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First posted Sunday, March 20, 2011

President Obama is now totally in the grip of forces stronger than himself -- perhaps even to his own surprise, as he stumbles through the litter of his own shattered dreams and promises.

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Thursday, March 10, 2011
Falls Church, Virginia -- College Park, Maryland -- Falls Church, Virginia (USA)

ROUND the Capital Beltway (I-495) to the National Archives, a forty-five minute drive. I get online there, but the archives' ADL-designed filter has blocked my website as "hate and racist" and I cannot access the email on that server. Needless to say, the ADL's own Zionist and hate-filled website is not blocked. AWPOW: are we powerful or what.

Arndt Verlag seems to have dug in its heels on the thousands it owes me as an author over the last years. They have lodged a defence in court, without giving any grounds. My Kiel lawyer now takes the claim against them a stage further.

Somebody tells me that Hermann Göring's 1933 diary notebook was auctioned in Germany last year. It used to be in the Institut für Zeitgeschichte, where I was the first historian allowed to use it, for my major biography Göring (Bertelsmann Verlag). It was recognized as belonging still to his daughter Edda, and I guess it was returned to her and she has decided to sell.

Jaenelle tells me: "Michael Kelly is also selling your Hitler's War posters, it turns out. Lance Frickensmith never accounted for any posters that he took." His tiny hands seem to have done a lot of thieving from the warehouse. The Barnes Review is also advertising the stolen books, I am told.

I work all day at the archives, on the CIA "name files" on the leading Nazi personalities: about twenty boxes I have selected are ready for me, but I have still not finished the first one when I leave at seven pm: I am buried all day in the CIA debriefings of the top-level Gestapo chiefs Kriminalrat Friedrich Panzinger and Heinz Pannwitz. They are rich with material for Himmler. It seems that a lot of Himmler's best men were taken on, i.e. hired, by the CIA after their return from Soviet captivity in 1956 -- and that the CIA was in rivalry with the BND and Reinhard Gehlen over them.

General Reinhard Gehlen, chief of the BND, German Intelligence Service signed his portrait (left) for David Irving in 1971


JUST as I said to that Italian journalist in September, Pannwitz too emphasized under CIA interrogation: The media image of the Gestapo specialists as mindless thugs who relied on "torture and the whip" is quite wrong; they were highly trained professionals who used solid pedantic detective work to get their men, and more often than not asked only that they sit down and write essays for the Gestapo, which the officials then solidly and pedantically compared. Not exactly Hollywood stuff, but closer to the truth, I suspect. As for the traitors of Rote Kapelle, Pannwitz emphasizes that they were pro-Moscow traitors, of an unusually voracious sexual appetite (which he described), men and women who sold their own country for a variety of motives, none of which can rightly be termed "anti-Nazi resistance".

The CIA turned Pannwitz round against Moscow as one of their most valuable assets. He had two protectors, one American (CIA) and one West German (Ministry of the Interior). Unfortunately for him, both gentlemen were briefly on leave one day when a regular Munich policeman arrested him on a war crimes charge on August 8, 1959. Pannwitz died at once in the time-honoured Gestapo manner -- swallowing the cyanide capsule he never left home without.

In pouring rain I trudge back by car in choking traffic around the Beltway to Falls Church. Ned and I decide to forego North by North-west for this evening. Relieved, our hostess opts for Bones; I point out that there is something very odd about the leading heart-throb's fine head of hair -- it is surely unnaturally dark, it has no visible frontal join with his skull, and in one scene it seems slightly askew. Hah!


Friday, March 11, 2011
Falls Church, Virginia (USA)

BENTE inquires from London, "I hear rumors by the way that you are throwing plates at waitresses! Can this be true?"

I reply: "Waitresses: Now tooth is fixed, plates are safer."

I don't know what any monitoring service would make of that little exchange.


I AM baffled that Arndt Verlag of Germany are still refusing to pay what they owe. Their lawyers have admitted the debt to my lawyers: and they are now running up legal costs, which they will eventually have to pay.

