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Posted Sunday, November 1, 2009

Perhaps an ironic, sinister sub-title: The Messiah's Lieutenant. Jae asks, what's a 'leftenant'? I have to translate into American: Lootenant.

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October 26, 2009 (Monday)
Orlando -- Melbourne -- West Palm Beach (Florida)

OVER breakfast I begin discussing sub-titles for the Heinrich Himmler biography. Perhaps an ironic, sinister sub-title: The Messiah's Lieutenant. Jae asks, what's a "leftenant"? I have to translate into American: lootenant.

At 9:08 a.m. Jae gets an email from the West Palm Beach Hilton agreeing our booking for this evening's meeting. She phones back to confirm a few minutes later. Then something odd happens. At 9:23 a.m. the traditional enemy is already announcing this:

We just learned that today, Holocaust denier and Hitler apologist David Irving will be at the Hilton hotel at 150 Australian Ave, West Palm Beach, Florida 33406. The meeting starts at 7 PM. We don't know what is going to happen just yet, but as things develop we will let you know. There is likely to be opposition, as Irving is pretty much used to, and expects.

We go through this crap every year he comes out here, and it is always the same thing. We find out he is coming to our towns, we find out exactly where on that day or some time before, and in most of the cases come to find out that the venue was told that the David Irving event was brought to them as something else, something benign so as not to raise suspicion or cause the venue to say no. If you want to defend David Irving's freedom of speech that's one thing, but when someone is unwittingly forced to accomidate [sic] him without respect to what they want, that's pretty low. So we, along with another of activists from other organizations who have dealt with Irving over the years, have decided that this year we will send out this alert for anyone to use. In the meantime, whenever you find out when Irving infests your town, let us know, and we will make sure the rest of the country knows as well. -- Last Updated on Monday, 26 October 2009 09:23

At 9:36 a.m. friends inform us of this, just as we are leaving Orlando. Within minutes we have cancelled the contract; whoever at the Hilton is the enemy mole has just cost them not only this booking but every other booking we would have made with them.

Srinidhi Anantharamiah w IrvingSrinidhi ("Shree") Anantharamiah has organised three luncheons for David Irving in Melbourne, Florida

I reply at 9:48 a.m: "Just in time, I was about to send out tonight's location to my list. It will now be somewhere else. If you are coming please phone me at six pm to learn the new location."

Jae swings into action and finds another super location -- the Ritz Carlton, and gets a special deal on their best function room.

We set out from Orlando at 11:25 a.m. Within half an hour a warning light flashes, and two minutes later, at a tollgate, we are on the hard shoulder with a flat. Not good. We have to be at Melbourne by one p.m. so we change the wheel ourselves in blazing midday heat. (Jae resists my well-meant suggestion that I teach her how to change a wheel.) It involves unloading half the cargo, and we finally get to our little luncheon meeting location just after two p.m.

David Irving speaks at Ritz-Carlton West Palm Beach

IN the evening there is a rather untoward episode. We reach the Ritz-Carlton around five-thirty p.m., and Jae manfully unloads the car and brings two trucks of books, etc., up into the Ocean 1 salon. It is a former restaurant room, beautifully appointed with new carpets and furnishings, and a balcony overlooking the Atlantic. How wonderful. The enemy has no knowledge of our change of location.

Gradually the room fills, and more and more chairs have to be brought in. Many have brought books for me to autograph. Eventually, around seven-thirty pm I begin the talk, but Jae comes in after a while to say that the enemy have found the location. (They later claim to have phoned every hotel in West Palm Beach). For the present these lovers of free speech are just blocking the luxury hotel's switchboard with threats, insults, and so on.

The management are blasé about it, though evidently concerned about a number of tattooed, shave-headed, blackshirted thugs who have streamed into the salon, evidently somebody's invited guests. They are not on our guest list. That won't happen again.

No sooner does the interval start than Jae, who has been riding shotgun outside the salon, comes quietly in; there is some kind of disturbance, she says, and I see the shave-headed thugs pour out. The audience notices nothing, but gradually police drift around, then management, and as we drive up to our host's condo afterwards Jae informs me that one audience member was followed out by four men, with whom he had a personal feud, and in the ensuing brawl elsewhere in the hotel a knife was pulled and somebody got stabbed.

Jae says there is blood on the carpets and walls of this beautiful hotel. I slump into ashamed silence -- that this could happen during one of my functions. Our security has to be tightened. These people should never have got in.


October 27, 2009 (Tuesday)
West Palm Beach -- Key West (Florida)

Grrrr. I am still feeling ashamed and in fact livid about last night's affray. Such a thing has never happened at one of my talks before. I am also furious that Jae sees nothing wrong with [a guest] bringing a knife into the audience "to defend himself." Tell that to the police. That's nine-tenths of the problem in Black London now. He deserves what's coming to him. His personal feud with others is no concern of mine, and has effectively wrecked any chance of our using that beautiful hotel, the Ritz Carlton, again.

