalists, TV, and demonstrators to step into. Usually after the first two or three they manage to avoid the rest, but in Norway this Tuesday everything went perfectly. The press at least followed the cow-poo trail all the way to the end.

Last night I sent to Daniel Finkelstein, Chief Leader Writer of The Times, a cheeky, indeed downright disrespectful, email. Today he has it on his blog. He has stepped right into the poo. Here is what he writes, complete with his chosen image:

I get an email from David Irving.

In Wednesday's Times I wrote of my concern about the growth of a sort of mob justice in Britain and the way everybody thinks everybody else is on the take.

In my last two paragraphs I mentioned a poll in the US indicating that a quarter of all Americans blame the Jews for the financial crisis either moderately or a great deal. I concluded by saying that I don't like it when people mob up.

Yesterday I recieved [sic] an email from David Irving commenting on my article.

I am going to publish it in full because Mr Irving tries so hard to be taken seriously as an historian, rather than a crackpot racist. I think this reveals the sort of person he is.

Here it is:

From: Focalp@aol.com
Sent: 28 May 2009 20:51
To: Finkelstein, Daniel

Dear Daniel Finkelstein

Read your article about scapegoats on the way back from Oslo yesterday, a real feel-good article, which had my friends and me guffawing to the end. It was like watching somebody constipated with hatred seated on the crapper -- you did not manage to get out the real stuff until the very end, the last two paragraphs, what you had so obviously been saving up for throughout.

And even then you missed the point: you folks - you know whom I mean - never, ever, ask the real money-question "Why us?"

If I were a Jew, and I don't think I am, I'd be asking the killers with their fingers on the trigger, as I lay at the bottom of the pit, not "Who are you?" (pace Daniel Goldhagen); but the rather more pertinent "Why us?"

Might save y'all a lot of trouble in the future, if you ever get round to that question. Or is it "anti-semitic" even to ask?

David Irving
Lake End House,
Windsor SL4 6QS

Googling "David Irving books" yielded "1,560,000 results" this afternoon; I have not even bothered to try it with Daniel Finkelstein. I note that he has included my whole address, which seems poor form; but then again, tomorrow may well bring an avalanche of cheques from my friends; and from his friends, their usual product -- more poo.


Midday, May 25: The car from Norway's TV2 plunges Mr Irving and his assistant J deep into the Red mob outside the studio.


COFFEE in Windsor. At 5.32 p.m. my phone rings -- a call from Verdens Gang, Norway's largest newspaper. "Mr Irving," the journalist says, "I have a piece of interesting news for you. The enemy group in Oslo which organised all the violence against you --" "SOS-Rasisme?" I query. " -- yes. Turns out they had an agent actually on the plane shadowing you from Heathrow, and on the plane back from Oslo! It has just come out."

I recall J saying, as we waited for our 8:20 pm return flight from Oslo to take off, that she had just seen a passenger getting on who had been on our flight over from London this morning. "It's that girl," she said. "I recognise her blouse. I was going to ask where she bought it." The blouse was bright rather than gaudy, of red and orange silk, with a distinctive hemp rope halter round her neck.

She was sitting several rows behind us on Tuesday morning, and had avoided eye contact as she passed. She had also followed J into the women's room at the Oslo airport baggage area, but had not gone into a cubicle. These things catch a perceptive girl's attention. And now there she was again on Tuesday evening's flight back to Heathrow, the blouse covered by a cheap denim jacket but unmistakeably the same. J had turned round to watch her mince down the aisle behind us, but she had already ducked into a seat.

Probably the Mossad; they are the clumsy ones -- and not very welcome in Norway either, ever since shooting down that innocent waiter Ahmed Bouchiki in Lillehammer in 1973 in front of his pregnant wife. (I wonder if she, or his parents, have become "anti-Semitic" now?)

The Oslo police warned me that the extreme Left in Norway is very well financed and has excellent Intelligence. We could not have concealed our movements from them.

A couple of minutes later, I phone the journalist back -- Norway +47 7 2414 5051 -- and tell him about the woman, the blouse, the toilet, and the rest. Journalists like these details. They lend verisimilitude.

I add: "The question you journalists should ask is, Who pays for all this? Surely not the SOS-Rasisme street-scum. Last-minute ticket booking is not cheap." Jaenelle chimes in: "And who told them the actual time of our unscheduled return flight home. Even we did not know that." Food for thought.

As I hang up, I wonder idly whom I have really just been speaking with, and I ask myself the question our beloved Daniel Finkelstein and his friends might ask, but don't: "Why me?" 


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