Jaenelle reports on planning for our tour of Hitler's HQ the Wolf's Lair this September: "The Warsaw Hyatt has now written back to me. They are unable to accommodate us again this year. They said they were fully booked for all of September, but I suspect they may not want the publicity. In any case, there are many other luxury hotels in Warsaw."

I work until late harvesting names from old application lists for my spring speaking tour, taking a break around 6 pm to watch North by North-west with Ned.


Saturday, March 12, 2011
Falls Church, Virginia -- College Park, Maryland -- Falls Church, Virginia (USA)

AT THE National Archives at nine-thirty a.m. Going online here, I ask Jaenelle: "Why does Bente ask me a dumb question about waitresses and plates? Amazing, I did not know the waitress had Bente's email address. What a coincidence."

She suggests: "Maybe the story of you throwing your paper plate in the Springhill Suites because they didn't have toasting bread made it back to her? Why aren't you asking Bente how she knows instead of me? I guess if you don't want people to gossip, you shouldn't do gossip-worthy things, like throwing childish tantrums."

She identifies more thieves selling my stolen books online. She is complaining to their websites' servers.

I approve of this: "You are right to make these complaints. We can mop up the whole operation. Lance Frickensmith will find it increasingly difficult to unload his loot."

Michael Kelly professes to be baffled; he still does not seem realize that the books he has taken from Frickensmith were stolen from my stocks.

Now you are trying to bully me into believing that I have somehow committed a criminal act by honestly buying books last summer as I have always done for many years as per your instructions with the intention always of supporting you and your efforts.

This is how you treat your most loyal supporters?

I write:

The fact remained that Lance has stolen my entire stock of Hitler's War books, as well as others. I have none left in the USA. He concealed this theft from us for over a year. He has not paid us for them, nor for the HESS books which he stole, nor for the posters you are also selling which are our property. … I am giving everybody in your position a chance to return the stolen goods to us in Indianapolis, which will be the end of the matter as far as they are concerned. They cannot plead that they were unaware they were stolen. I have put them all on notice.

And I add at 1:17 p.m :

I guess I should have made clear, Michael, that Lance has stolen by our reckoning over 100,000 dollars of our books, posters, and DVDs from the warehouse. He has given us no count whatever of the books, etc., which he has removed from our stocks over the last year or two, and did not allow us access to the warehouse to do an inventory. You will have read the letter I wrote to the woman he claimed (untruthfully) was instructed as his lawyer. She wrote us that she wants nothing to do with him. It is linked on

Two more hours to go in archives. Typing like crazy.

Back at the apartments at seven pm, and an excellent stew for supper. Ned puts on a movie starring Jack Nicholson, two old men dying of cancer go on a last six-month fling together. So depressing, in the circumstances, that I excused myself after the first half hour and went back to my apartment.


Sunday, March 13, 2011
Falls Church, Virginia -- College Park, Maryland -- Falls Church, Virginia (USA)

I WORK more on harvesting old applicants' lists. Should have done it ages ago.

A. informs me: "B. says he is happy to bring his thugs for security in Indy and Chicago." The use of the word thugs is unfortunate, and duly deprecated by me. I admonish: "Please don't use the word thugs, even in jest. If a court case arises for any reason, all relevant documents are discoverable. We shall not be using thugs, but professional security men aware of the law."


I ASK Jaenelle not to hit the bookstore account too hard for a few days. "I can eat Kleenex until then, like most Americans."

I watch an Agatha Christie movie, Murder She Said, with Ned in the evening: Margaret Rutherford. A very young Richard Briers is also in it. A bit stagey.


Monday, March 14, 2011
Falls Church, Virginia -- College Park, Maryland -- Falls Church, Virginia (USA)

I HAVE told Mark W. that we shall use his building for the Orange County function in April. His security is evidently good enough. Let them go there if they want!

Time to flatter Jaenelle:

As usual, I am wowed (impressed) by your stellar efficiency. The Piranha would never have done that so well. Or at all.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011
Falls Church, Virginia -- College Park, Maryland -- Falls Church, Virginia (USA)

ANOTHER big archives day today. Arrived at College Park at 10:14 a.m. We need to see file XE 02 2208 Hellmuth, Barbara, former secretary and mistress of Heinrich Müller, born Jul 11, 1900.