Then the media start clamouring. A Palm Beach Post reporter phones. He identifies the assailant as a John Kopko, who was not on our guest list. I state that nobody in my audience was aware that anything untoward was happening outside the room. I express how deeply ashamed I am, and that I have apologized to the hotel and informed the guilty parties that they are not welcome guests at my functions in future. We discuss the Ira Bleiweiss episode in Houston, and the methods we use for background checks. I state we now use special software to vet unknown guests. He asks if the tour will continue, and I say of course it will.

Jae continues to defend the victim's "right" to carry a concealed weapon in self-defence. I remind her that I am continually at risk on these Real History tours, but I would never dream of carrying any weapon.

This goes to the lady who gave us yesterday's tip-off:

It was very good of you to inform us of the risk we were running at the WPB Hilton -- just in time, as I told you, and we managed to relocate to the Ritz Carlton. We were so taken by the beauty of this new location that we resolved we would use it again, but somebody seems to have leaked that to the enemy too.

What I am writing to you about however is last night's episode, about which I have told the press -- who have been phoning -- how deeply ashamed I am. [...] I cannot tolerate any member of my audience carrying any kind of concealed weapon; in the country I come from that itself is a felony. Substantial damage was done to the hotel property. It is plain that the Ritz Carlton will never allow us to hold a function there again because of the problems [name's] presence caused.

I do four television interviews at cafes while we wait for our vehicle's wheels to be changed and fixed. Needs a new one, they say.

At 1:50 p.m this letter goes to the person I hold responsible for inviting the violent gatecrashers.

I am sorry to inform you that we cannot allow your attendance at my future events. Among your guests, it appears, were some who caused a serious affray and damage to hotel property. Their appearance caused us immediate problems with the hotel management, as you must have appreciated, and they will not allow us to rent their fine facilities again. The press have been phoning me and I have had to express my deep sense of shame about what happened. We take great care to vet our guests to avoid problems, and I feel I have been badly let down last night.


IT IS after eight p.m. as we draw into Stock Island. Key West's "Fantasy-Fest" bacchanalia are approaching. A threesome walks past us toward Duval Street, the nearly topless thirty-ish woman in the middle sporting obviously surgically enhanced breasts the size of grapefruits, decorated only with a one-inch star on each. Jae tells me she is sure it was a man -- "Look at the shoulders!" Eeuw. Decline and Fall of great empires.

I go online in fierce humidity at the rain-soaked round table behind the Eyebrow House we have rented. In England the yellow press is already reporting the Ritz-Carlton brawl with glee, which hardly enhances my image of course; the Daily Mail has sailed even closer to the inevitable libel writ that it is courting. The Florida media are also buzzing with reports about the hotel episode, e.g.. Stabbing outside Ritz-Carlton Manalapan Resort.

Jae checks the news channels online, and finds that they are quite decently reporting the truly unpleasant episode. She reports: "Virtually none of these journalists has gotten his facts right about anything." Two stabbed near protest of Holocaust denier - e.g., [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] and hundreds of others. How the Jewish Schmierfinken must be chuckling about this repeated use of the vicious "Holocaust denier" smear which they have coined.

Otherwise, Phase I of this Grand Tour has passed virtually uneventfully.


Hitler with Fritz Darges

October 29, 2009 (Thursday)
Key West (Florida)

I AM sorry to hear that Fritz Darges (with Hitler, right) has died in Germany aged ninety-six. I did quietly wonder during the last few years if he was still alive. We invited him to attend our Cincinnati Real History Weekend as a guest in 2003, but he wrote back regretting that he could not come for two reasons -- his eyesight was nearly gone, and he feared that INS immigration officers would harass him as a former SS colonel.

He was Martin Bormann's aide until 1939, and became Hitler's personal SS adjutant from March 1943 -- until Hitler sacked him in July 1944, ostensibly because of an incident with an insect during a war conference but more probably, according to what Hitler's other staff intimated to me, because Darges had much earlier jilted Eva Braun's sister Gretl Braun, forcing her into the arms of the unlovely SS cavalry officer Herman Fegelein. De mortuis nil nisi bonum... Darges was sent to the Russian front because of the insect incident. In Hitler's War, I wrote only the most discreet account:

The reasons for Hitler's discontent were therefore manifold. His irritation was such that on July 18 [1944] he dismissed one of his adjutants, SS Colonel Fritz Darges, transferring him to the eastern front because of a minor incident in the conference hut. He lunched in his bunker that day virtually alone, as always now, sharing the vegetarian repast with his secretary Fräulein Christa Schroeder. He was ill at ease, and he exclaimed, "Nothing must happen to me now, because there is nobody else who could take over !" He had premonitions of trouble; two days later he admitted to Mussolini that he had first experienced them during the flight to the Wolfs Lair on the fourteenth. At lunch with Fräulein Schroeder he commented uneasily, "There is something in the air."

