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Posted Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I am about to hit DELETE as is my custom with attorneys, when I notice that she continues, 'a man called E..... has left you a legacy.'

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click for originFebruary 25, 2010 (Thursday) continued
Windsor (England)

. . . Jaenelle Antas tells me she was detained briefly by the police after passing the Immigration line at Heathrow. The officer was waiting behind the desk as Immigration cleared her through -- this time within minutes -- and asked her a slew of personal questions before handing her a chit under the Prevention of Terrorism Act.

Perhaps her passport has been marked by the American authorities, and the Immigration girl pressed a button under the desk. I try to reassure her: but she is not easily persuaded.

J. in MinnesotaShe is blonde, young, and comely; she is a Nordic Superbabe, yet she is singled out under the Act while herds of swarthy, bearded Middle Eastern gentleman and their dark-skinned and furtive womenfolk, tented to the tops of their heads, with their eyes peering through tiny slits in the hoods, shuffle past unchecked, like black cloth'd mail-boxes, their waist lines bulging.

On Jaenelle's last visit they held her in Immigration for five hours. What is the terror these cops are trying to prevent? Truth terror? The terror of real history? The terror of common sense?

Or is this the result of the mad political correctness imposed on the security forces from above: do nothing to "stereotype": check all races and religions equally, which means of course checking the likeliest candidates rather less and the most obviously innocent a whole lot more.

If I had my way I'd turf the whole lot out. I'd ship them to the Gaza Strip -- starting with the aforementioned politically correct British idiots above, who appear to be still stricken with the lingering after-effects of Mad Cow Disease.


February 28, 2010 (Sunday)
Windsor (England)

A QUIET day. I work on the Göring reprint. Jutta P. is supposed to come this afternoon -- I have not seen her since poor Josephine's funeral -- but she phones during the morning to postpone it for a week, using the flooding in Kent as the explanation.

Jutta worked for me for twenty years from 1960 as private secretary, and transcribed the stenographic Rommel diaries. Now she has managed to transcribe most of a three-page shorthand letter that Heinrich Himmler's mistress wrote to the wife of Reinhard Heydrich in December 1941; but we shall have to use both our brains to decipher the rest. The Himmler biography is coming along well.

When Hitler's War first came out in 1977, I gave Jutta a copy. She said proudly, "My husband's father is in that." I gaped: "But his name is Thomas!" "Yes," she chuckled. "That's him." I gasped: "But the only Thomas in the book was a general who was one of the darkest swine of the anti-Hitler murder plot!" She smiled sweetly. It had never occurred to her to mention it earlier.

I always said that I owed my vast early success entirely to Jutta and her abilities, a remark which did not go down well with Mrs Irving at the time.


March 1, 2010 (Monday)
Windsor (England)

Ernst Zündel freed from a German jail March 2010I HAVE completed the Göring picture sections and final tidying-up of the Classic edition, and turn now to The War Between the Generals (first published by Penguin Books Ltd in 1981).


My friend Ernst Zündel has been released from prison in Germany. I have met him many times, and he is a nice guy -- quiet, intelligent, thoughtful, without an ounce of hatred in his soul. Would that we could say the same of our traditional enemies.

We don't all have to accept his opinions, but nor should society lock him up for them. He served over seven years in various jails -- in Canada, the United States, and then Germany -- on whatever trumped up charge they could find to hold and incarcerate the man.

Seven years in jail for thought crimes -- that is longer than Adolf Hitler locked down that turbulent priest Pastor Martin Niemöller, and four times as long as the Austrians held me in solitary after the notorious Stapo [Staatspolizei] ambush in Vienna in November 2005.

In any other scenario Zündel would now be feted in the international media like a second Nelson Mandela (Mandela, we must never forget, was rightfully convicted after police found 48,000 anti-personnel mines on his farm, ready to use against the Black and White populations of South Africa). But Zündel did the unthinkable: he asked awkward questions about that multi-billion-dollar industry, the Holocaust.

Judging by the photos, he has emerged from prison a stooped, gray-haired and half-broken man, though with his humor intact. We wish him well with his recovery and I for one look forward to hearing him speak again.


B. HAS texted me from Sloane Street: "There is a letter here from a solicitor," she begins, and I am about to hit DELETE as is my custom with attorneys, when I notice that she continues, "re a man called E..... who has left you a legacy of one thousand pounds."

That is unexpected and rather good news, although I feel guilty too -- I would rather have the friend than his legacy. My files show that he lived near Bradford -- though there is no other entry relating to him at all, just a bare address. May his soul rest in peace. He will live on through the work I do.

Around 10:30 pm I send off Göring to the printer in Tennessee. No doubt it will still come back once or twice with print anomalies, but gradually we are widening our product range. What about the foreign-language editions too? Interesting thought, but it is all very labour-intensive work, and our energy is gradually flagging.


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