Later, I reassure J: "Indy filling up nicely. Sorry I can't communicate more frequently; just spent seven hours reading one fat document. Without help, it all takes three times as long."


I DRIVE home around the Beltway in drizzle and heavy traffic. I must stagger the hours for the rest of these archive visits. We watch another Margaret Ruthford movie, as Miss Marple in Murder Most Foul, made in about 1963. It is sad but also inspiring to see gentle old England as she once was, in black and white, and without a coloured immigrant face to be seen among the Whites.

Now it is rather the other way around, and there are a dozen murders-most-foul committed every day up and down the country -- usually drug, knife, and gun related. Who were the feckless politicians who allowed this cultural disaster to descend on our country? And why?


Wednesday, March 16, 2011
Falls Church, Virginia -- College Park, Maryland -- Falls Church, Virginia (USA)

AT THE archives building. -- Jaenelle phones me to report that, without checking first with us, our bookstore's Internet server has switched off the entire site after a customer complaint from guess whom, one Lance Frickensmith, about DVDs of which he claims to be "copyright owner." I tell her:

I suggest you tell the server that we dispute that Frickensmith is the copyright owner, and that he be asked to prove it.

I rather doubt that Leni Riefenstahl wold have assigned any copyrights to him! I write to the server: "Dear Robert

thanks for your message. This complaint is from a gentleman who has stolen a very large quantity of our property and is seeking a way out of the difficulties facing him. We will of course cooperate with you. We feel however that you should have inquired of us first. We do not believe that the gentleman is or represents the copyright owner, the famous Leni Riefenstahl, and you should ask him to provide proper affidavit evidence on pain of perjury.

Jaenelle says they have taken down the entire bookstore. At her suggestion, I draft a notice for the website:

Joining forces with the traditional enemy who hacked our website in Nov 2009, and who only yesterday attempted a new DoS attack on our sites, Frickensmith shut down our bookstore yesterday for several hours, by making a perjured and fictitious copyright complaint to our server. We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused our friends.

On balance I decide not to post it. Quiet and dignified silence is better. Teddy Roosevelt: "Speak softly + carry Big Stick."

Later: Jaenelle has done some fine research: "Lance's name does not appear anywhere in official copyright records."

I thank her: "Brilliant research, Jaenelle Please send an appropriate message to both Steve and Lance and advise them that we will not take further meddling lightly."


[A FRIEND] updates me on his fight with Wikipedia about their lengthy and often (but not always) mendacious entry on "David Irving":

We were both disgusted at the way your biography had been taken over by Jewish extremists in order to paint as black a picture of you as could possibly be done.

Having fought the good fight until I was banned, I complained to the Ueber Editors, and while I never got a satisfactory answer, after a number of months, an editor began making changes that caused the regnant editors to squeal in anguish. While it is not what your publicist might like, there have been quite a few changes for the better (or less bad), some more subtle than others. . .

I tried to introduce the incontrovertible face that Gerry Gable is Jewish as a possible motive for his animus toward you. That didn't last 15 minutes, but at least now it has not also been stricken from the discussion page. Any ammo you could give me on this latter subject would be helpful.

From Key West, Albert asks about J: "How is the Goddess? Has she returned to Hoosier Land?" I bring him up to date:

She got onto her highest horse and in even higher dudgeon flounced back to Indianapolis three days early, without even the merest hint of justification, or so I would maintain on a stack of Presbyterian Bibles. [. . .] "If you don't know what you've done to upset me," etc.

No doubt the G.G. will give you her own version, which will be the opposite of mine. But: she is too valuable to lose. I'm working in the archives right now.

I copy it of course to Jaenelle, who rushes to tell Albert her own version:

He was absolutely heinous the entire week's journey, throwing tantrums on a daily basis, complaining about everything from the moment he got up (his room's temperature was wrong, the hotel breakfast was awful, etc) to the moment he went to bed (no French Onion soup for supper, the waitress introduced herself by name), criticising everything about me while simultaneously insisting he is perfect (ha!). . . I'm sure this sounds just like the David you know and love.