Now comes a minor mystery. In my own unpublished memoirs, which have been read by only a few authorised friends, I describe the "insect" episode in more detail:

The witnesses on the Adolf Hitler years are now nearly all gone. I know of only one or two at the time that I am writing this. Otto Günsche died last year, Traudl Junge the year before.

Fritz Darges, one of Bormann's adjutants -- since March 1943 Himmler's SS adjutant to Hitler -- still lives near Celle, though his eyesight is damaged. Incredibly, his life was saved by a fly: all Hitler's closest staff knew the story -- it was July 18, 1944, and Hitler had flown back to the Wolfs' Lair from the Obersalzberg for the last time to take charge of the worsening crisis on the eastern front. The Soviet Army had broken through Army Group Center four weeks before, and he was ramming newly-raised grenadier divisions into the gap. He and his generals were poring over situation maps in the conference hut.

The windows were open and insects buzzed in from the Masurian swamps all around. One ugly beast circled the room, and kept landing on Hitler's shoulder.

He kept swatting at it, finally lost patience and snapped at Darges, "Herr Obersturmführer, get rid of it. Now!"

Darges misjudged the mood. "It's an airborne insect, mein Führer," he replied. "So it's the Luftwaffe's job" -- and he nodded lazily toward airforce adjutant von Below.

"Herr Darges," Hitler rasped, "Sie kommen sofort zur Ostfront." You leave for the eastern front at once. He was not joking. Within the hour the major was kitted out with combat gear, helmet and backpack and making for the front. Two days later, Count von Stauffenberg's bomb exploded inches from where he normally stood, and Darges alone, of the whole Inner Circle, is now still alive.

Since writing that, I have noticed that Martin Bormann wrote a private letter describing this incident, dating it a day or two earlier; but most newspapers have -- without crediting my authorship -- used my July 18, 1944 date. So where did they get it from? So far as I know I am the only one to whom Hitler's other adjutants talked about it.

The German tabloid Bild reported after an interview with him: "Über Einzelheiten berichtet er nicht. Über die Judenvernichtung? Kein Wort. Hitlers körperlicher Verfall? Keine Silbe. Hitlers Fehler? Er schüttelt den Kopf. Darges hat alles aufgeschrieben. Erst nach seinem Tod soll es veröffentlicht werden." -- "He reported no details. About the destruction of the Jews? Not a word. Hitler's physical decline? Not a syllable. Hitler's blunders? He shakes his head. Darges has written it all down. It will be published only after his death."

That sounds to me as though he wants to write and publish the unvarnished truth about Hitler without fear of prosecution in imprisonment in Sozi Germany, that champion-country of Free Speech. Yet journalists employed by the British and world media are confidently predicting that his memoirs "may" reveal Hitler's role in the Holocaust and finally refute us Real Historians who claim -- especially now, on the basis of the decoded documents -- that he was kept in the dark. And squadrons of pigs may go fluttering past those hopeful journalists' skyscraper windows. Sixty-five years seems long enough to wait.


I HAVE received a dozen letters from friends about Fritz Darges' death. One comments:

Is it true that this Darges chap refused to spill any significant beans to researchers during his life? (And presumably this includes you too?) If the press reports are true, he nevertheless has a frank 'tell-all' written account which is going to be published now that he has finally checked out of Hotel Vita. Surely this stuff could be absolute dynamite, couldn't it?

That depends on what he wrote and when. I urged each of Hitler's staff to write it all down when I saw them from the 1960s on. Traudl Junge, one of his four secretaries, already had typed extensive memoirs in 1947 and gave me the thick typecript to copy; I made two copies and gave one to the Institut für Zeitgeschichte in Munich, and I used it in writing Hitler's War extensively. Which is what Joachim Fest used when he wrote the filmplay for the movie Downfall and others like Ian Kershaw (left) have since mined extensively in their own "profound research". Traudl's colleague Christa Schroeder had written only very fragmentary notes at the time and later. I urged Luftwaffe adjutant Nicholas von Below to write memoirs; he had begun typing some in 1947, and let me read them and extract for my biography. He resisted my cajoling, saying:"I will complete the memoirs after I retire," ignoring my observation that by then he would have forgotten nine-tenths of it.

Naval adjutant Karl-Jesco von Puttkamer published very good memoirs two or three years after the war as a slim brochure -- Die unheimliche See, a reference to Hitler's well-known aversion to amphibious naval operations. Gerhard Engel, his army adjutant, wrote memoirs but fatally camouflaged them as an authentic diary to increase their sale value -- they were laced with politically correct observations. He even took in the Institut für Zeitgeschichte with his fake diary. All these people are now dead: you only have one life, and they would have served History better to publish and be damned. Their unpublished writings have been posthumously worked over by ghost writers well aware of the penalties of writing the truth in modern Germany. We may perhaps expect the same fate to befall anything that Darges wrote.


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