I tell him at five-thirty p.m: "I can confirm this horrific account in every detail."


SHE has done further research on Warsaw hotels for this September's Wolf's Lair tour: "I am still waiting to hear back from two other Warsaw Hotels, but the other two will likely be similarly priced. I am leaning towards the Grand Marriott because there are a lot of historical attractions people can walk to if they want to do their own sightseeing."

I respond: "Where do you find the time to do all this. Your reputation for super-efficiency is well earned. Etc., etc., etc."

"Usually around two in the morning, to be perfectly frank." Changing the subject, I reply:

I know what Albert will do when he reads your horrendous account. He will tell you the story about the psychology professor lecturing an audience about how women always take everything personally, and the female student who flounces out and says, "I take personal exception to that!"

At nine p.m. I email to Jaenelle: "Okay, just leaving archives now; 'radio silence' until tomorrow."


Wednesday, March 16, 2011
Falls Church, Virginia -- College Park, Maryland -- Falls Church, Virginia (USA)

GABRIELA phones from Lima, is going on a photo-shoot to Colombia until April 8, could work with me after then. I leave the decision open until Blondie makes up her mind.

I pass it on to Jaenelle: "Interesting phone call from The Piranha at ten-thirty this morning. Is off to Colombia on a photo shoot. Off to the archives in a few moments, until nine pm. I don't think you would have stood this pace. Too young."


I AM mildly puzzled by my chronic relative poverty: We are selling books, and registering ticket sales, the tour has not gone badly; I have temporarily no rent burden, and now thanks to Jessica's brilliance no school fees to pay. The prospects in the long term are good, as our bookstore is becoming increasingly active thanks to Jaenelle's hard work, and more products go onto it, and I still have three major books almost completely researched and half written, and countries are still publishing them. It is a phenomenon that needs researching.

I finish exploiting the CIA files for Himmler at five pm or so and spend an hour or two exploiting the catalogues of Nuremberg interrogations. They are on microfilm, and I foresee at least a week's work reading them. Then up to [another archive] instead. Its staff are proving very helpful indeed, and they have surely appreciated with whom they are dealing. They are supplying a colour copy of the […] diary, and will let me read their films of […] , which will be a blessing.

At seven-thirty pm back at Ned's. Corned beef and hash for supper, first time I have had that for fifty years. Peggy says it's in honour of St. Patrick's Day. Uh? We watch a third Margaret Rutherford movie in the Agatha Christie / Miss Marple series. I fall asleep once or twice; I am so tired from the archive work.

After that I work on papers for another hour until midnight.


Friday, March 18, 2011
Falls Church, Virginia -- College Park, Maryland -- Falls Church, Virginia (USA)

ALL DAY at the National Archives, and I leave at 8:45 p.m. after a very interesting chat with a gentleman from Der Spiegel whose name I did not catch, but who came over to shake hands having spotted me across the reading room: He is working on a history of Fort Hunt, the local WW2 German prison camp. Knew a lot about Hedwig Potthast, etc., thought Peter Longerich's book on Himmler was turgid beyond belief. He knew everybody I knew.

Speedy return, back at the apartments at ninethirty p.m.


Saturday, March 19, 2011
Falls Church, Virginia (USA)

I DECIDE during the night to have a catch-up day on paperwork. I study the next archives' catalogue online and list the items I shall want to see.

A friend urges me to use US law against Arndt Verlag: I reply:

I have taken action against the German publisher in the German courts, and the issue is grinding its way through. The publisher's lawyers agree that they owe the sum, but they are still defending the cause all the way to the hilt in the hope I will give up (or die) first. I had to go through three useless law firms first to find the present one, which is very good.

Jon McBride writes me:

A guy from Switzerland is trying to sell the attached photos [of KGB hangings]. He got them from an ex-KGB veteran who recently passed on. I was wondering what you make of them. I know you're busy but thought I'd give it a shot anyhow.

As always, I begin researching their authenticity first. My expert friend Robert M. replies:

All the murdered soldiers are wearing variations of the German greatcoat. In the smaller picture the poor man on the right appears to be wearing the 'M36' greatcoat (right), distinguished by a dark green collar, the rest field grey body. Production started in 1936 with this iconic coat. (This one looks well cut and so almost certainly officer quality).

The larger picture shows a much larger collared, all-one-colour greatcoat. This was the later war 'Ersatz' coat, with less wool, cheap buttons and inferior in many ways. The men look like officers, I can just see a mixture of ankle-boots, trousers, and "jackboots'. However, looks as though their shoulder-board rank insignia have been removed or stolen. The man taking the photo is, I believe, a Soviet officer, judging by the high-quality leather belt and fur "Ushanka". Perhaps the results of a show trial?


In the evening, fresh eruptions from Mount Jaenelle in Indiana […] as Ned and I are watching Margaret Rutherford's final "Agatha Christie" movie, Murder Ahoy! (1964). […]

Postscript, Sunday, April 3, 2011: Ivor Lough of London, UK, informs us: "The Russian photos are of a mass execution of artillery officers of, I believe, the German 2nd Artillery Regiment that shelled Leningrad while it was under siege during the War. The trucks in the background were used to transport the prisoners to the site; while in the trucks they were hooked up to the gallows, and then the trucks drove off; this was all filmed and shown as newsreel to the world in, I think, 1946. Regards Ivor Lough."


AFTERWARDS I briefly watch the television news. The United States have launched air and missile attacks on Libya, with United Nations "permission" (which they of course contrived to get -- and nearly did not, as Germany for once saw the light).

As an Englishman I am shocked and disgusted to hear that, just like Mr Sanctimonious Blair before him, our perpetually teenaged prime minister David Cameron, he of the oddly tiny mouth and unwrinkled inflatable-sex-doll complexion, is sailing along in the wake of Nobel-Peace-Prize winner Obama on this new conspiracy to wage war. Plus ça change. . .

Obama has even said that "no American boys" will be sent into a ground war in Libya, which has strong echoes of what another Democrat and U.S. president said in 1940. You cannot occupy a country with an air force, as Winston Churchill had to remind "Butcher" Harris in November 1943. The British and U.S. armies are still in Germany.

It seems that the "Dumb Black," Obama, is now totally in the grip of forces stronger than himself -- perhaps even to his own surprise, as he stumbles through the litter of his own shattered dreams and promises: Guantánamo Bay is still an illegal prison, the American wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are dragging on, and now another against Iran seems likely. It used to be called the Coalition of the Willing. What asinine adjective would one proffer now?

Come to that, I wonder where the British motorists will soon be scrounging their oil, because I guess that Libya will not be too keen to supply that nice Eton-boy, Cameron Junior, any longer; and I can already hear Iran saying, "Don't come whining to us."

The American TV bulletins today are "reminding" viewers that among other peccadilloes Libya was behind the bombing of a Berlin discotheque that killed two US. soldiers in 1986. No, it was not. CIA chief Bill Casey himself agreed with me privately that he knew the real culprit was Syria. "David," he drawled to me in his office at Mclean on May 1, 1986, "let me tell you something about the American public: Libya, Syria! The goddam American public don't know the difference."

To us historians, the whole scenario is familiar from Nazi Germany and the Nineteen-Thirties:

  • create a fictitious wave of unrest in a target country using agents and hired mobs (note that the placards seen on western television news bulletins are all most helpfully printed in English, in a Muslim world where English is not exactly the mother tongue);
  • accuse the lawful sovereign government of atrocities and suppressing its own people;
  • respond nobly and publicly to phoney appeals to help;
  • form a "coalition" and send in the air force;
  • blame the enemy for using civilians as "human shields" when photos of dead civilians are shown. Even Osama bin Laden did not say the office workers in the Twin Towers were being used as human shields.

The only thing missing is for some fictitious rebel Quisling and opposition "government" to send a "Seyss-Inquart letter" to Washington appealing to President Obama send in ground forces to "liberate" them. This kind of thing was adjudged a war crime at Nuremberg in 1946. People swung for it then; but not now, or so it seems.


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